Massive update…Pig’s been arrested!! You can catch Jill and me gloating on our XXBN show. If you don’t have time to listen, here’s the recap.

Pig has been sending goons to harass friends for our location, up until last week. On Sunday, Jill got the news that Pig had been arrested Thursday 2/26 on felony charges. It seems the Jordan family was able to get an arrest warrant against him on the misappropriation of the funds they gave him to disburse to their children’s trust. By “misappropriation” I mean that Pig simply used the money as his own. No doubt he spent some of those funds last spring to have Jill beaten and to pass his threatening and disjointed messages to me. Whatever he did with the funds, it seems the Jordan family has proof the funds are gone.

Pig may be losing his influence!
Pig may be losing his influence!

I’m hoping that Pig finally loses his law license. One would think; but then again, he seems to have the State Bar well in his rapidly-diminishing pocket. He paid his $250,000 bail and was re-arrested on the same day: 3/2, which is just hilarious to me. If you’d like to sympathize with Pig, his Harris County inmate number is SPN02781148. Here is a PDF summary of his arrest and bond.

Pig had a really bad week last week. His divorce was finalized just a couple days before his arrest. I don’t know the details but I hope she got a lot. She did get a permanent restraining order against him. Based on the questions “reporter” Craig Malisow was asking about Jill, it seems that Pig hired someone to beat his ex-wife (and Malisow idiotically thought Jill did it because Pig said so). Sounds like Pig’s tactic for every woman who doesn’t do what he says. Now perhaps people will believe that he did what we claim he did?

Sunday evening Jill and I went out for a celebratory glass of champagne. (I had two glasses, Jill only had one because of the threat of an alcohol-induced stroke — one of Pig’s many gifts to us.) We watched the sun go down over the clear ocean on a breezy cliff overlooking the surf washing over the rocks and beach below. Pig was spending the exact same moment in a smelly concrete box, probably rooming with someone named Bubba Lee.

We have waited over 2.5yrs and gone through hell for this moment. It was very, very good. The memory is one I will savor for the rest of my life. Jill said she is glad that she has lived long enough to see it happen.

This isn’t the endgame but it is certainly the start of the burning of his little kingdom. We like to think we helped it along. 🙂


In my excitement, a few things I forgot to add.

The Jordan family apparently is concerned about violence from Pig. In one of the documents we found, there was a notation about this very issue. The family may have been granted a restraining order. Would have to look that up again. If anyone cares to look, just do a Criminal Search at the Harris County Court Clerk’s website.

I tried to get a copy of his mugshot but because I’m not a member of the media, I could not. If you are a member of the media and would like to get it, please contact me. The process is simple and done via email.

All this really gives me faith in the power of positive thinking. Back in July 2012, sitting in our lawyer J’s office, signing the representation agreement, Jill and I both in pain from our injuries (which we didn’t know the extent of at that time), I said that I wanted Pig’s pilot’s license, his law license, his marriage and his money. I was specific that I wanted him to lose those things, but not specific in how (I hoped to be the catalyst for these losses but again, it was an open-ended desire). I never lost sight of that goal, no matter what, even when it seemed impossible. I don’t know what he has in his bank account but he must be feeling a bit of a pinch, at the very least. And he still has his law license but considering that his felony arrest was for crimes committed while he was acting as an attorney…he might not have it for much longer.


10/21/15 — We finally got some information on what Pig has done to the Godwin family and it’s Pig being Pig. Basically, he created a trust for a young man who was in an accident. The trust was funded by insurance settlement money. The young man needs lifelong medical care for his injuries. Guess who wiped out the account, and requested even more money to cover his expenses? This began on October 2012. So, if you’re an escort who saw Pig after that date, chances are he paid you by stealing from a fund to take care of a permanently injured person. It makes me wonder just where the money he paid me was coming from. (I also assume the Godwin trust funded the crew in January 2013 who came to Dallas expressly to beat and kill Jill.)

11/13/15 — Pig also stole a dead man’s money. Nice. Classy. (Document to be uploaded when I can, but this info is available in Harris County.) We found this out due to the lien against Pig’s house, an effort to force repayment of the funds he stole, all of which I find very amusing.

Jill and I have finally been able to get a restraining order against Pig, after one of his goons admitted to planning on killing Jill via email. Some of these emails are public, some are not. It is nice, after three years, to finally get some legal support. How loud do we have to scream to be heard? Pig is not a good person, he is not honorable, he is not anything he purports to be. He is a thief and wannabe-murderer. But still a practicing lawyer in Texas. Texas is a fucked-up state.

11/29/15 — One of Pig’s goons mentioned on the restraining order went ahead and broke it by harassing Jill’s family. He was arrested, then released on a $25 bail. It was reasoned that since he was a former police officer turned PI, he just got carried away “defending” his client. Pigs helping Pigs.

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  1. There is still hope that bad things will happen to bad people. Congratulations to the Jordan family for having the power to stick it too this slime ball. One way to break a rich slime ball is to take all his money. We’ll see how many good friends he has now. I am glad that this gives you some piece of mind that he could spend time behind bars with his real friends.

    1. Greg — I hope a lot of bad things happen to bad people! For sure. 🙂

      The Jordan family is mad, but they have the social status and money to get some semblance of justice. I’m just amazed it has taken Pig his entire life to piss off the wrong people. I’d have assumed he would have done that long ago. What he’s doing now is the habit of a lifetime, not some new compulsion. He’s way too old for that.

      It’s been great news. A huge weight off of us. No doubt he’ll still try something stupid, but Jill and I strongly feel his power is limited now.

  2. Dear Ms. Brooks:
    I guess this was a victory that was long over due. Finally the forces of good dominated and eradicated a force of evil. I guess you put a narcissistic fool who reigned terror over so many in his place. I hope Jill and yourself had more than one to celebrate the arduous legal journey so many others had to endure.

    1. Lionel — Well, it was a victory though we can’t claim much credit — not to our knowledge. I don’t think he’s eradicated, not yet. But, Jill and I do hope for more causes for celebration in the future! Thanks for your good wishes!

  3. Thank you so much for the link in your Coda!

    Since I’m a trained historian, I do like to look at the raw sources. Here’s what I found. (Following your lead, I’m referring to “Pig,” I’m not referring to him by name.)

    First, his wife divorced him last year, in civil case # 201443936. She filed it 7/2014, a temporary restraining order issued 8/2014, divorce granted 1/2015. Don’t know how long the restraining order lasted.

    Second, the Jordans sued him for fraud, in civil case # 201464791. They filed it 11/2014. Restraining orders have gone back and forth (on Pig, on the Jordans). Trial date is set for 5/2015.

    Third, grand jury indicted him for abusing his fiduciary obligations on a sum over $200,000, in criminal case # 145944801010. Indictment went out 2/26/2015 and sheriff was ordered to jail him. He was jailed on 3/2/2015, and made $250,000 bond on the same date; he’s no longer in jail. As-of today (3/3/2015), his status is “bond made.”

    Looks like that inmate number 02781148 pertained to his partial-day stay in the county jail. It’s not active on the county jail’s site any more.

    Pig’s case is scheduled on the court docket for 4/1/2015. Probably for procedural negotiations, it’s not a trial.

    By the way, Pig was sued for malpractice in county/state court 1/1989, in civil case # 198913502. In 4/1989, it was moved to federal court. Didn’t follow it from there, but clearly this malpractice suit didn’t hurt him then.

    Will he be disbarred? I don’t know about this stuff to have an answer. But I hope so.

    This all is awesome news, indeed.



    1. RSRD — You’re looking at the same sources we are. However, some of the documents we saw indicated a divorce finalization last week, while others indicated January. Since those documents are closed because they’re in family court, I have no idea what was going on but something was as of last week.

      He was arrested on Friday 2/26 for charges regarding the Jordan family trust. He spent the weekend in jail. He made his bail and was released on Monday 3/2 and then rearrested shortly after but we don’t know those charges. He has since been released from the second arrest. We celebrated on Sunday 3/1 and he was most certainly in jail at that time. Generally, if you’re arrested on Friday, you’re not getting out until Monday.

      True, his inmate number was only for the county jail but one can look up records that way. Or get his mugshot. I was hoping he would enjoy the county’s hospitality a bit longer.

      The rest of this was documented in my post about him, if you followed the links or looked at all the PDFs. None of this has been pulled out of my ass. (Though I didn’t refer to his malpractice case since I had no real details on it.)

      He has an upcoming trial date regarding the money he owes American Express, upcoming trial dates regarding the Jordan family, and his recent arrests are probably adding more court dates to his calendar. I certainly hope he’s disbarred as he’s spending a whole lot of time this year defending himself against provable wrongdoing.

      1. Correction Amanda. Generally as long as you have a bond and can find a bails bond company, your ass is outta jail one bond is posted.

  4. How is it that, in a land of freedoms, two women are brutalized – yet the perpetrator retains his anonymity?

    1. Ann — This land offers freedom and justice for those who can afford it. We decided, for our reasons (mainly doing with protection) that we would not name him on here but it’s certainly not hard to figure out who he is if you follow all the links posted here and on the original post (especially the original post).

      Not that it saved Jill from fallout from the original post. We’re still deciding what to do about that.

  5. Hooray! Sounds like things are slowly starting to turn around. I am glad to see that He is finally getting his comeuppance. Hopefully, you two can celebrate again if he looses everything. *keeping fingers crossed*

    1. Dante — Indeed! He’s been very bad — there is a similar trust-abuse case against him in Walker County. He’s going to be very busy in court in 2015.

  6. Since reading the previous post about your ordeal I’ve been looking here once in a while hoping for good news from both of you.

    I am SO PLEASED to know about this victory and I hope it won’t be the last one!

  7. I believe that the thing I admire the most about you is your strength. You are one tough broad, and I don’t mind saying that I admire you greatly for it. Now I know that at times it is very difficult, and if you are like me, you wish it could get easier. The bad news is that it won’t; life is like that. You aren’t losing it to self pity or an addiction. You have the ovarios to fight this, and a whole new generation of fans to back you up. Bitch fight hard.

    1. Ann — Thank you. I’m not sure if it’s strength, but that I’m very stubborn and don’t like being told what to do (or think). It’s that simple.

      I have done the “wallow in self-pity” thing. I grieved over my losses for a year. There have been times when it’s been overwhelming, knowing everything that has been lost, knowing that true justice is not in the cards for Jill or I, aware of how much this has changed me a person. That time has passed and I am angry again. I’ll never stop being angry. Anger is good, it is strong. For the first time in my life I’m directing that anger outward at those who deserve it instead of inward (like most women do). It feels good, it feels very healthy.

      It makes me a bitch, for sure. But a bitch you don’t want to tangle with. 🙂

      I mean, I have survived this. If you can’t match Pig in efforts of trying to destroy my life, my body, and my friend — then pretty much everything else is a worth a yawn, a roll of the eyes, and not anything more. My stress-meter is set to 11, permanently.

  8. Amanda, wow this is good news. I’m glad to hear it, for you and Jill. Much credit to you both for keeping up the fight and to the Jordans as well. Nice job on the legal research! Hopefully Pig gets all of the hell he deserves.


    1. Lee — It is great news. More still to come. There is another family in Walker County that he has done the same thing to (as the Jordan family). He is not to be trusted by anyone and I’m hoping that the State Bar will see the light and disbar him.

  9. Open response to Pig.

    Pig undoubtedly you read this blog so here are thoughts. You are fucking toast. You stole the fucking money from the Jordans. Your own attorney whose name is appropriate “Dick” says in his effort to reduce your bail that you stole the money. Your wife has left you. Your plane has been sold. You are facing a life sentence in prison as at your age any sentence is a death sentence. So let me make this plain.

    You have nothing left you motherfucker. You have no fucking reason left to live. You do realize that you are likely to have a cell mate that is 6’5 and 280lbs and you are going to be his bitch or perhaps his lovely wife with a new name like Lucille. He is going to make you his form of sexual release as will other prisoners. Facing this you need to do the right fucking thing for the world, for the taxpayers and for Amanda and Jill. End the game early. You have been toxic to the planet for your entire life you God damned motherfucker. If you can’t understand what you have done to others than think of yourself. Do you really want to live in a cage and have to worry about your husband being angry or dropping the soap? Even a parasitic fucking sociopath like you can see how you should end this.

  10. Amanda, I am so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. Reading your books helped me stay safe and sane when starting out, and I am endlessly grateful to you for that. You have done so much to help others; I’m glad this awful man is finally, hopefully, going to have most of his power to hurt you and others taken away from him. Thank you for all your work in breaking him down. Sending love to you and Jill!

  11. Sandy I think this is not the place to debate the legal definition of rape. Rape does not have to involve physical force. I think we can all agree that Amanda was violated in a felonious way. Jill was definitely forcibly raped and if they were not sex workers this pos would never have committed these vile acts against these ladies. I am at loss for words to understand how a human being especially one with a well paying profession could shirk their obligations to help someone they have wronged? Then to hire criminals to intimidate and terrorize you ladies is the work of a true sociopath. I skimmed through your first book Amanda as my sister’s best friend is a stripper and she has a copy of your book. I did not read the whole book but what I did read sounded like an excellent tutorial to help the women in your industry. I hope and pray you ladies get better and this horrible man faces justice and is punished to the fullest extent of the law!

    Sincerely, Peter

    1. Peter — I think your comment ended up on the wrong thread. Anyway…

      No, I’m not interested in engaging in some sort of debate over the legal definition of rape. Pig has never been charged with rape and never will be — it doesn’t change the fact that he did rape me (and I’m fairly sure what happened would fall under the legal definition). Just as Jill’s rape in the hotel room at gunpoint will never see the inside of a courtroom doesn’t change that it happened either. I don’t know why this is such a huge point of contention for “Sandy.”

      Very glad you’re a reader! Or at least a skimmer. 🙂

      Thank you for comprehending what I’ve written. That’s all I really want from anyone who reads the Pig story.

  12. I used to work for “Pig” at his law firm. I found your story by accident while I was looking for a co-worker I had while there. I am so sorry that all of this happened to you and Jill. I didn’t work even work there for a year. I thought he was very shady and did not truly care about his clients. I hope he pays for all the pain he cuased you and Jill.

    1. Kristin — Wow! Thank you for having the stones and honesty to comment. Thank you for your kind words too.

      He’s basically a lawyer for organized crime, though I didn’t discover that until it was too late; not to mention his own personality defects.

  13. Kristin –Thank you so much for your honesty, courage and kind words. This means a great deal to me. Thank you. I regret that you had to spend nearly a year working for him. I can only imagine the difficulties in having to work for him on a day to day basis.

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