After getting the results of my tests back around 3pm via fax into the brothel’s office, I was taken to the local sheriff’s office to get my work card. It’s pretty much the same invasive process as getting a sheriff’s card in Vegas to strip. This work card is yellow, has my picture and index fingerprint on one side, and on the other, clearly states I’m working as a prostitute. No “entertainer” crap.

I don’t get to keep my card, it goes into the black records box in the brothel’s office. It will live there forever (as far as I know). If I don’t work in 30 days, I’ll have to get a new card. It expires in a year.

short training

When I get back, I change into a cute, non-sexy dress since I’m going to follow Katya or Bobbie around and learn the brothel procedures. An old guy sitting in the bar notices me and wants me. Since I’m here to make money and the brothel is here to make money off me, I get the green light.

Alisha takes me through the dick check and other house procedures — like handling payment and the whole laundry issue. I’m not sure that I really know what I’m doing with the dick check, but okay. It’s a more obvious version of what I do as an escort.

The old guy is not new to this, so it makes life easier on me. While he is not the same demographic as my escort clientele, he’s harmless and easy. The class issues of what I’m doing rear their ugly heads almost immediately and become very conflicting by Monday (today). Worker issues do too. But…I’ll bore you with that at some other point.

fully legal prostitute

I thought I might feel different as a “legal” sex worker, but I don’t. It is a bit odd to be able to frankly say what the guy will get and how much it costs. Beyond that, it’s actually a lot more like a strip club than escort work. Since I failed a lot of stripper skills (like upselling), I can see difficulties ahead.


I also re-acquire the clock in my head. There is no clock in my room other than what I bring with me. Nothing that customers can see. The bartender sets the clock at the bar (kitchen timer) when I process payment. I also receive a chit from the cash register that I save as proof of my payment. When time is up the bartender rings me on the intercom and I have a few minutes to get my guy out of the room or I’m fined. If he wants more time, then I have to collect money, get dressed, run to the bar and try to process payment unobtrusively.

The one time this happened (so far) I was completely disheveled, covered in sweat and on shaky legs. Yeah, he was a fun one. Little wonder he needed more time (so did I, frankly).

the men

A certain type of man goes to a brothel. I haven’t figured out their psychology yet. But most of them are indeed truckers or men of a lower class. At least at Bella’s. It is probably different from brothel to brothel.

I don’t have any real issues with this, except there is something of a difference in social graces, education/conversational abilities, hygiene, general approach to life, sex and women between my escort clients and these men. If one is completely hung up on class, then this won’t work. If one is more hung up on quality of person, then this could work. Quality is not always determined by money or social status — at least not in my world.

I admit to curiosity about the men who come here. I would love some studies done on these men. Mainly, I want to see if they’re essentially strip club customers who are taking it to the next level. By and large, they aren’t my escort clients. They aren’t looking for a connection and relationship. Or maybe I haven’t found the key to turn in them yet (very likely).

One client Friday night books me for an hour, most of which was spent talking. This guy would’ve been an escort client.


Mentally, I’m already onto other issues, now that the basics of working are clear to me. I’ll try to recap for you since I’ve left my readers in the dust!

The lineup I’ve already described. Being in the lineup is no big deal, I only worry about doing anything that could be construed as “dirty hustling.” Not that I care about “stealing” guys, but I do care about making waves (which I do anyway, sigh).

If I’m picked, I take the guy on a “tour” of the house. Most of this tour is graceless, thanks to poor floor-planning (like taking them through the scenic passageway of the laundry room and deep freeze). The tour is a chance to talk him up, and I try, but it’s always awkward. More awkward is if several girls are touring at the same line. There’s an amusement park assembly line feel to the whole thing.

The tour is to help get the guy to spend money (though most come in with $100 in their pockets and want the world). It can also be seen as a point of interest if they really have not been in a brothel before. That’s the spin I try to put on it.

The tour ends in my room where we sit on my bed and negotiate. Awkward, especially when their first offer offends me. I don’t communicate well when I just want to toss him out the window and quit wasting my time. But, in the interest of being a team player (more on this concept later), I try to work with him. I also realize my haggling skills are poor and I need to take more control of the situation. Shake the money tree a bit harder.

After running to the bar to process payment, we do whatever it is we agreed upon. The intercom beeps, I escort him back to the bar or the complimentary men’s showers (a lot of men shower before — thank god).

the sex

There’s a lot of it. If these men were better in bed, it would be a lot of fun. If they bought themselves more time instead of trying to be cheap, it would be a lot of fun. I’m not sure how they see me — as a fantasy blonde bought for a moment of lust? As a sexual aid? Some see me as a person, I know that. It is quite different from escort sex. I certainly have orgasms, often without even trying. It’s more of a physical reaction to stimulation than anything really heartfelt (two exceptions so far).


There is so much more. Issues of class, worker issues, being a team player, living and working under rules, unsafe situations, the other girls, the money, the time spent earning that money — it’s all boiling around right now. I’m writing as much as I can, though most of that won’t make it to this blog. My thoughts are in turmoil.

And I wonder how well I’ll deal with this. I’m already having severe doubts and questions. Should I stay or should I go? It’s not a big matter of safety, only a matter of sanity, time and money. Yes, I’m doing math and approaching every angle I can.

I wonder how well I’ll deal with other situations around the world. On the big plus side, I’ve already gained some insight into myself and my relationship with men and sex. I like personal revelation.

Anyhow, if you have questions about the functioning of the brothel, ask away!

Oh yes, if he tips me and it’s over $50, I have to split the tip with the house. I think you know how I feel about that.

18 thoughts on “legal part II

  1. By and large, they aren’t my escort clients. They aren’t looking for a connection and relationship.

    I kind of figured it would be that way, largely. I know just from talking with other brothel workers that it does almost mimic an “assembly line, fuck ’em and get ’em out the door so you can get to the next customer” kind of operation in a lot of cases, rather than trying to develop standing relationships with them.

    I suspect it is hard for someone who came from a brothel to go work as an escort, and, similarly, it is hard to go from escort work to brothel work. I have to imagine it is harder with the latter situation, since you’re so used to having control of your own destiny as an (independent) escort.

    Oh yes, if he tips me and it’s over $50, I have to split the tip with the house. I think you know how I feel about that.

    Yes, I do indeed.

    Would you consider trying work at another brothel if the situation here doesn’t pan out as you hope(d) it would?

  2. I don’t have any questions, because I’m complete outside this realm and don’t have a starting point from where to ask. I’ve never paid for sex (unless you count being married), and haven’t honestly ever considered it and probably never will. This is like an education on an unfamiliar part of the world, and I’m fascinated by it. Honestly, if I ever get away from writing in my chosen genres, I can see that this could be an interesting setting to focus upon. I’m glad you’re willing to share this with us in an informative way. If I want titillation, I’ll surf porn. LOL


  3. Alexa,

    Well, I am going for different experiences. And I am getting it.

    There are some loyal, money-spending regulars of certain girls here. Personality does count. It’s just harder to get that into the picture than escort work.

    My lack of automony does bother me. Some large ways, a lot of little ways.

    I might consider another brothel, but for a shorter time period. And I have little doubt I’ll work in other brothels around the world that will be very different from US ones. I’m also beginning to think that I am probably more critical of US brothels than foreign ones because this is my home turf.


    Glad you’re enjoying this. It’s a new journey for me too (though I have a bit more experience with this than you 😉

    Yeah, this blog isn’t really about sexual titillation. I”ve probably gotten as explicit as I ever will.


  4. Yes, I know how you feel about splitting the tip. I don’t blame ya. Maybe it’s because I’m eating a Snickers bar right now, but I’m thinking you can upsell by encouraging the men to buy a “King Size” experience instead of just the “fun size”? It does sound an awful lot about strip club hustling and I remember our conversation about that. I’d totally suck at the upselling too. And I’m guessing there are mics in the room? Another question, have you run into any resistance on condom usage with the men?

    Oh yeah, how is the CB work?

  5. I know how this will sound but I don’t really care. If you’re a working girl just think about it: Imagine what streetwalkers get. Or Thai bargirls. Class issues indeed. They often bring up education issues, money issues, and machismo issues. I am so glad you’re journaling this. Can’t wait to read more.

  6. So you set the prices w/ the clients? I feel like you mentioned something about this in a previous post, how there’s a suggested “base” rate, but now I can’t find it. I’m curious how that works. You mentioned that sometimes the client’s first offer offends you, so I’m guessing too many of them are trying to low-ball you. I wonder what the psychology of that is, on their part.

  7. Peridot,

    Yes, class issues IS what I’m thinking a lot about. For me, this is one step up from street work — not that I’ve done street work in the US. So it’s an experience and I will share more thoughts as I go on.


    I can set the prices all day long, but they come in with $100 and that’s what they want to spend. I don’t know why the hell they think they can get pussy for $100. Bella’s has been around for a long time, at the same prices and men know it. Makes life difficult.

    Other brothels, like the Bunny Ranch, allow the girls to take their clients to the cleaners. Of course, a lot of this is negoiation skills — which I certainly lack.

    More discussion on this when I talk about being a team player — another new concept for me.


    No mikes in the room as far as I can tell. CB radio — will get to that! No huge resistence to condom usage, most guys are very okay with that. One guy last night wanted to come on my face. Uh…no.

    I’m trying to learn from a couple of the veterans who get the longer/more expensive bookings. There is a way to do things to get as much money as possible without compromising one’s self. Much as I’m bitching, I have a lot to learn.


  8. Your description of your experiences is fascinating. Your discussion of the class issues involved in the process is interesting, as is the comparison to your past work experience in strip clubs. I’m aware of at least a few essays that deal with the types of men who frequent strip clubs. Some do address the issue of socio-economic class. (A general assumption goes along the lines of topless places attract the more upscale customers since many topless places make considerable money off alcohol sales and other compoents of upselling.) A comparable exploration of socio-economic class as it applies to brothels could be illunminating.

    A few more questions to consider. How do cultural mores intersect with socio-economic class to affect men’s choices? Are wealthier men more apt to choose an escort because of cost or is something else at play? Do economic circumstances allow for some men to find it easier and more convienent to opt for an escort instead of travelling to a brothel? Or do some guys simply prefer the experience provided by an escort?)

  9. Alexa,

    You’re asking the same questions I am. The brothel experience — at least this one — is not high-class. It’s not completely trashy, just very laid-back, red-blooded American.

    Much as I’ve griped about hobbyists’ attempt to control their local market of indie escorts, they’re still usually seeking something more than just cheap sex (they want a cheap girlfriend). It is a different mindset. It also takes a different mindset to pay a girl directly as opposed to an establishment — like a brothel or strip club. My escort clients rarely visit strip clubs. Some of my brothel clients do. Similiar, more shallow approach to sexual entertainment?

    There are such fine gradations of class between escorts, strippers, brothel workers and their clients. There is overlap, but mostly I’m seeing the distinctions (I’m currently working as a high-end escort and there are differences between it and my former average-range clients). I’m trying like hell to keep my attitude to a minimum, I just loathe being seen as not worth what I know I’m worth. My main gripe.

    I’ll explore this more when I get into brothel sex vs escort sex.


  10. And I have little doubt I’ll work in other brothels around the world that will be very different from US ones.

    Now that would be way cool, especially with respect to New Zealand. I think you have to be a citizen of NZ to work there, though, if I’m not mistaken. Still, it’d be awesome to comare and contrast the experiences here with Amsterdam, Germany and NZ at a minimum.

    My escort clients rarely visit strip clubs.

    That’s been my experience as well. In fact, only one that I know of, and that was just a one-time deal.

  11. Alexa,

    I do plan on working everywhere I can. Though in a legalized system in another country, I may not be able to work as easily or may have to work underground/illegally.

    NZ is HIGH on the list.


  12. Oh yes, if he tips me and it’s over $50, I have to split the tip with the house. I think you know how I feel about that.

    Yea.. though I give quite a bit to the escort services in town when I get tipped. I can’t imagine making only half of my tip. Ugh. There’s no way of lying about your tip (yes I am of course guilty of it!) so you can’t get away with keeping more than you’d like to give due to time and what we do. This is my biggest dilemma from trying to work in brothels.

    Love your series so far… you seem to be doing exactly what I am curious about what goes on here in the brothels. I really doubt I could do it so I admire what you are doing for sure 🙂

  13. Anon,

    I did it stone cold sober. Though dealing with the brothel’s policies were more of a problem than the men. The brothel sets the tone for the way the customers behave.

    If I’d worked there longer? Yeah, might’ve developed some sort of substance abuse issue.


  14. Not a customer for titillation here either; much more interested in your observations, comparisons and analyses.
    And if you talk about overseas sex work later, I can’t wait to get to that part.

    All I know of NV houses is what I saw on TV, but I’ve been a regular at many full service massage parlors (illegal brothels) and can offer my own experience.

    $100 is the magic number for sex in parlors, and it may be where your clientele picked it up. That goes for the minimum half-hour visit and can be even less, but I don’t haggle. If buying the whole hour, it’s customary to tip twice that.
    This tip is paid directly to the provider, BTW, and independent of the (fixed) house fee for time. I heard that some is kicked back to the house, but am not positive.

    So an hour can reach the expense of an escort (not high end). And although I’m more of your escort client type, I enjoy the total freedom and control of brothels. The last escort I saw ended up being a scheduling nightmare and made me regret the amount of control I had without appointments, exposure, and delays.

    Brothels are the fast-food joints of sex, while hookers are the street vendors, and escorts the independant restaurants (my read). Some escorts are apparently as exclusive as the finest Rodeo Drive establishments where the riff raff is not allowed.
    So you think you’d get what you pay for, but as in the food industry, it’s not always the case.

    I believe that you’re right that most hobbyists and (whore)mongers are just in it for the quick fix. They are fickle, money-conscious and impulsive. They hop from place to place and always look for new girls and stimulation. They focus on what they talk about in reviews (stats and rates), while the rest of us have experiences that can’t be quantified.
    So many brothels naturally cater to that approach and don’t focus on quality. They do move you in and out quick.

    But some houses, and some providers there, are very responsive to a different “class” of clientele, like you would. Regulars are safer and predictable, and good tippers a bonus. We know that haggling is insulting and demeaning to both parties.
    An old favorite haunt of mine had seen actors, attorneys, and movie execs, on top of a parade of local cops (lol), for example.

    Settings aside, the brothel experience is absolutely comparable to the one provided by escorts if the provider is gifted and has the right attitude. And many girls will try and “steal” regulars from the house and see them outside, which I’ve enjoyed too, with the added satisfaction that they keep ALL proceeds.
    Those are generally NOT the kind of women that one would take to the opera or an official function and hope to get away with it, mind you, but I’m not in that class of clients either.

    One has to beware of stereotypes, as usual, if Amanda Brooks can be encountered in a brothel, or a conversation in French can be had with a Korean masseuse who studied in Paris…

    Cheap girlfriends? Maybe. Girlfriends-for-rent for sure.

    I think it’s probably very difficult, for a successful escort, to work in a brothel. The move up the other way is only hard for those who prefer to be told what to do, and how, and when… Very much like the “employee vs. independent contractor” situations.
    The obvious bonus for us readers here is an intelligent and worldly observer giving a detailed look that most insiders don’t have enough perspective for. It’s like investigative journalism without the sensationalism and with more insight.

  15. Hobbyist,

    Oh keep reading about the brothel experience! I cover a lot of the points you mentioned.

    The $100 baseline was a Bella’s thing, not a massage-parlour thing. The girls who had been at Bella’s for a while had regulars, just as every working girl anywhere develops regulars.

    My mentor worked at the Moonlight Ranch and made a fortune. She was a top-notch provider there, though I don’t think a GFE. The whole atmosphere of a brothel really doesn’t engender a GFE experience, IMO.


  16. Fascinating experience! Sounded draining, but full of revelation for you. Thank you for sharing your experiences working on the inside. I could never envision myself visiting a brothel before, although with my current experiences, I will never say never. Picked up another gem from you, on saying that clients you have met usually do not frequent strip clubs. I seem to be fitting your client profile to a tee. I find this interesting, as nowhere else can I get this type of information. I liked Hobbyists analysis too.

  17. Michael — It was an experience and it was draining. The interesting thing (to me) was in WHY it was draining. I’ve had a couple experiences that were quasi-similar and one day I’ll write about those.

    No, most of my clients are not brothel types. While I could see myself visiting a brothel (as either gender) for entertainment value, I have a difficult time imagining myself comfortable with choosing a sex partner this way. But who knows? It would be an experience to do that.

    Glad you’re enjoying my random blog randomly! 😉

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