I’ve had a subscription to Newsweek for the last two or three years. While I don’t agree with a lot of the articles, it gives me the news without having to watch TV (which I don’t do) or click through CNN (I’m terribly lazy).

I enjoy some of their regular columnists and don’t bother to read the rest. One columnist that I have always enjoyed reading is Fareed Zakaria. He is obviously well-educated, well-traveled and seems to be a very sensible man, which is so appealing to me.

His August 1 column is the best thing I’ve seen in Newsweek yet. Read the column. It’s the most logical discussion of the issues surrounding Islamic terrorism that I’ve seen. I’ve had these thoughts before, but since they were in my own little vacuum they had no merit. I read this column and was floored. Here is the brilliantly simple truth, stated in such a way that everyone can understand it (and much better than my musings). I love the absolute sense he makes. If this man were running for office, I might even be compelled to vote.

I like honesty, truth and simplicity. I fall short of these ideals all the time but I know them when I see them. Fareed combines all these qualities, and more, in his column. I feel it describes the truth of the situation from the eyes of a normal civilian, not a politician or anyone else with a vested interest in the matter.

So now I’ve got a new celebrity crush. I guess it replaces the guttering flames of my Trent Reznor obsession.

PS: For the record, I also have a standing subscription to The Week too. Sort of balances everything out.

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