…for a good cause. Go to FreeRice.com and play their vocabulary game. It’s free, easy and addicting. Out of 48 levels, I’m comfortable on 40 and can move into 41 with some effort. Curious to see if repeated playing moves me up or not.

Yesterday I was cruising easily in 41 and made a brief surge into 42. I guess it does help your vocabulary.

4 thoughts on “test your word power

  1. I, too, was able to hang out in the 40 range. I made it to 41 once or twice, but never any higher. Quite the addictive web site.

  2. Amanda, I have worked hard and made it to 46. But then I fell off my lofty perch to 43.

    I guess all that late-night reading does come in handy, hmmm? 😉


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