Due to the falling US dollar and the rising Canadian dollar, strip clubs on the border are seeing some migration. US strippers are working up north and Canadian customers are heading south for fun.

So strip clubs make the WSJ again. (And this isn’t the first time in major media for Robert Katzman. I need to make him my publicist.)

2 thoughts on “strip clubs and economy (again)

  1. While I’m not an avid patron of strip clubs, my boss is and has a number of friends in the industry. According to Bossman, a lot of strippers in the WNY area are taking a beating because of the poor economy. People just don’t have as much money to spend on entertainment right now.

    Have y’all experienced a slowdown as well?


  2. unfaithfulsfan,

    I think everything in the economy is taking a beating. Established escorts aren’t being hit as hard but everyone is feeling it. And because of the need for money, more and more girls are coming into the market — both stripping and escorting — making the talent pool that much bigger.


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