I took an intelligent survey about blogging and privacy. The survey was as anonymous as anything can be on the Internet. It’s part of the work that Karen Mc Cullagh is doing. She’s a PhD researcher at CCSR, University of Manchester, England. She’s sponsored by the ESRC and Office of the Information Commissioner, UK.

To take part in her survey, click here: http://www.ccsr.ac.uk/privacysurvey/. Find out more about Karen and her research.

The survey asks a lot of the questions that need to be asked. It only takes a few minutes.

The UK seems to have bigger privacy issues than us here in the US. According to this very interesting map, the UK is the worst privacy offender (aside from the usual suspects like China and Russia). The US is second to the UK, but most of our bad marks seem to stem from corporate offenses. (Which I’ve been suspecting for some time.)

If you blog or otherwise publish online, Karen’s survey asks questions you need to be asking yourself, whether or not you fill out all the answers and send it in.

From her e-mail to me

If you participate you will be asked to answer questions anonymously about your blogging practices and your expectations of privacy when publishing online. All answers will be stored and analysed on a confidential basis. The responses will be used to inform academic and policy discussions on blogging practices and attitudes towards privacy.

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