I spent the night before I hit Dallas in a smaller city. I was carrying a block of Book 2 in my second bag. The books are thick, heavy and shrinkwrapped into a big bundle of five. It’s a massive block of paper, basically. I was very surprised to discover – unpacking my bags in Dallas – that the second bag not only had that TSA “we searched your stuff” notification, but that the shrinkwrap on the books was torn open. It wasn’t a “shifting around in the bag” rip, it was completely open and the top book had certainly been riffled through. This happened after flying out of the smaller city to Dallas.

The questions I’ll never get answered: was is simple suspicion of an explosive? Or real interest once they saw the book? Or were the books looked at by an unfriendly?

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  1. When traveling from Paris, I had shipped about 2 boxes of erotic photography books that cost me about $400 and were nicely shrink wrapped and protected so when I got home I was upset that every book was thumbed through and the packaging was torn open. Oh and the box looked like it was paracuted OUT of the plane… ughh

    As for people being search crazy in Texas? That’s odd but I think wrapped books to them look like a good hiding spot.

  2. It sounds like the “searcher” was using and abusing his or her power to be nosy. He (or she) should just but a copy like the rest of us.

  3. David — 🙂 !

    Randy — I hope!

    LV Courtesan,

    That really sucks about your books. Nothing is worse than dirty fingers ruining books you love.

    Like I said, I’m not sure of the motivations on why they searched my books. And I got my carry-on searched on my way out of Texas this morning. Don’t think my book-bag was though.


  4. Have a safe trip home! Hopefully there will be plenty of orders from the TSA folks for Book 2:)

  5. It was nice that they left a message to let you know that they “searched” your stuff. Looking at most of the TSA staff I’ve observed in airports, they were probably hoping for a picture book and photos. You probably ruined their day .

  6. Maybe they confused your luggage for a library:)

    I’m betting baggage check becomes the most common source of sales any day now. Who needs Amazon when you have the TSA.

  7. In an x-ray machine, the books will show up as a dense square orange area, meaning organic matter of some sort. If the books are thick enough, they will easily have the same density analysis results as explosives, which would trigger a search.

    The book(s) have to be rifled through, as concealing explosives would be very smart if that wasn’t the procedure… 🙂


  8. If you think that’s bad, the majority of times that I fly out of Texas, my underwear look more rifled through than the rest of my clothes. And I happen to be a very neat packer. Let’s just say I have to do a lot of washing when I get where I’m going. 🙂 On a side note, I wanted to say that I just finished getting caught up on your blog and the stories you tell are absolutely amazing. To not only share your life outside the escort business, but to also include what goes on inside and your personal revelations during those times is courageous indeed. I honestly have to say that by reading your blog, I have come to know more about the issues facing sex-workers than I ever did before. I think you are pretty much single-handily spreading the word and providing much needed information to those who have no experience with the escort/sex-worker/street walker industry at all. So I say Bravo! and thank you to you for showing us your vulnerabilities and for taking it upon yourself (even if inadvertently) to educate your readers not only on the “industry” but on so many aspects of life in general.

  9. I feel I should probably clarify as to not offend anyone who takes an active roll in educating the general public about issues facing sex-workers/escorts/street workers…I feel that you, Amanda, single-handily help to educate the general public through your blog and published books and by discussing not only things that happen to you, but by having rhetorical conversations with your readers. This is the first blog that I have read that deals with this particular situation, but I know (a lot from reading your blog) that there are plenty of people out there (but still not enough) who help to spread the word about decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution as well as making it safer for those who work in this particular industry. I just wanted to clarify that I know you are not the only person that stumps for this particular issue, but that I feel through your materials and blogs, that you are always actively educating.

  10. SS,

    I did not know books/paper would render as “organic.” That’s interesting, though true once I think about it. They are indeed thick books and fresh from the printer — meaning compacted. Good to know.


    Thank you for the kind words.

    Though I will never claim that I’m doing this single-handedly! There are MANY other sex worker bloggers/writers/activists out there — all doing things their own way (as you pointed out). And PLENTY of people who quietly offer me their support (like your comments here). It would be a lonely world if I was truly doing this by myself.

    I’ve always tried my own hand at educating, even when I was a newbie stripper; I saw the myth and reality were often two very different things. And I would’ve bristled at being called an activist! Who knows where the next years will lead? Or what changes will happen as I (ideally) grow?

    I am very glad you’re enjoying my conversations. Thank you.


    PS: I’m not a neat packer with my undies, they’re usually just wadded up and tossed in. But next time I’m going to experiement with a neat packing. Now I’m curious! And I don’t blame you for the extra washing!! Yuck!

  11. I’ll bet they wanted to keep one. Maybe you made a few sales that day. I had the TSA search my bags a few years ago. I was in school at the time, traveling with textbooks, and they rifled through them so roughly several pages were completely torn out. Noone would admit it when I called the number, but I was pretty steamed. Those books are expensive and important.

  12. Anna — Ha! Thanks for the compliment! Well, they probably remembered it and Googled it once they got home. I hope.

    So sorry about your textbooks. THAT sucks. Wonder if they had an issue with the your subject matter?

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