This was my favorite song from the show when I saw it in Paris in 2004. Maybe it’s the beautiful Roxy Tornado, her energy and personality; or it’s just the song itself. I imagine this song has special relevance for some of the boys and girls in the audience.

Roxy is the performer I saw, though the set and her costume were a little different. Her body reminds me of mine when I was stripping, though I was never so on-beat or flexible. That special stripper-posture I talk about? This is it.

15 thoughts on “yes i am!

  1. She sure can move!

    I’ve never nailed that super-arched back, but the shoes do help with popping the butt out more (what little I’ve got). Mostly I focus on my boobs and make sure my nipples are hard that pretty much “sells” me at work.

  2. Parker — I had the posture. A lot of girls did. It involves a LOT of stomach-sucking and holding the shoulders back till it just becomes natural. Try it — it’s meant to show off everything.


  3. Oh, I do all that already. It’s just that my back doesn’t do that “super” arched thing like this girl’s back does. Some girls’ bodies can do it more than others. I do think the stripper posture is good for the core and that my tummy muscles get a workout every night I work. 🙂

    Getting psyched for your trip? Or sentimental about SE Asia? I’m “dating” NYC right now, so I feel that I am complete when I leave. Museums and things I didn’t check out before. Makes me feel wistful sometimes…

  4. Parker — Ah!

    There are things I miss about Asia and things I do not. I’ve landed and am re-adjusting. There are things that are weird about the US and things that are blessedly familiar (like being able to shop for clothes!). I’m with a good friend of mine and it would be SO much harder right now if I weren’t. But I wouldn’t say I’m “home.” I still wonder every day when I’m supposed to fly back home.

    Guess I need to date Dallas once I get settled a bit. Good idea!


  5. Fuller — 😀 I imagine her health care, work environment and training take care of her much better than the average strip club does for its dancers.


  6. Not sure if it is because I am gay or not, but I found CH really dull- it is OK i guess for a background show when you go out with straight mates and drink while you are there, but for me it just lacks something. There is little action in the show- it is just girls with nice boobs slowly, and I mean slowly moving around on the stage. I prefer a proper strip joint or if it is the cabaret you are looking for try touristy Moulin Rouge….

  7. Alex — There was a lot of action when I went. They moved, they danced. But I’m also a former stripper and might enjoy beautiful, dancing women more than the average person. I don’t need lapdances, so this was perfect for me.


  8. The super-arched back almost gave me a concussion yesterday.

    I was at the gym doing overhead presses on a smith machine when a very attractive woman in an exercise outfit that was cut just right, goes starts doing squats. I can see her out of the corner of my eye in the mirrors that line the walls. I did my best to be a gentlemen, thus keeping the eyes straight forward (mostly, hey I’m man and only human) because she’s there to workout not be ogled.

    It goes fine until my last set which I put to my maximum weight. During that set at the top of the set she popped that super-arched back. My head spun and the bar clipped the side of my head. No injury except to my pride thankfully.

    So ladies the moral of the story is that the super-arched back can be a dangerous thing. Avoid using it in areas when men are doing potentially hazardous things like construction sites, loading docks, gyms, etc…


  9. Tom — Ha!! It’s a great posture for a woman, isn’t it? Oddly, it really does provide support for the back (if done correctly), which is probably why she was doing it while squatting. But yes, it’s an easily-used natural weapon.

    Conversely, I’ve got to say that I love the posture of military men. Tall and straight makes men look good, though I probably wouldn’t kill myself during workout just because of a straight spine. 🙂


  10. Amanda,

    I think that just shows the hidden power that women have over men.

    Some men fear that power.

    Some men try to ignore that power.

    Some men attempt to control or fight that power.

    And lastly some men(such as myself) do their best to enjoy it despite the occasional injury or mishap. 🙂


  11. Tom — Men should enjoy it. After all, it’s in their absolute best interests to. Women like being desired, appreciated and — here’s a REALLY BIG SECRET — quite a lot of us like men too.


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