Since I have a phone that allows me to easily enter notes, here is a smattering of these notes that I planned on sharing anyway. I’m sick of looking at them and sometimes I run out of space too. Some of these notes are greatly expanded from the original.

Two tools travelers need: seam-ripper, scissors. Naturally this means you have a checked bag. They’re so useful though. If you have the space, add a roll of clear packing tape.

Two tools every escort needs: calculator and calendar.

Boyzilian waxing (self-explanatory?).

Wooden and padded coat hangers are quite cheap in Singapore. Plastic hangers are expensive. The opposite of the US.

Movies offer a choice of salty or sweet popcorn. They also offer chili sauce for your nachos (or popcorn). I haven’t tried that yet. You also pick your own numbered seat in the theatre, just like an airplane. And the ticket taker is not behind a glass booth, unlike the US. Discovering that was a shock, actually. No wonder the poor girl seemed surprised that I was yelling (so she could hear me through the glass I thought was there). Movies also have a lot of signs warning you to not bring food/drink into the theatre, so everyone brings it in plastic grocery bags and waits till the lights go down before quietly eating. I’m not sure why they sell snacks in the lobby if this is their policy. On the other hand, the floors are very clean and your shoes don’t stick. I’ve also seen people just drag in grocery bags full of outside food — no one seems to mind though theatres still have a policy against that too.

Nobody steps on your feet in flip-flops because everyone wears them.

The design of the center poles on the MRT make it impossible to twirl around them.

They like to put mayo on all sorts of weird stuff, like sushi and pizza. They also like to put butter on everything.

Cheez Whiz in Singapore costs S$19. A local breakfast “set” (2 eggs, kaya toast, tea/coffee) costs S$2.

There is a Hooters in Singapore. It’s a local joke.

I think the national motto of Singapore is “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop” (Confucius). If you’ve ever walked behind a Singaporean, you’ll get this.

“You are the best defense against terrorism. Learn to be viligant and win attractive prizes.” sign on the MRT promoting the website:

The mascot of Singapore is the ferocious Merlion. I’m not making this up. I think it’s really charming.

There’s a lot more random travel bits on the way. Eventually.

9 thoughts on “random phone notes

  1. Okay, this is delightful. If you wrote a book of this stuff I’d keep it on my coffee table (omg, how *old school* am I???).

  2. Casey,

    Thank you!

    Actually, I have a travel journal (or a semblance of one) and it’s FULL of things like this. Some of them aren’t very polite though and may not see the light of day.


  3. Adorable! I’d love the gather up all of my notes to myself that make me sound stripperly. “Either throw away slip on heels or stop pole dancing in them, wash your underwear. now. , etc…”

  4. Ivy,

    Do that! I got a quite a bit of positive feedback from this post. I think because note-taking is so immediate, even if posted later, it still feels very in-the-moment and real.

    Wish I’d been taking notes while I was stripping. Whew! I would’ve sounded like a madwoman most of the time.


  5. I always enjoy your musings. It lets me feel like I’m tagging along as a good friend having random discussions about the things that make you go “hmmmm”. Fun and interesting stuff.

  6. I love this post. Little cultural differences like these are what make travel so fun. It’s like there are tiny little gifts scattered around that surprise and delight every time you find one.

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