In the “big deal for me” category, I was on Fox Business News live last Friday with David Asman (obviously this is an up-to-the-minute blog). And if anyone saw it, they saw my virgin TV appearance. See? I have NOT done everything before!

It wasn’t a bad experience at all. I was slated for five minutes starting at 4:40pm Eastern. I knew what they wanted to discuss and I rehearsed answers to possible questions. Well, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on right before me. I could hear him when I got miked up. He was somewhere on the California coast holding forth on the environment (no to oil drilling off the coast of California, yes to drilling in Alaska – what an environmentalist). He talked and talked. He wouldn’t shut up. He ate into my minutes. Like he doesn’t get enough press time or something.

My segment turned out to be shared with a guy who had run a New York agency before. He was very chatty. Guys are an extremely talkative species. But maybe it was his first time too. I don’t know.

We got about 3-4 minutes. Thanks Arnie.

But I did learn some lessons.

I’m very much a people-person and it’s hard to have a conversation with a camera. I was in a satellite studio in San Francisco. It was just me and the camera girl. Can’t even imagine how actors can do their thing with green screens. You feel really stupid.

If you’re going to be on TV and have a long drive to the studio, don’t actually wear your clothes while driving, bring them in a dress bag. I learned this after realizing that I really slouch while driving and my shirt was wrinkled beyond belief.

The makeup lady was great. This was the highlight of the whole experience. She did things to me that I haven’t done before. I wanted lessons. I wanted her makeup kit. It was heaven for someone who is a girly-girl but hasn’t gotten to indulge much lately. She was very friendly, and got me talking, which was a mistake when she tried to line my lips. Still, the makeup lady was wonderful. God bless TV shows offering free, professional makeup. I wore my TV face all day. It was great.

Not having a mirror in the studio room was unsettling. I have no idea how I looked. I still don’t because I haven’t tracked down the segment online. Insecurities raging. I know I stumbled around on the last question.

My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough time. There never is. Sex work is such a complex topic and there are so many things to say and debate.

And that’s about it. Though the travel took my whole day, the interview itself was over so fast I barely knew what hit me (and probably looked stunned too). This was such a huge deal for me, but I know it was just 3 minutes in the life of Fox News. I understand that.

But there has been a jump in Amazon sales (a small jump).

11 thoughts on “more media lessons

  1. Thanks guys!

    It happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to announce it to anyone, I had to hit the road within the hour of being contacted. Just as well, I was happier knowing only two people that I knew knew I was going to be on (and neither one watched).


    When you get on TV someday, think you’ll enjoy getting made-up? 😉


  2. Cannot wait to see the youtube 🙂

    And wait a minute, you are going to judge all males on their talkativeness from Ah-nold and a wannabe pimp!

  3. Gwen,

    Thank you!


    No, I’ve had a pretty long association with men. Judging by businessmen, lawyers, ex-boyfriends, male talk show hosts, etc, I think men are pretty talkative. Give them a chance to open their mouths and they usually do. It only becomes a negative when it turns into a monologue and not a conversation.


  4. I’m so bummed I didn’t get to see it! Please let me know if/when you find it online!!

    And I hope someday you get the chance to relax & share your wisdom & experience with the rest of the world, in a one-on-one interview that lasts an hour – at least. 🙂

  5. Casey,

    I’ll be sure to post a link if I find it online, though I haven’t been looking yet. Kind of afraid to…

    Well, I’m sharing here. Not quite live and one-on-one, but it’ll do until I get Diane Sawyer on my case. I could make her night by bursting into tears.


  6. Amanda,
    Thank you for your BRAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. for writing your book
    2. for going on Fox News!!!
    I just saw your interview, and I was severely disappointed at the judgmental attitudes of the host and her alleged “Sexpert”, and the shoddy way that they talked over your responses to their questions. they obviously were not prepared to treat the subject of your book and career, and the larger topic of sexuality in general with a mature and considered approach.
    But fear not!!!
    You came across as a person who had the experience and critical thought to have a valuable contribution to offer to women who might decide to pursue the art and business of catering to a male client as a paid companion. The host (I think it was Martha McCallum) obviously was uninformed on the subject, or she would have perhaps realized that the Japanese have not only accepted women in this profession but have elevated this to an art form!!!!
    Your comments were thoughtful and serious, but you were treated with scorn.
    Their loss!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jim B,

    Thank you for your support! It means a lot. The interview was not what I expected and honestly, I was disappointed that three people who hadn’t done the job decided to tell me what it was like.

    I don’t expect to change people’s opinion on morality issues, but I do want to open people’s minds to accepting other viewpoints as valid.


    PS: This particular post was about my first appearance on FOX a month ago where I calmly discussed the Spitzer case. Haven’t posted about yesterday’s experience.

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