I came across this phrase a few weeks ago while looking for information on some CSS topic I was struggling with. I could immediately identify because I pore over my code until it’s perfect (to me). Occassionally, I let things slip. But they nag at me every time I see the code until I have to straighten it out. I even clean up the sloppy code on scripts I end up not using. I can’t stand testing a messy script. (I don’t know if this is a girl thing or an obsessive-compulsive thing.)

So in honor in these two blog posts: the simple definition and the more-detailed version, I created a button for anyone who wants to let the world know they are code perfectionists.

code like a girl button

I used a free button-maker I found online. If code is poetry (the motto of WordPress), then girly code is haiku.

22 thoughts on “code like a girl

  1. Amanda,

    I don’t think it’s a girl thing or an obsessive-compulsive thing, is a pride thing. I’m a programmer by profession and I write well formatted code. I don’t think I would call it girly code, but code that is written in a sloppy manor is just bad code. Being sloppy, and this goes for anything, is just a sign that you don’t really care about what you’re doing.


  2. Robert,

    I agree with you that well-written code is simply professional code. (I’m not claiming to be a professional coder.) But after I read the two blog posts I referenced in my post, I wanted to have fun with the concept. As the longer post I referenced pointed out, even the so-called professionals often churn out sloppiness.

    Not to mention the fact that I wanted to create my own Web 2.0 button.


  3. I LOVE it, especially as I’m simply perusing blogs while I let a database coding issue marinate in my head!

    Must. Be. Perfect.


  4. Jessica,


    I don’t envy your database issues. I usually get my problem solved in the middle of the night, often when I can’t remember it when I wake up.


  5. Amanda’ Ive been brosing your website for a hour or so.Im completely beside myself. I knew you were someone special but I had no idea! My God! Sorry for writing you here, but Its the only place I could figure out how to talk to you! Yes I suppose Im an idiot on your level,but not a KKK redneck right! I seriously just wanted to see you again but I get the feeling you were only doing reseach when we met. Oh well, it was amazing and Im one lucky guy to have been in the right place at the right time. The Larry the Cable Guys have no idea how wonderful you are. [ Im not a wierdo, really ha ha] Anyway, If Im wrong about my feeling,send email,reply here, or send smoke signal.How about call? I hate computers! You know my area code 881-9012 xoxo mb

  6. Mike,

    I’m not just “doing research”. A friend of mine asked me about this. It stopped being “research” when I started having sex. It’s real, which is why I’m being affected by it.

    Do come see me again if you can. You’d be a welcome break in routine!


  7. Kenny,

    I have no idea if “like a girl” is becoming a branding idea. As a girl, I like it beyond any marketing mumbo-jumbo.

    Glad you like my button! Pass it along to other girl-coders!


  8. I am a female programmer as well and am disgusted by the code some of my male counterparts write. I’m a stickler for indentation and best practices along with naming conventions. I have been ridiculed for this. I will use your code like a girl button with pride. I really do want a button that I can put on my laptop bag to display in airports and at client sites. 🙂

    Thanks for the post.

  9. Amber,

    I’m glad you get the concept and like my button! Thank you! Let’s get more girl-coders out there. If you do make it into a physical thing (like sticker), let me know because I’ll want one too.


  10. I am also a female programmer as well and am disgusted by the code some of my colleguies, even thought we may be able to do a better job.

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