This is my (apparently) popular collection of essays on how I came to work in the adult industry.

I don’t think my story is usual, at least, not based on other’s stories that I’ve heard. However, I think my misadventures are amusing.

As I’ve stated before, I’ve wanted to be in the adult industry from a very young age (try 4th grade). Actually achieving that goal was a lot harder than I thought. (And I still haven’t achieved my goal of being a concert pianist; that’s more difficult than getting into the adult industry.)

In the beginning, I describe my first brushes with the adult industry in Dallas via a perverted college friend of mine. Then I try dancing at a bikini bar in a small town an hour away from my college. I try it a second time and learn some lessons. You get to witness my humilation as I fail my first non-experience as a hooker. However, I’m fortunate enough to land a job with a rip-off agency. After regaining my senses, I decide to work as a waitress in a strip club. It was there (actually, after hours) that I met Trisha, who introduced me to Karl, her pimp. But I decide that’s not the life for me. I start stripping a month or two later.

I may continue with the series in some fashion or go back to my usual ramblings. But you can enjoy the collected posts chronicling my awkward and determined fall from grace. (If I make any continuing posts, I will add the link(s) to the above paragraph.)

*Goes without saying, but all personal names and some details in this series have been changed.

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