I entered the Writer’s Digest International Self-Publishing Awards last spring (and totally forgot about it). Today I discovered who the Grand Prize winner was.

She wrote a book on creating a harmonious environment. It’s a lovely book, as you can see here. It looks like a grand prize winner. (An interview of her shows that her book spends a lot of time discussing “energy.” Hmm…writing tips for 2008.)

One thing immediately struck me. Her company is Lingham Press. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that essentially the same as calling it Penis Press? I’m certainly interested to see where she takes her sexually-oriented publishing company.

This isn’t sour grapes. Not in the least. I actually did win an award and I’m thrilled (I never expected the Grand Prize, not even in my fantasies), but I don’t know if I should publicly mention it yet. I don’t want to inadvertently anger the gods of awards and have my one little honor taken away from me. (Besides, in all honesty, with my award and $3 I can maybe get a hot tea at Starbucks.)

4 thoughts on “self-publishing award

  1. I am the author of Harmonious Environment.

    Hah! Someone warned me about using the name Lingham for my publishing company, explaining it is the Sanskrit word for penis. However, there is also another meaning: Shiva Lingham stones are used in Feng Shui and for metaphysical healings. They are found in the sacred Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India’s seven holy sites.

    The stones are very beautiful and I collect rocks…hence, Lingham press.

    But you never know…my next book could be sex-related.

    Thanks for the post and the laugh!

  2. Norma,

    I double-checked on Google before I made this post because I thought I might be mistaken, but the first entry was not describing stones!

    Just be aware that those who aren’t familiar with the word will Google it and get a surprise.

    And again, you published a lovely book. It certainly appears worthy of the top prize.


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