This is just a test run for my photo-gallery app. Just need a couple volunteers to sign and test the various functions available to them. No uploading pix, please. I’m just making sure it all functions as it should.

Still have to figure out how I want to integrate it on this site. I see a blog makeover in my future — sigh. (And I also have to figure out how integrate my international escort work info/mini-site. Because that’s a whole different thing too! Maybe I should just crack out one of my other domain names. That might be simpler.)

5 thoughts on “photo gallery test run

  1. WOW! Get your butt back to Dallas PLEASE!, photo looked great and everything seemed to work so far on the link, Hugs Rick

  2. I’ve registered at the photo-gallery app to help you test the functions.
    Really like your approach 😉

  3. Rick,

    It was a fun picture and not something I would normally do! I’ll be back to Dallas very soon. Thinking last 10 days or so of April.


    Thanks for helping me test it all out! I’m pretty open to involvement as long as everyone plays nice.


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