Finally my web-hosting has decided to offer blogging options for us. Now my blog can relax here in its own home on my site. While in the process of moving my files though, I lost the few comments that were made.

At the moment, I don’t think I have a subscribing option to this blog. I will fiddle around and see how to create that on here. Once I figure that out, I’ll post an announcement on here. WordPress is a great blogging tool–after you’ve learned it. It’s a very extensive program and will take a little time for me to explore.

I will say I’m very amazed at the amount of time other people must devote to creating, maintaining and posting their blogs. At any rate, once things are settled here, they’re staying! I don’t intend to move hosting or my blog anytime soon. Now I can relax and start writing again. I have a lot of great ideas for topics (yes, I’ve made a list). Keep watching this spot!