Blake Stilwell is a pen-pal friend of mine. He introduced me to Slaughterhouse Five. He’s a very sweet, very interesting and bright young man who has been honored with the opportunity of a trip to North Korea. He’s gotten a Kickstarter page going, so check it out for details on his trip and why it’s important. (He does not have actual children, he is in charge of a frat-house.) As a side note, he’s also a longtime microfinance contributor, participating through Kiva.

He needs to raise the funds to go to North Korea, being that he’s a grad student and all. There’s a slim possibility he can still go even if the funds aren’t raised, but he will be swimming and his arms will be really tired by the time he gets there. Yes, I’ve pledged funds to him privately. I’d like to send Blake behind the bamboo curtain. He deserves daily servings of kimchi.

He has until June 30 to get his fundraising done.

Note: edited to protect Blake from raised eyebrows (not his).

UPDATE: Blake raised the funds he needs to go — thanks in large part to the readers here. He’s leaving in August. I’m very excited for him! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any American.

5 thoughts on “send a friend to north korea

  1. Lee — Congratulate Blake! He’s the one who qualified for the trip. I hope he makes it. Apparently my post has helped him get a few more donations — which pleases me greatly.

    More big ideas on the way. Slowly. 🙂

  2. Nice of you to support him. You are kind hearted. Due to your post I gave too. Glad that he will be able to go. These micro finance grants really are a great way to help out your fellow man. Looking forward to more of your posts!

  3. Michael — Thank you. I’m very glad that you supported him as well!!!

    Micro-finance is a great idea that seems to work. Something I plan on doing in the next year.

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