Not sure where to put this, so it goes here. If that’s not what my blog is for, then I’m not sure why I’m paying for hosting.

Only Britain would put a bit about the behavior of a particular species of African tit (the bird) in the international news section of the paper. Only Britain would have an all-birdsong radio station – which was recently shut down – sparking protest.

Ryanair is considering removing bathrooms on some of its planes (people can cross their legs for an hour says the CEO). It’s also considering levying a 5GBP boarding-fee (the paper pointed out it’s hard to take a flight without boarding the plane). And it’s also considering making customers not only pack their own luggage on the plane but pay for the privilege too. Please tell me I misread that one.

I’m going to miss the D-Day celebrations.

Doctors have issued a warning that children are at risk of injury if on a trampoline with drunken adults. Seems to be a growing problem, actually.

Time for the annual Tienanmen Square news blackout!

Forgot to mention you should get used to crawling out of cabs in London. There’s no other easy way to do it. Their seats aren’t configured like an American cab.

And when working here, most of your business will be Monday-Friday because men can more easily explain away their time with work excuses. Not that weekends will be dead, but mostly.

In this IQ2 debate over paying for sex, a sex worker (near the end of the article) summed up the absurdity of the Swedish model: “Suppose it were legal to write a column,’ she said, ‘but illegal to read one. Imagine how your income would be affected.”

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  1. Here’s my review (hope you like it!):

    Imagine being fascinated by a certain type of secretive, specialized job you previously knew very little about. Misinformation is prevalent yet real, detailed, honest information hard to come by.

    Then imagine your new best friend turns out to work in this very field. And she sits you down and explains everything you could ever want to know about certain aspects of it, in the simplest language possible, yet without oversimplifying anything. She then offers to train you, with perfectly laid out detailed instruction, packed with vital, relevant information gleaned from her many years of personal experience. This includes valuable technical know-how taught in such a way that even the least tech-savvy person could grasp it. When she’s done, not only is your curiosity completely satisfied, you feel totally prepared to launch confidently into the career yourself.

    That’s how you’ll probably feel after reading this. I could hardly believe it was a 400 page “How To” manual because it was such an interesting, smooth and easy read. It was like having a long, fascinating lunch with my new best friend and colleague.

  2. African tit (the bird)

    I chuckled when I realized it was necessary on this blog to explain that it was indeed a bird you were referring to. 😆

  3. Casey,

    Damn! Thank you! I’m blushing. That will look great on Amazon. And who knows, one day you might decide to get a website and put your blog on your own domain, sell books and do who knows what?


  4. Hey Amanda. We met a week or so ago via a mutual friend John. Being an old bloke I’ve not quite figured out how all this blogging and Myspace stuff really hangs together yet. I sent a mail via Myspace and also to your golden girls press email address. Could you take a look at it for me. Cheers……

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