Not the post I was writing for this week (I write very slowly), but just two short bits, one very funny, the other rather sad.

— One very special man wants to know how to book an escort and hotel room package. While I would love for this to actually be an option, it would be a can of worms even in legalized countries. (Except for those all-inclusive, buy-a-very-poor-girl-very-cheaply-for-the-entire-weekend tropical resorts.) Also, I’m not sure how well a hotel room/escort package would go over with the “mystery” bidding on hotel sites (like Priceline).

— In general, mainstream cluelessness, MSN posits there is actually a wrong way to show cleavage and gives us a photo gallery of examples. My issue with most of the photos they chose is that the women simply have natural breasts, naturally-presented. These are what real boobies look like; minus taping, makeup, special bras and/or implants (examples of implants and special effects are in the gallery as well). Apparently this simple fact of nature is lost on fashion/entertainment editors. What a sorry, sorry moment. The women with real breasts in this gallery have nothing to be ashamed of.

sex with coworkers

I’ve been remiss in my Advisor Amanda idea. This jumped out at me from the Advisor column. It hit me on so many levels. This is either a guy with some serious issues, or rather sensitive man pursuing love in the wrong way.

December 07’s Question

I work at a restaurant. Last week I slept with a co-worker. Earlier this week we were waiting around after our shifts and I asked her out for a drink. She said she was waiting for one of the kitchen guys to finish because they had made plans. When I got upset she said I had no right to act like a jealous boyfriend. Although I know we’re not a couple, I feel it’s disrespectful for her to spend time with somebody else we work with. How does the Advisor interpret the rules of dating here?
Advisor’s Answer: We’re sorry to disappoint, but the rules of dating apply only if the woman agrees you’re dating. She is free to work her way through the entire restaurant without consulting you.

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clueless sex question #1

Playboy* magazine has its monthly Advisor column and every month some clueless dolt writes in. The Advisor’s advice is usually good, but sometimes there are things I’d like to add, or the question is so confounding that I want to say something.

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