I was born the middle child in my family. I’ve been stuck in the middle ever since.

When I drive, no matter what speed I maintain, I somehow always end up in the middle of my own patch of road. This is not a bad thing and is actually recommended by safety boards. The things is, no matter how much traffic there is or whether I’m paying attention to my speed, there I am, moving along in my own little bubble.

This is sort of the same process that’s happening with my book. While the self-publishing is moving along (too slowly for my taste, as usual), I’m still querying agents and publishers. My book defies categorization, even for those who publish edgy work. I’m not radical enough or I don’t fit into an acceptable category of alternative, like gay literature.

For those who publish (or agent) more mainstream work, my book and writing style is a perfect fit, except for the subject matter, which gets it tossed back into the “alternative” realm, which isn’t working.

Even my blog follows along the middle-child path. There are plenty of random blogs out there but due to my background, I defy categorization. I don’t write about my sex life but I have no qualms about discussing adult themes should I feel like it.

And that pushes me into the “adult” category for which I’m too “soft” for and not edgy enough. Most other escort blogs chronicle their professional or sex lives, which is not what my blog is. (What is my blog? Random discourse, exactly what it says.)

Nor do I really fit in with any writers’ blogs, even though I’ve found a number I really like. I can’t offer any meaty writing advice or stories and my own writing style is still evolving. I think I’m only in the partial-crawling stage right now. Not something that will inspire or amuse other writers.

I’ve never been in a huge rush to be pigeon-holed but it’s a great marketing tool. I certainly plan on marketing my book series to as wide an audience as possible but that may not be quite as easy as I thought. I do want to market my blog just to get it out there, hopefully finding some like-minded souls in the process.

I feel a need to connect with someone who has or is going through some of these same changes. My life is expanding more than completely changing direction, and it would be nice to see someone who is successfully linking their past into their future; creating new careers out of their ideas.

As for the book(s), I’ll still keep sending out queries and proposals while I inch along the self-publishing process. When I sell enough copies a major publisher will take notice anyway. Then I can stop worrying about trying to categorize it as business, how-to, self-help, women’s studies, alternative sexuality, social anarchy or something else entirely. Let their marketing department deal with it.

3 thoughts on “neither fish nor fowl

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, it introduces me to details of a sort of lifestyle that I have some curiosity about, i enjoy reading your tidbits and knowledge of horses and breeding etc…

    I wish you well in your publishing ambitions.

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