love em or leave em

I’ve watched several addicting episodes of Love It or List It. The show features a couple who are unhappy with their home. They discuss wishes, desires, the need for improvement, etc. The male star of the show is a real estate agent and tries to find a new house that the couple will love, while the female star is a decorator who remodels their current home so they fall in love with it all over again. At the end of the show the couple chooses whether to stay in their house or list it and move to the new one they chose.

I’d love to see this concept done with marriage: improve the spouses while they go dating for a better one. At the end of the show, see if they’re going to stay together or not. How can you possibly ask for more reality-TV drama?

married clients

Something has slowly dawned on me since I’ve been out of the US. It seems a lot of married clients suffer the delusion that I’ve never encountered a married client before. Let’s get rid of these delusions immediately.

Married clients make up the majority of any sex worker’s business. If it weren’t for marriage, the entire industry would collapse in a week — worldwide. With the exception of small towns full of men and few women, married men make up 90% or more of my clientele. I’m a big, big fan of marriage. I think everyone should do it.


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