This isn’t exactly an invasion of privacy — not quite. It compiles everything about you on social media sites. (So try not to post drunk pictures of your self.) The creepy thing is that anyone can track you and you’ll never know it.

Although I have quite a public presence online and have worked on that, my real personal life is not to be found online. I’ve worked on that too.

In 10 years, the real luxury will be not being found.

4 thoughts on “tracking your friends

  1. Oh my goodness, that is creepy.

    Privacy is more precious than gold to me.

    I need to get a drink of water, that website sucked the juice right out of me.

  2. “In 10 years, the real luxury will be not being found.”
    I completely agree with this. I’ve come in contact with many famous people, and while fame brought them fortune… anonymity looks more and more priceless to me.

    So how quickly people jump into the traps that Big Business set for them by embracing privacy-invading technology makes me shake my head.

  3. Hobbyist,

    What really has me laughing is the outrage at Facebook. Why on earth did people expect that they could put compromising photos online and that somehow a company making money off them would respect their private photos????


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