I heard about Squidoo over a month ago; closer to two months, actually. I checked out the site and decided it looked like too much work. Later, I decided it wasn’t too much work, but I didn’t have anything written down.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to just go for it. So here’s my Squidoo lens, with more lenses planned. To find out more about Squidoo, click here (this is a PDF).

It took me four painstaking hours to come up with that little bit of text. But now that I’ve done it, I can do it again! It’s not that it’s fun, but it’s sort of like creating an instant Web site without all the coding. I can think of all sorts of topics I want to Squidoo about (I don’t know what the actual verb would be).

I haven’t played much with this Web 2.0 stuff (beyond blogging) but this first experience was great. Next time, I hope I can get my lens up in just a couple hours.

If anyone else has created a Squidoo lens, let me know!

3 thoughts on “a squidoo convert

  1. Ed,

    Right now while I’m traveling, you can’t. Carrying around a stock of books is too heavy and the logistics of mailing books around the country/world just won’t work. Autographs will be available again after I settle back down, just like they were before!

    Thanks for asking!


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