what are you really paying for? 2

Another online advertiser that’s been around for years has never changed one highly offensive paragraph on their site. They offered me a free ad a long time ago but when I read through their site, I decided they weren’t for me. They’re still in business, so they must be doing something right. I’ve just wanted to write about this one for a few years.

Though they give some basic common-sense advice to potential advertisers, they offer to re-write your ad to appeal to “upscale clientele”. Fair enough. But do “upscale” clients visit this site? I question this because…they immediately follow the mini-advertising lesson with making sure a girl understands to price herself “reasonably” because clients aren’t going to pay good money to take her out on (movie, yachting, dinner, etc.) dates if she expects to be well-compensated for every hour even if she doesn’t “have to take her clothes off.” They think an escort should only charge a lot per hour if she’s entertaining a bachelor party of 30+ guys (and I guess a smaller bachelor party doesn’t count). Which every escort I know does every weekend (rolling my eyes).

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advertising in london

This is mostly a note to myself and any other escorts. But longer than what I can easily put on Twitter.

UK sites that seem to get results: CraigsList, Punterlink, Captain69, Eros-London, Cherrygirls (admittedly, these are no-brainers)

Site I have yet to try: Vivastreet

Though Gumtree has been mentioned to me, it does not seem to have a section for sex services. I prefer to advertise online only where I know I’m welcome. I prefer not to advertise in Personals sections.

I’m on other sites but I know I’ve gotten response and work from the results list. Also applying to various agencies and looking into a hostess club. Why not? The Internet is reliable and good for base work but I really do want to try new things.

This post is sort of jumping into the middle of things. Sorry. I will get my chronology in order shortly!