Yes, this is grubbing. But some people do want to know what I would like. Or someone might have a great alternate suggestion as well. I never know. Along with some items of clothing and travel accessories, I expect to have to purchase these things.

what i think i want/need right now (in no particular order)

  • Kindle 2 or Kindle 1 (wish fulfilled! after I returned to the US)
  • Bucky travel set (wish fulfilled!)
  • Swiss Army Victorinox E-motion 4.0 25″ Trek Pack Plus it’s still smaller than I’d like, but otherwise it has every feature I want in a travel bag and I really liked playing with it at the store (bought)
  • Eurail passes but not sure which ones, exactly (never got, never needed)
  • giftcards from Macy’s and REI (wishes fulfilled!)
  • A phone. Here’s where I get really particular. A quadband unlocked GSM phone, preferably with a protected/covered keypad, with the ability to text/SMS and do email. Other options, like camera and playing MP3s are not a concern. I want a functional business machine. This Nokia one seems pretty good. (wish fulfilled!)

6 thoughts on “travel wishlist

  1. Amanda,

    The Kindle would be fun to have. The only thing I can think that you might want to take is a small bottle of laundry soap. I found in my travels that sometimes laundromats are not where you need them to be and if you have some soap at least you can wash some stuff in the sink, but that was 15 years ago. Also I sent you an email, I know you are probably busy but I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get stuck in a spam filter.


  2. Robert,

    Actually, I have been thinking about some lanudry soap. I’ve been advised to take few items of underwear and just do a wash nightly in my sink. In looking at luggage, this is probably the option I’ll go with. (Yes, got your email. Should reply very soon!)


    Oh thank you! Yay! I AM looking forward to it!


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