The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 1: The Foundation; Basic Mental, Emotional and Physical Considerations in Escort Work is exactly what the title says, yet so much more. It is subtly subversive without subscribing to any particular political theory. How? Because I write seriously about working as an escort. Follow that by the solid advertising/marketing in Book 2: Advertising and Marketing; Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online.

The blog that I kept as a companion to the Internet Escort’s Handbook series, The Notebook, has been curated, updated and turned into an ebook. New for 2019, The Escort’s Notebook: A Decade of Writing on Internet Sex Work, enjoy a little look at Internet escort history, along with plenty of work tips that are even more valuable as the laws change the Internet landscape.

You can buy all the books through Amazon.

The struggle to get the book produced has been chronicled here (check out the Adventures in Small Publishing Section). The tales don’t need repeating, suffice to say that the title alone is enough to make people want to burn the book and sprinkle Holy Water on me. Yet I talk about nothing that a smart woman wouldn’t want to know. After all, most women deal with men on an intimate level whether you get paid for it or not.

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