Not the post I was writing for this week (I write very slowly), but just two short bits, one very funny, the other rather sad.

— One very special man wants to know how to book an escort and hotel room package. While I would love for this to actually be an option, it would be a can of worms even in legalized countries. (Except for those all-inclusive, buy-a-very-poor-girl-very-cheaply-for-the-entire-weekend tropical resorts.) Also, I’m not sure how well a hotel room/escort package would go over with the “mystery” bidding on hotel sites (like Priceline).

— In general, mainstream cluelessness, MSN posits there is actually a wrong way to show cleavage and gives us a photo gallery of examples. My issue with most of the photos they chose is that the women simply have natural breasts, naturally-presented. These are what real boobies look like; minus taping, makeup, special bras and/or implants (examples of implants and special effects are in the gallery as well). Apparently this simple fact of nature is lost on fashion/entertainment editors. What a sorry, sorry moment. The women with real breasts in this gallery have nothing to be ashamed of.

5 thoughts on “clueless

  1. Hmm. Isn’t the MSN site simply offering advice on the clothes that would make your “assets” look their best? (in the columnist’s opinion of course)

    “Wear this kind of dress not that,” “wear this kind of bra not that,” seemed to be the gist of the remarks.

    Given how much fashion advice runs along the lines of “what to wear if you have a fat ass (or skinny ass) or tummy bulge (or hips’ bulge) or flat chest (or over-big chest),” this looked (to me) like a *slightly* more riské version of the usual stuff.

    IMHO, YMMV, and the rest of the usual disclaimers, of course.

  2. RSRD — Nice to see you here!

    But why do breasts supposedly only look their best when they’re made to look fake? What’s wrong with natural breasts looking natural? These women were all making red carpet appearances and so I’m assuming they were perfectly happy with how their breasts appeared, this is not quite the same as a woman asking for fashion advice.

    Not disagreeing with what you said. This MSN article just irks me.

    Carrie — Nice to see you here too!

    Yes, exactly. Your point is spot on.


  3. Good god. Straight men don’t give a shit about this stuff. They like natural breasts that look natural. And, from what I’ve seen, they also like implants. The tyranny of fashion publications.

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