Something old, something new, lots of borrowed. Scattered and untimely random thoughts.

— A very good explanation of why sometimes sex is just sex and devoid of any deeper political meaning:

“Philosophy may be a deep part of my personhood, but I may not want to discuss Cartesian dualism in bed; I may simply want to have sex.” [italics hers] from the jam-packed book, Loose Women, Lecherous Men.

In this bit, Linda LeMoncheck discusses the feminist issue of whether or not consensual, heterosexual sex is degrading or objectifying to women (page 128).

— It’s very strange, but in the weight-room at my gym, the gym bunnies look more like strippers than a lot of strippers I knew. I’m talking deep tans, boob jobs, tight clothing, long blonde hair in perfect ponytails, acrylic French nails and makeup. They do everything but wear heels while working out. And the attitudes…! I think it’s strange where someone’s repressed desires appear. (Me, I’m dressed in old t-shirts and grey shorts, much like my high school workout wear.)

— I think is so brilliant in many ways that I have to share it. It’s less than a year old but very savvy. First stop, the painter who knows how to make money. (If you haven’t heard about Sala in the news, then it’s very much worth a read.)

— And in web design, my absolute favorite resource: I visit it every week hoping to see updates. If you’re into CSS-based design, this site will blow you away.

— I have an unrelenting crush on Rand. (He’s taken and I am too, so…)

— On a related note, I’m enjoying my web design projects so much (I’m doing much more than this site, you know). I realize that designers are a dime a dozen, especially on the West Coast. I also realize I am a babe in the woods. But it’s fun for me to work out the problems. I learn so much every day. But God forbid that one day I should actually be forced to make a living this way. I will have fallen on hard times indeed.

— Although I can understand the motivations behind the philosophy of totally open sharing of personal information for all (see, I really cannot understand how that will benefit anyone. Not everyone in the world spills their life out on a blog and even those who do may not actually want anyone with an Internet connection to have access to every bit of their personal information. Scary idea. I hope it doesn’t gain momentum.

— I plan on seeing the Borat movie. A Dallas friend of mine was interviewed by Borat for Da Ali G Show. His was the best Borat interview, in my opinion. He was able to go with the flow and out-Borat Borat.

— It’s very interesting that the biggest picture on page 36, 37 of the 10/16/06 Newsweek is that of a stripper from 1974 (from a sideline article detailing Washington, DC sex scandals). Ms. Foxe is also the main photo on their article page, as well as the opening photo in the online photo gallery and otherwise splashed about the site. You can see the printed article here. Everyone loves strippers, even if they don’t like to admit it.

— My lover and I have purchased some new bedclothes for winter. We were looking for flannel sheets, but instead found fleece-y sheets. Yes, they’re made out of the same stuff that baby’s blankets are. They’re the most incredible sheets ever (assuming you’re cold-natured, that is). Maybe it’s the sheer sensuality of slipping in between them or perhaps it’s a subconscious remembrance of being a swaddled infant, whatever it is – we’re going to buy more sets.

— The most unusual photo book I’ve seen in a long time is Monkey Portraits. It is exactly what it says it is. The book has incredible pictures that leave a huge question mark in the viewer. They allow the viewer to make their own decision. My only two complaints is that there aren’t enough portraits and Mrs. Greenberg’s photo captions are distracting because they influence my impression of the portrait. As I stated before, each viewer takes their own interpretation of the work, so the clunky captions are a sour note in an otherwise flawless book.