Welp, that was inevitable.

When I was touring a few months ago, and Carl Ferrer, the CEO of Backpage, was arrested, I had about $800 of credit in my account. I started spending and not replenishing because I knew BP wouldn’t last much longer. As of today, I have less than $200 in my account. I have no way of getting that money back, that I know of, but at least it’s still there and it’s not very much, really.

Yes, I’ve been successfully advertising on BP this past year. It was never my #1 go-to place but…it helped. I figured out a formula for my ad that worked and it attracted men who were looking for someone with professional photos who seemed professional and wasn’t charging super-low rates. Someone who could write a complete, grammatically-correct sentence and didn’t use emojis in their writing. (Not that any of this deterred the illiterate idiots who just liked my photos but were unable to write coherently themselves.)

advertising on Eros

So I used BP, just as I used CL when I was traveling the world. I have a website, of course. I run ads on other sites that seem useful to me. Most notably, of course, I use Eros.

Eros gets a lot of complaints from the girls who are staunchly pro-BP. I’m not sure why. I’ve never had problems getting decent clients from there (and yes, I also get the illiterate idiots who just like my photos but are unable to write coherently themselves.) But that’s because I understand advertising/marketing as it applies to my business. I understand it so well that my ad gets copied, a lot. I’m so plagiarized I could make fetch happen.

Eros also requires that you submit your ID. This really scares the types who are afraid the government will suddenly realize they’re sex workers. If the government was truly that up into your shit, a) you have bigger problems and b) they already know because they’ve looked into your finances and read your emails.

Eros has had my ID on file since 2002. The people who have caused the problems in my life due to my sex work have all been people I know, including one person that I was friends with for over 15 years, an ex-client, and my mother. Government? Not involved. Eros? Nothing to do with any of it.

[pullquote]The biggest problems in your life that stem from being a sex worker invariably comes from people you know, not the feds.[/pullquote]

The government most likely knows that I’m a sex worker, and that I’m Amanda Brooks. So far, I’ve yet to see any indication that they care. I doubt they will care about some random escort who is possibly breaking some misdemeanor laws in her city while otherwise living a regular life.

What the ID check does do is keep accusations of underage sex trafficking at bay. Which keeps the site up and out of danger. Which means it’s a fairly stable platform on which to advertise. Nothing is written in stone, of course, but Eros has survived for over two decades and many other sites have not. Sites that don’t check IDs, like Craigslist and BP, have not survived.

The other gripe many BP advertisers have about Eros is the price. You pay for a month at a time. I’ve seen ladies pay for a week on BP what it would cost for a month on Eros. I don’t understand how the math works in their head but that’s their money, not mine. It’s probably easier to pay a few bucks a day than a chunk of money at one time, I get that. What I don’t get is why they’re not tracking their total income and expenses and reviewing that information.

Other sites require ID checks to advertise. Do I trust them? No. Eros is the only site to have my ID on file. Other sites might be okay, it’s up to each person to decide. I trust Eros because I’ve been with them for so long. I know they have good lawyers and follow that advice to the letter. It makes for frustrating advertising, but I know they’re getting legal advice and not simply pulling it out of their ass.

alternatives to BP

Discussion boards, obviously, are free to post on. Often, you have to allow reviews on that board to get to post, which usually isn’t a problem for the average BP advertiser. You may be required to post a link to the board on your site. If you don’t have a site, this could be a problem (and you should get a site, but not because you need to post links).

Finding boards in your area: Google. Follow links on other provider’s websites. Googling is what the men who have lost BP will do, it’s what you should do too. See what they see.

You cannot just decide to post on a site because you like it or another provider has said it’s good. A site is only worthwhile if you can get clients from it. One free and easy way to find out if clients can find it is Google. Because if it’s not coming up quickly on Google, clients aren’t going there. That’s the first step.

The second step is posting and seeing if you get responses. Having a website with tracking on it will allow you to see what sites bring the hits to you. If a site doesn’t bring you hits, find another that does. If a site brings you hits but you’re not closing the deal, the problem may not be with the advertising site (or it could be: the site could attract men outside of your ideal market).

Other classified sites, like Eeow and Cityvibe might be answer for some. But both of these sites have been around for a while and I’m not sure that the clients are there. Maybe they will be after the BP closure.

There are other sites like Eros, but in my opinion, if you’re going to pay for an advertising mall for the first time, stick with Eros. It’s established and good clients definitely go there.

brothel work

Yes, the legal brothels in Nevada are an option. For those who are concerned about handing over your ID, this probably isn’t going to work. Registering for a brothel is a serious invasion of privacy. For those who can’t take off a couple weeks to go hang out in the desert, this is not an option. For those who don’t like giving someone else 50% off the top, nope, won’t work for you.

But this is a 100% legal option, and the only legal prostitution option in the US.

Do your research and get into a decent brothel. If you get into a cheap brothel, you’ll be working harder, for less pay, than you ever did on BP. Trust me, this is a nope.

Melissa Mariposa recently made the transition from indie to brothel worker. It can be done.


Can you strip? Do you want to work in a club? Can you get employed without having to get registered? I think this will be an option for very few but…it’s there, at least until you get your online options sorted out.

social media

Since you may very well have come to this blog post from Twitter, you’re already on there and know lots of sex workers and clients are on there. Utilize it better. Lots of sex workers find clients on Twitter.

Instagram. Not as popular as Twitter, but definitely there, especially if you’re a selfie-taker. Naturally, you can post on Twitter and Instagram at the same time using social media management tools.

If you’re not up to speed on either one, I recommend reading social media marketing guides first (I recommend Neil Patel, just Google his name and Twitter). What works for mainstream companies certainly works for us, especially since our audience is vastly smaller than the average company selling stuff to the public.

this is a business, treat it like one

This is not a hobby. If your livelihood depends on the success of your ad, if you’re scrambling in fear because of the BP closure, then this isn’t a hobby to you, is it? It’s a business.

I know there are survival sex workers who live day to day based on what they can make off BP. They can’t get ahead enough to branch out. I also know that there are actual victims on there, being pimped, who are going to end up in the streets today until their stupid pimps figure out another way to advertise. These are the people most affected by the BP closure, just as they were affected by the CL closure (the street action in Singapore went up after CL closed down, as I’m sure it did in other cities). These are the people who were kept marginally safer by the existence of BP and since there is no ready alternative, they’re really screwed right now. (BP was the alternative to the closing of CL, at least in the US.)

But the rest, and this includes a fair amount of people, simply relied on BP because it was easy and didn’t bother to consider this is a business and an unstable one. One has to be constantly thinking ahead and not relying on any one thing to bring you business. It’s not a fun mindset to have, but necessary.

If you don’t already have your own website, on its own host (not a freebie site), then you need to get one yesterday. Have professional photos. I hear girls who say guys prefer selfies. If you want to use selfies, get a Twitter or IG account, and post them there. Decent clients still prefer professional photos. And they also enjoy the seemingly more personal interaction on social media. Utilize both.

After you get a website, SEO the crap out of it. Trade banner links with other ladies. Raise your game. Just like any other business, you’ll be able to charge more and attract better clients the more effort you put into your business. This also helps insulate you from website shutdowns. They’ve happened before and they’ll happen again; at least until the laws change in the US. Until then, you should always assume that all sites, except your own, could go down at any minute. Diversify your advertising, keep your site up to Google SEO standards, have it optimized for mobile. (Consider hosting your site offshore. It’s not super cheap but if you’re truly worried about your online presence, it’s certainly peace of mind for you.)

While it’s unlikely that sites like Twitter or Instagram will get shut down, it is possible they could start closing the accounts of sex workers. Please keep that in mind when building your social media business. It sucks to have to think this way, I know.

Does this sound like a huge investment of time? Yes, it is. It’s a business. The reward is knowing that when one advertising site is shut down, you have other options already in play. You’re not severely affected. You are insulated enough that you can wait to see what happens next without scrambling to make a living. You’re running a business. Not only must you deal with economic fluctuations, you have to deal those who would like to stomp out your work, your very existence.

The market is going to be there today, just like it was yesterday. All you have to do is find it. Even better if you can bring the market to you. Got a milkshake? Create your own yard, instead of depending on someone else’s yard. (I couldn’t resist, sorry.)

me, guessing

While I can predict that there will be an influx on Eros, the ID requirement will stop a lot of that. The monthly cost of advertising will stop a lot from renewing their ads (I’ve seen this before). Certain discussion boards will be discovered and ads will flood in. That could change the nature of the board. My guess is that an already existing classifieds site will suddenly become the “it” site, though any site will have difficulty topping BP’s Google rankings for quite a while.

I also think that BP shut down their ads preemptively. I notice they had some powerful support for not shutting it down, and there was no actual governmental order to do so. I think this was actually a savvy legal move, basically saying “How do you like trying to find traffickers now?” They have a point.

I don’t think BP will come back for US advertisers. Will they try to create another advertising site to continue to fund their legal battles? I doubt it. Playing a shell game isn’t in their best interests. They’ve been fighting for their right to free speech since 2010.

One of the best ways to advertise is still really under-utilized. Link-trading with escorts you know and like is a great way to share clients: they get variety, you get safe clients and everything stays in the family. The government can’t come in and shut down each and every single indie escort site just because they’ve traded banners with each other. (Well, I guess they can, but it would be a difficult thing to do.) If all of you host off-shore, good luck in trying to get your sites taken down.

This is also me being an optimist: that things like BP getting shut down will make more providers wake up and take charge of their business, and promote solidarity with other providers.

Instead, the panic and feeling of financial insecurity leads to less solidarity in the practical sense. Sex workers fractured and competing with each other play well into the hands of those who want us to go away. Guerilla advertising and marketing undermines the message of the antis, a successful business is an even bigger slap in their faces.

57 thoughts on “moving past the backpage shutdown

  1. Well arent you the enterprising angel!

    I was vey impressed with your post and thought I would just take a moment to relate that personally.


    1. Hi Kenneth, if you con not relate please save the sarcasm and fuck off!
      As someone in the industry I can tell you that Amanda knows her stuff. I have read her book and every post on her blog and her words have been very helpful both practically and emotionally. This being said dont judge what or who you clearly dont understand.



    2. Thank you so much for writing about this. I’ve had the same experience as well as some really mean women and men who have written things that were not true and I don’t know what I did to offend them in the first place to even illicit the bad mouthing. You seem intelligent and it’s nice to know that you have the ability to educate yourself and all of the women out there who must protect themselves from regular people around them. Funny how government seems to get involved more often than not because they are tired of being harassed by our friends acquaintances and friends about what we are doing not because they are concerned

  2. Its all bs. Especially since the site did all it could to prevent any suspicious minor trafficking.

  3. Kenneth — Amanda is a highly successful escort/businesswoman. She got where she is through hard work, intelligence, years of experience and a very high standard of integrity. That she knew to and knew how to diversify her business and not be locked into one advertising venue is indicative of her business acumen. She conducts herself and her business as a professional completely avoiding amateurish practices like advertising solely in one place or stealing other girls text.

    While I’m guessing that you intended your response to be a compliment it doesn’t come off as one. Calling her an “enterprising angel” is mansplaining chauvinism from an obviously self absorbed oblivious arrogance. Do you seriously think that you anything about the industry by virtue of being male or of possibly being a client of escorts? Neither male nor client qualifies you to assess a female escort’s business practices. An “enterprising angel” would be a five year old who decided to offer a sugar free option at their lemonade stand. The context you use it only reveals you to be a chauvinistic jerk.

  4. the following sentence above is missing a word. It should read “Do you seriously think that you (know) anything about the industry by virtue of being male or of possibly being a client of escorts?”

  5. LOL. Jill every moron with a eccie whoreboard membership firmly believes himself to be an expert on the lives, thoughts, feelings and business practices of every whore who ever lived, EVER.
    Nothing is so endlessly entertaining as watching the blind leading the stupid…😉

  6. Seems to me like a lot of the girls from Backpage have just gone to the men looking for women and women looking for men dating section of Backpage at this point. TBD, RS2K, TER,AVE-X,D-C, are all cliquish and I doubt that the BP girls will do very well there. Of course you will have your happiest it will see the lower not so professional girls but overall I think most girls will just migrate back to CL & The dating section of Backpage.

    1. Former Escort — Posting in the W4M section is not a long-term viable solution. It will eventually get shut down (I’ve seen this happen before), and since it’s currently flooded, apparently it’s required to spend all your time at the computer reposting and answering emails. Much smarter is to treat this as a business and not put all your advertising eggs in one basket. Or even using only one advertising strategy.

      Forums may indeed be cliquish, advertising on discussion boards is not. I advertise on several boards and don’t participate in the forums. I get clients, I don’t have time to bother with board politics. Getting involved on a board generally isn’t a requirement for posting an ad.

      If this encourages those who can’t treat this like a business to find other employment, it’s probably for the best. If they can’t take this work seriously, they’re likely endangering themselves anyway. If this encourages providers to get involved in activism or to take charge of their business or come up with alternative solutions…so much the better.

        1. Putadelujo — Expatriates.com, which is discussed in one of my posts that I linked to in here. It shut everything down at the same time as Craigslist.

          Given that prostitution arrests are already being made off the BP W4M section, my guess is it will be shut down.

          1. I doubt it. I think they will keep the dating section just like CL did. They aren’t a little known site like the one you mentioned. Then some other site will replace them.

            1. Putadelujo — Expatriates wasn’t a little known site, not if you were working internationally. They had no reason to shut their sections, except that I heard they were affiliated with Craiglist.

              Other sites have never really replaced CL/BP/Expatriates. I wrote about that at length (linked in the post above). But if you think that posting on the dating section of BP is a great way to work as an escort, go right ahead. I don’t think it will last for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s been very well-publicized a huge number of BP escorts have moved to posting there. It’s certainly not a replacement for the BP Adult Section. I’ve been more right than wrong with my predictions in this business.

  7. Great piece of writing! I could not understand the context of a few points but that is just cultural.
    All the best for your future.

    1. Ra — Thank you! If you’d care to tell me what you didn’t understand, perhaps I can make it clearer for you? I wouldn’t mind if it helps you to understand the piece more.

  8. Someone posted some links on here to a website called “copsrcorrupt” (I think). I approved the comment but my spam filter ate it anyway. If you wish to post again, go ahead, but maybe limit the links in your post to one. My spam filter is fairly intolerant.

    1. I’m so sick of client-focused sites and their rhetoric, like calling providers “girls,” that I’m doing research for a project to create more provider-managed sites and verification. Love your ideas from a previous post on verification, Amanda, thanks!

      1. Daphne — Thank you! And very good wishes on your journey.

        Though I am very, very guilty of referring to other ladies as “girls” a lot. It’s how we referred to each other when I stripped, and it stuck.

        Though you have raised a question for me…did the terminology come from the male managers originally, then become part of strip club culture; or is it terminology used by the strippers (and other sex workers) out of their own volition? It has been pointed out before that the English language lacks a good, casual term to refer to women. (No one wants to refer to themselves as a “gal” or a “broad.”)

        1. To guys, girls sounds and feels more intimate, personal, it’s pleasing if you will go say, or hear, in our perspective it’s easier than to considerthe provider as someone just using us for money, see don’t want to think that we wouldn’t be attractive to the provider without money, so the casual term girl, Is our way of convincing ourselves that with or without the money we could still have you. Sorry to ramble… btw, I thought the article was spot on, especially now that the government just took possession of backpage entirely. Just as you had predicted in this article.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this article. I’m fairly new to this (not even a year) and actually manage about 4 girls. We are from the Caribbean so our experiences differ. Here we don’t have many options for advertising so bp is our go to, a few use cl. Our aim is to eliminate the shame in the industry, it’s very taboo. Most of the girls live below the poverty line and are not flourishing. The ads and pictures used are below par and the rates reflect the shame the ladies live with.

    I’m pretty literate and since beginning I have seen slight, but gradual change in the way others are posting. Our industry is still male managed for the most part and they simply do not understand the plight of the ladies. I am trying to provide a network and template for the girls to abide by to become classy escorts. It’s disheartening but I have a great team. I have been researching options to BP for marketing our aim being to cater to foreigners instead of locals who can be very disrespectful.

    Also, I’m totally going to buy your book and subscribe to your blog. AND start a twitter (learned that from this article)

    1. Tina — Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you enjoy my books.

      It is a shame that there aren’t more indies and that men manage most of the business. My feeling about managers in ANY business is if they haven’t done the job, then they have no idea of how to help the workers. Plus, men in this industry tend to be exploitive, as you probably have noticed.

      Eros Guide does offer ads for the Caribbean, however, I’m guessing the cost is out of reach for most sex workers there. As far as looking at BP in the US for tips, I would suggest looking at the Sponsored Ads first. Those cost more and the ladies who spend money on those ads usually have websites and a more professional approach to the business.

      As far as starting a network, I believe that there are sex work organizations in the Caribbean, I can’t think of which ones off the top of my head. They may not be able to answer the questions you have, but it can’t hurt to reach out to them.

      There’s so much more I want to say, but then this would turn into a book! I wish you and your ladies the very best. Feel free to keep us updated on what’s going on, and let me know your Twitter handle so I can follow you.

  10. I am so PROUD to see someone just BELIEVE in..” WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN!!”
    What breaks my heart is that if only 25% of the world STOOD up for their BELIEFS regardless of the topic maybe just maybe
    Suicide rates would lower and more DREAMS would be lived out.

    I may be rambling.. And perhaps could stand to do another English 101 lol.. However, at the end of the day I look at the passion you wrote with..moreover, the fact YOU STAND BEHIND YOUR GOAL to be the best at what it is your DOING!

    I have been in the business for 4 years.. entering at 42 now 46 “YOUNG” CAT no longer a Kitten 😂 (yes i used Emoji!) that has been very blessed to attract clients ranging from 21 all the way up.
    I have chosen to be a woman that seeks a particular client and have turned down more $$$ then I care to say SIMPLY due to MORALS, VALUES and the fact that NO one ultimately has a single clue of what this job brings to the table.
    I can say I have met some the GREATEST men in this industry and I think it needs to be SAID..” NOT ALL CLIENTS SEEK SEX.. they are LONELY and missing something in their life and “SOME” truly seek TRUE INTIMACY!”
    I have made more money by listening and HEARING their desires or passions. I have healed marriages that suffered infadelity simply because their partners in life were sick and at times even passed away. ; It’s called the ART of listening to the need and followed by as you put it ” closing the sale/deal!
    ​That said, I am very proud of YOU for this post. I will stand BEHIND ANYONE who just stands for SOMETHING!
    FORGIVE my typos I’m doing this on my cheap phone with AUTO CORRECT in parking lot.. Geez..I just felt compelled to say I dig your courage! Xo

    1. Lori — Thank you for your kind words.

      I agree, most of this business is listening more than sex. It’s therapy with sex most of the time. Glad you’re doing well with it! Keep on doing what you’re doing as long as it works for you.

    2. I agree with you. . I’ve met alot of older men just want companionship but i don’t know how to propose compensation.

  11. This industry has been my sole line of work and income for over 13 years now.
    It is not a good business to be in anyway you slice it and unless one hits dire straits, I have no clue as to why anyone would ever venture into it.
    All forms of advertising are pure risk, a risk you have to hope has a reward aka money that outweighs it. You have absolutely no control of over who sees your ad, and you have no idea what other people you link up with are doing. Guilt by association is real in this business.
    I have been set up, stuck up, stood up and shook up. I have also learned a lot. But if I had never hit such a low point in life as I did 13 years ago, I would never be in this industry. It is seedy. Even high end folks as myself who are not ‘out there’ or really advertising all that much, still underlying seediness. No matter my price point or my privacy point, I still feel seedy.
    Sure I make lots of folks happy and live a comfortable life in return but the older I get, the more trapped I am by physical mental and emotional constraints due to this lifestyle.
    The ramifications of this lifestyle are real and I pray you all get out before you feel them.
    I wish all you ladies the best, be safe, be smart and always have each others back 🙂

    1. Gianna — Sex work has funded my life since my early 20s. There are plenty of things I don’t like about the business, and clients, and I have serious burnout. But I haven’t found the business to be all that seedy, frankly. Stupid, aggravating, ridiculous, but not particularly seedy. I think this is how you feel about yourself and I wish you didn’t.

      You certainly feel the stigma of being a sex worker. I do too. I don’t equate those limitations with seediness though. However, I would make the same decision again to enter sex work, only I would do it much smarter the second time around. I don’t know that I would genuinely wish to do something else.

      You obviously feel very differently. There’s nothing wrong with that, as your feelings are based on your experiences. It seems like you’ve internalized stigma though, and that worries me. Stigma means a sex worker is a less worthy person than a non-sex worker and that’s not true.

      This is a real job, with real ramifications. Absolutely! Most of those come from other people’s issues about sex work, not the work itself (aka stigma). Though I agree it’s hard to disentangle what are problems with the work vs other people foisting their issues onto you.

      Some of us feel the ramifications of the work and stay in because it still offers us what we need. Others feel trapped. Other may never feel any serious problems from the work. The work will always be there, it’s not going away. It’s certainly up to each person to decide if the work is for them or not. A huge amount of people obviously answer “yes”.

  12. I noticed that some big cities have Spa and Massage parlors where it is pretty much similar to brothel work. do you recommend working in a spa or massage parlor like that???

    1. Kristy — No, I don’t. Those places aren’t very safe from police raid, which happen to them often. I recommend looking for news stories about massage parlor raids in your city over the last few years to get a feel for the risk. They’re almost always a risk.

      Wish it were different.

      1. thanks for your reply. what are your views regarding porn industry??do you think an escort should keep her options open like stripping, escorting and porn??Is porn industry any better than escort industry?? Do you think an escort should travel world wide in order to promote her business? if yes than kindly give some tips regarding that.

        1. Kristy — You’re asking a huge question. My suggestion is get on Google because lots of porn actors and escorts have written about doing exactly those things (I’ve written about escorting in different countries on this very blog).

          One thing you need to know…sex work is a job that requires you to do your homework. If you’re not willing or able to do that, you certainly can’t handle the very real demands of the job.

  13. As an uninformed WM I found this article ve st interesting though many of the comments confused me. To me, the feeling is like I just stumbled into a room where a heated argument was in the the middle. I could sense frustration and a protective circling of the wagons. Yet sadly, I could just as easily have written Kenneth’s post in ignorance with the intention of paying a compliment with a cheesy attempt at being charming or flirtatious.

    Heck Ladies, guys generally fear trying to be suave with women which is why they seek professional assistance. The sense of anger I take from this discussion is enough to make a guy reconsider the effort. If I wanted embarrassed or mocked I know how to achieve that, paying to risk doesn’t make any sense to me🙂!

    1. Jax — So sex worker solidarity scares you? Then fuck off. My blog certainly isn’t the place for you then.

      Nor is my blog the place for guys who want to be “suave”. Try a PUA blog, where other men will cheer your efforts.

      If you want to flirt with a woman, pay a genuine compliment without being a condescending ass like Kenneth was. Or, you know, try getting to know a bit about the women first so that you have something real to contribute to the conversation. My blog isn’t here to get you laid or soothe your ego. It’s here for you to learn. Period. (If you’re a woman and/or sex worker, I try to make this a place for support.)

  14. Wow it went from bad since last year to horrible today for online providers. CL personals, Cityvibe, Nightshift and a few other provider sites all shutdown due to the SESTA bill being passed. It doesn’t look good for online providing. I mean they can’t totally stop it but the money available to be made online is going to go down 85-90%. You will have to get a job or work in a legal Nevada brothel. Some can strip but you will have to look real good to work in a good club especially after this law goes into effect. There will be a mass exodus from online to strip clubs so the clubs can hire the cream of the crop so it will be real hard to get hired. There is also the street, bars, lounges and casinos but most online providers are not built for that most would rather quit the business than do that. Let us wait and see what happens but it doesn’t look to good right now.

  15. Today is April 7th.. BP closed down yesterday. I am truly scared. This has been my livelihood for 12 yrs. I’m not sure where/what/how this is going to play out. I am 63 yr old and too old to start a job at Walmart… It won’t pay my bills, for one.
    Not sure what others are planning on doing. I have been saving money for a catastrophe and it looks like the catastrophe is here.
    I have been doing body rubs for 12 yrs. I live in a capitol city where life is thriving.. we get so much business in this town and they call me when they come to town. Now… I don’t know how they are going to find me.
    I keep saying that this particular service has been around since Man has had slaves.. They will always need my service, but I don’t know how they are going to find me.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Katie — If your clients contact you via email, get permission from them to add them to a mailing list. Then update weekly (or however much you want). Discuss your availability, or things happening in your life, like a blog. If you contact them via phone, save all your client’s numbers and contact them to let them know you’ll be changing your number. Get a burner phone and Google Voice or Discord and start using that. Either way, keep your clients because they’re not going to be able to find anyone and knowing that you’re a trusted provider will keep them coming back to you.

      As far as getting new business…there’s a LOT of discussion about this on Twitter. Most people seem to be migrating to international advertising malls. The obvious issue is that your clientele may not know how to find these places. I don’t know how to solve this issue, frankly. There are some US discussion boards still standing but after a week? I don’t know. I don’t even know about Eros. Someone has said that Craigslist Theraputic section is still up.

      The only other thing I can think of is going low-tech. Does your city have an adult newspaper to advertise in anymore? Places where you could post a card? I know Yellowpages has just banned adult ads.

      Do you know other providers in your city? If you do, having a lunch where all of you can brainstorm would be a good idea. Share clients amongst yourselves…men get variety, you get trusted referrals. Figure out what advertising would work for your city.

      A website with solid SEO is going to be another answer. After this…I don’t know. I’m working on this myself.

      Hugs. At least you have a little savings to help you out until you figure out the answer.

  16. I wish luck & the same to us all. . . The LE is out for blood & will take anything/everyone in its path. . . I will admit to looking through BP countless times, just because. And, I primarily m used it for other purposes. Not, that I haven’t called a girl from there in the past. GL – nothing but:)

    1. Bill — Agreed that LE will be out with a vengeance, even though they’re going to go after consenting, independent adults. This is another reason I’m encouraging everyone to close their networks to trusted referrals as much as possible. Or screen the hell out of clients.

  17. Amanda-

    Thank you for a great article- you touched on many things I have to agree with as a customer – one thing I would like to add – and this is from my personal experience in a smaller town in the US is that this – as someone said complete BS situation – shutdown of BP will be a harder hit for both providers and customers outside of major cities- the woman I have seen- I am older and prefer over 40- all seemed to do well – and have regulars – but how they will attract new clients now will be an issue

    1. John — Yes, this is the crux of the issue. Without new business (or clients knowing where to find their regulars), providers can’t make a living. And clients are stuck not knowing where to turn or what sites are trustworthy, which could lead to a surge of clients having bad experiences with some of the shady people who are out there. (I’ve had a couple clients ask for referrals to websites where they can find actual providers, instead of scraper sites. Yes, I provided them with a list of places providers say they’re utilizing.)

  18. AMANDA
    Tyvm for excellent informative information.Appreciate!Although,a mature established provider,(15+@49years old),I am not knowledgable on newer sites,crypto urrency,etc.
    You are right, education Google research is an important start. Although I was a frequent BP user only..go at any City ,any suburb anytime…
    I was a fairly frequent travel Advertiser on arrows. Aerospace and quite a few people because they were overwhelmed with so much business. Travel ads on finding very difficult. As every city is different. As you know sites changed daily. Even while I’m in a different city.
    I respectfully say I have a lot of experience that I’m happy to share with younger providers that they may need, however they’re probably very PC Savvy with social media. Decided what sites to use. And until things get settled what are the ideal travel ad sites?
    For anyone who does extensive travel advertising, I do recommend when you join the site take the time do it properly !
    once you’ve joined ,it’s difficult to change information as sites are based overseas. And I recommend that you join at your residence. Do not join in a city you are traveling in. Every city the top 5 sites are different.
    I am very open to any recommendations, classes recommended, or if I can help out with any new provider to speeding information. But Amanda I’m so grateful for your time and throw understandable information. I wish you much success and prosperity and safety. Respectfully, Cece Cosmopolitan

    1. Cece– Thank you and you’re welcome!

      If I understand your questions correctly…you want sites that allow you to easily have multiple travel ads. Eros and Slixa allow that for now. Slixa is super-easy to change ads. Whether or not it helps business is still up in the air. I have gotten clients from Slixa since FOSTA passed but it’s far from consistent for me, or almost anyone you ask.

      Twitter,Instagram, OnlyFans are also super-easy to advertise touring. Just post, hashtag, and go! Switter is a very safe place to post because it’s created FOR sex workers. However, many report a lack of success in finding clients through Switter.

      Swan.sx and Crockor.nz (?) are also created for us and are easy-to-use advertising platforms. Do they bring clients? I don’t know.

      You’ll have to get used to Bitcoin, one way or another. I’m doing that. Ugh. I’ve followed the quick-start instructions by Melissa Mariposa (https://twitter.com/ingodwetryst) in a Tweet she sent: “Jaxx wallet to start. Buy coins at a btc atm (high fees, but anonymous and cash) or get a guy to send you some. Go from there.” You’ll have to do a bit of Googling but it really is as simple as that suggestion. Or join Twitter and follow her. She’s posted a LOT about Bitcoin. Having it as a discreet payment option is also good because as far as I know, clients can’t reverse the charges once the Bitcoin is in your wallet. (Anyone correct me if I’m wrong.)

      My conclusions are that international advertising malls that aren’t heavily advertised in the US are likely not to be found by the average US client. Join Twitter and use search terms to see what they might see. Keep using Google as a research tool to see what clients see when they search for escorts. (Different cities will give different results, which doesn’t help your need for touring advertising.)

      It’s not easy BUT…clients still wish to be clients. Find a way to make that connection. Create and use a mailing list. Network with other ladies you trust. Maybe make some discreet business cards to leave in places you like, or hand over to men you talk to when traveling (if you like them). The solutions to surviving aren’t always going to be going more high-tech.

  19. Forgive me, voice text my reply.
    Eros was my main source for travel ads, despite expense,
    like to learn about other sites equal to Eros even if they are costly.
    However, I am happy to provide any information a mature provider can share, how to save 70% on hotel rooms,ideal city and N.E. Cities,where to get a first escorts website free with a format,etc…
    Any info asked:)
    Respectfully, Cece

    1. Cece — No worries!

      Slixa is the next likely option. Or MatureSensual. After that, ads become very inexpensive or free. And you’ll likely have to join some social media. 🙁 Not my favorite “requirement” for working, honestly.

      Thank you for offering! If you were on Twitter, you would get slammed with more help requests than you know what to do with!

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