This has been sitting in the Drafts folder for so long that I no longer remember what I probably intended to say.

Created March 23, 2010
Tiger Airways is like Southwest but with fewer frills, like a jetway and legroom.

If you’ve ever flown Tiger Air, you know what I’m talking about. They’re even more barebones than Southwest or Spirit or Ryanair, as having all the parts of the plane is irrelevant while flying. They get bad reviews (though I can’t say I ever experienced anything I didn’t expect from a budget Asian airline), and funny reviews.

Tiger flew out of the “budget” terminal in Singapore (yes, they differentiate their terminals that way) and the security was so cursory it was clear they didn’t give a damn if the cheap and/or poor people got blown to bits. The terminal was basically an indoor hawker stand, and boarding was a mess. You walked outside to the stairs to the plane; they weren’t going to bother with weather protection of any kind, or a climate controlled jet bridge. Not for the lower class people having the temerity to fly. At least we were all leaving the island. I’m sure that was viewed as a good thing.

Created March 26, 2010
Met Jesus and Bobby Taylor last night at the Four Seasons. Yes, really. Only in HK.

I remember Bobby Taylor. I don’t remember Jesus at all.

Started off the evening with dinner at the American Club with a couple of friends and our table was the only table in the place with actual Americans. It was a night of jazz, drinking, and me just soaking it all in.

I wish like hell I’d kept up with the friend who invited me along that night. I miss her.

Created March 31, 2010
Afternoon w/Zi Teng. The power and ability to say “no” defines privilege – it has nothing and everything to do w/money.

Spent a couple of afternoons with them and attended one of their monthly meetings. Still a huge experience for me, one that I haven’t completely written about yet. Though it did inspire this blog post about the concept of “no.”

Created Aug 30, 2010
Do a Google search for “homeless escort.” Yay for me!

I think this blog was coming up at the top of the searches at that time for that phrase.

Created Aug 23, 2010
From an agency site: “…dedicated to the indiscriminating gentlemen seeking escort services…” For those men who just don’t give a damn!

I still love making fun of how agencies mangle their marketing. Before anyone accuses me of making fun of non-native English speakers, plenty of US agencies make the same mistakes, or worse. This one is just particularly funny to me.

9 thoughts on “longer tweeting III

  1. Hello Amanda, I hope you are doing well! Maybe you’ve seen this: already. Some of the backlash sounded very predictable and tiresome, and I don’t know the NH legislature to know the chances of its passing (“Live Free or Die” … hmmm), but the fact that not 1 but 3 legislators are willing to put the proposition forward, and that all of them are women, is encouraging. As is the fact that Amnesty International’s (very belated) commitment and policy change is having some kind of impact.


    1. Lee — Nice to see you around! Thank you for this, I had missed it.

      Indeed, Rep. Edwards’ remarks to the idiot Marston gave me a lot of hope; though the idiot commenter who felt that criminalizing prostitution was directly controlling male sexuality did not. Win some, lose some.

      1. Amanda,

        Nice to hear from you too! I checked back today, and unfortunately the bill was voted down in the committee 3 to 13. Hopefully the sponsors will bring it back the next time, and keep bringing it back. That worked in Rhode Island for the antis bunch, who just kept bringing their “re-criminalization” bill back up every legislative session until more public attention caught on, and then it passed. Whoever keeps pressing has a better chance to get the momentum. More to it then that, I know, but anything in the right direction helps.


        P.S. – the Derby looks like it will be pretty wide open this year!

        1. Lee — Not a huge surprise but at least there was support. Agreed about bringing it up over and over, hammering away.

          Haven’t even started looking at the Derby field yet!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I enjoyed reading your blogs, especially regarding ‘Singapore’ – I’m currently a worker in Australia… from the UK.

    Are you able to recommend the best hot spot to work privately in Singapore?

    Alexis x

  3. Alexis — Thank you!

    Hot spots in Singapore…I left SG in early 2011 and have yet to return. Brix is still probably the best spot for Western working girls to find clients, though I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a good spot at the Marina Bay Sands or somewhere even newer. Nightclubs are the better bet than hotel bars, though given the whole permissive nature of Singapore, if you have good game, anywhere should work.

    Online…who knows?? The scene changes so fast there, and is so dominated by the spammy marketing tactics of agencies, that I couldn’t tell you the best sites to advertise on.

  4. In defense of Tiger Airways they do score higher on Skytrax than Spirit Air and significantly higher than Air North Korea aka Air Koryo. They are lacking an amenity that Air North Korea is known for. A movie about Kim Jong Un. Certainly an inflight movie about Kim Jong Un is a big plus on any flight.

    1. Jill — Now that I think about it, you’re right. I’ll fly Tiger Air before Spirit. I’m sure everyone is happy about the lack of inflight movie compared to Air North Korea.

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