I meant to write this a couple weeks ago, but better late than never.

Announcing an all-new, all-invasive method of displaying your personal information on the Internet! Zabasearch! Not only do they list your previous addresses and any other information they can find, each and every person in their database now has their own blog! And anyone can post anything they want on said blog!

While this may make screening very easy for escorts, this is one case where I feel the problems outweigh any marginal benefit. The biggest problem is the blog option. No one needs a disgruntled friend or former lover making a choice entry on your own little blog. I’m sure everyone’s imagination can take it from here.

You can certainly get your listing removed from their database; you simply have to supply more identifying information to them than you would a credit-reporting agency. Ironically enough, they also offer a very quick run-through of some legal means of concealing your personal information, most of which J. J. Luna has gone through in detail with his helpful book: How to be Invisible. Needless to say, Mr. Luna is no fan of the Internet and the lack of security at either end of the connection.

I don’t feel I’m a paranoid person. I am a private person who likes my space (ask any boyfriend). I love the information advantage of the Internet but Zabasearch really concerns me. It should concern anyone reading this blog. Although I asked for a lot of information for my escort-related screening, all that information stopped at one place: me. And then my shredder; if you were a good boy. (Or the Delete button in my e-mail inbox, which doesn’t delete things as completely as the shredder, as we all know.) I wasn’t posting that information on the Internet, selling it to anyone, nor was I making comments on that person’s individual blog. My slight invasion of my client’s privacy was completely voluntary, although necessary to secure an appointment. Zabasearch is not voluntary; you’re on there without your consent. (Nor do they offer any benefits to having your information displayed, such as more appointments with escorts).

If anyone has ever done anything that may be a part of public record, like renting an apartment, buying a house, having a phone number, being born; then you will find it on Zabasearch. I think this will probably boost sales for Mr. Luna.

For the record, I do not think Zabasearch has anything to do with a government conspiracy. It is an example of technological capitalism run amok.

PS: Current freelance editor score: Editors 15 Amanda 0