A couple weeks later, I get the urge again. I want to try dancing on a night when the plant paid its workers. I consult a calendar and plan my return. Once again, the boyfriend sits and glowers in the back. I don’t think they like him there, but he doesn’t cause trouble. I had done the math and if I couldn’t pull in $100 this night, it would not be worth it. It was a long round-trip.

I get there just in time. I barely make the cut. No one looks happy to see me. The place is starting to fill up fast. I hang out at the bar and DJ booth until my first stage rotation. All three stages are open and I learn how to rotate (I’m being a real stripper!). I do my two songs on the main stage and earn a lot of ones. I’m glad to finally be appreciated. The next two stages (four songs) feel like a long time, but I earn money. I don’t like being so close to the crowd. They’re rough men, but they tip.

It is near the end of the night and probably my fifth time up (they play spacer songs so we don’t wear ourselves out onstage). I had seen the Queen table dancing, but I guess I wasn’t saying or doing the right things because no one said yes to me. (Years later I finally figured out that selling bullshit isn’t my forte, so I was never a top table dance seller anywhere.) The place is packed. I can’t even see my boyfriend’s dour face. Fine with me. I have a little more panache, but I still don’t even approach the art of dancing. Still, I’m tipped. Wearing bikinis, I make money. All I can think is how much more I would make if they could see my perfect ass framed in a thong.

On my last stage (the low one), I’m on my knees and guys are crowded around, nearly blocking me from view. One guy with large dirty hands holds out a dollar and tries to stuff it into the straining elastic of my frilly bikini panties. He tries to pull my panties down. I grab them back up and glare at him. He lets go, taking the dollar with him. He just wants me to pull it aside and show him a little flash, that’s all. I’m offended. For one dollar? I don’t think so! I tell him, “Not for a dollar!” and grab it out of his hand. I get up and dance on my feet, keeping my back to him.

Keeping my back to him without mirrors is a mistake, but I don’t learn that lesson until much later. Thankfully, he doesn’t try anything else. These guys are only minor league assholes. Country perverts.

I get off the stage and clean up. I put my money in one of the boots I’m wearing. My shift is basically over. My boyfriend and I go home. I rant about the asshole who wanted a peek. I sort of knew the Queen was doing that and my boyfriend confirmed it. I also had gotten the general impression that she turned tricks out of there too. It would explain a lot of things.

I get home and count my take. A little over $70. I want to try again, but in the light of day, reason prevails. If I’m going to have these hours, I need to make more. Dancing in Dallas doesn’t cross my mind, probably because I’m more aware of what the drive-time would really be like.

Not long after, my boyfriend told me about an opening at a restaurant in a nearby larger city. I got a job there. Wasn’t great money, but it was steady and no one tried to put their hands down my panties (and I wore thongs). At least, no one did while on the clock! But that’s a whole other story which won’t be told here.

While waitressing, my sex-work tendencies are repressed until one day they burst out in a fit of determination to find work in the adult industry. (These feelings coincide with me dumping the boyfriend.)

6 thoughts on “my adult industry history part III

  1. Square girls have boyfriends but real Hoes have real Pimps! A square boyfriend cannot be the solid support a prostitute wants and needs she can only get that support from a Pimp or another Hoe, yes real talk here. The only two things most indy/renegades dislike about Pimps is the financial arrangement and a man calling the shots. You see they have been spoiled into doing whatever they want and it doesn’t usually work. Almost all of the so called indies who bad mouth Pimps and claim they hate Pimps would run into a Pimps arms if they didn’t have to let a Pimp manage 100% of the money made. That why the hate comes in think about after a girl in the biz deals with some B.S. boyfriends when she hears that there are men (Pimps) who will accept them they are let down when they hear they have to let that man manage 100% of the money. That’s the part they don’t like everything else they like. Prostitutes are women and they are special women but like all women they just want a man who will love them and accept them for who they are!

  2. RP,

    Why should I do all the work and a pimp make all the money? That’s not an arrangement I want. If that’s “spoiled” well so be it. I like running my own life. That’s true independence and I like that. Besides, I can manage my money as good as or better than any man I’ve ever run into.

    I don’t need a pimp to make money — I only need me.


  3. AB

    If you think you do all the work and a Pimp makes all the money and a Hoe gets nothing you have a real misconception about this lol. Only a dingbat or functional retard would go for that! This is 2008! Now true a Pimp manages the money but if his woman doesn’t shine with him, guess what she will leave him for another Pimp who will let her shine with him. This is 2008 Pimps and Hoes SHARE the spoils of the Game and live like royality together and rightfully so! Now if you are such a great money manager how come you came out of retirement? I would guess lack of funds right. Guess your money management skills were not up to par. Did I hit the nail on the head. Like we both said and agreed you or no woman (square or prostitute) needs a Pimp or any man for that matter to survivel. You see AB it is a want and desire to be loved and appreciated by a man who is your own kind, it is a natural thing. Now we have never met but I believe you are a good woman with a good heart and I am rooting for you to win. But I speak the truth and the truth sometimes hurts. Let me ask you one question darling would you be with a Pimp if you could keep every penny you made for yourself? Now you and I know that is not possible but hypothetically speaking would you? The financial part is what you indy girls don’t like but everything else about a Pimp you know you like even though you may not admit it! I believe you would love to have a man to come home to after a hard nights work and after a nice bath and be able to climb into bed and snuggle up with a man who totally respects, understands and appreciates what you do. A man who inspires you to be the best you can be. To be able to fall asleep in his loving arms and wake up with him and you being very, very happy and not alone! To be totally fulfilled as a woman and a Hoe/Provider! That man is a Pimp not a square or common trick but a P I M P. This is the ideal mate for any prostitute but now some try to make a go at it with a square and there is 99.9% failure rate. For her to still work and be with a square her career will suffer, he will not feel comfortable, he may act like it’s cool but she knows deep down he wants her to stop selling pussy, she can feel it, her female intuition tells her so. Her square boyfriends parents will not like her being in the Life, they want there son to get a “nice girl”, a square not a harlot who fucks and sucks strangers dicks for money. Now when she is with a client she has a conflict and her career suffers drastically and she will either fail or have to cut that square loose. So it is what it is the ideal mate for a prostitute is a PIMP not a square. Some prostitutes will just choose to be alone and that is their right and choice, some will get with a square and it will fail almost everytime and some will choose a Pimp, blow up big in the Game and live happily ever after. Take care Amanda.

    Sincerely Your Freindly Neighborhood Pimp, RP

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