Although I have plenty of topics floating around in my head, I will probably not blog again for a few weeks. I’ve started Book 2 with a bang and want to keep the momentum going (last week was a wash since I had a bad cold). I plan on finishing the rough draft by the end of December/beginning of January. Now that I understand this whole book-publishing thing, I think I can keep to a schedule and crank it out a lot better.

Although I enjoy blogging and have about 20 half-finished posts sitting in a folder and another 50 post ideas listed on a page (along with my mental notes), it’s too draining and distracting at the moment. (My burgeoning Squidoo addiction is even more draining.) I need to concentrate!

I also need to start churning out press releases and other advertising for Book 1 now that I can move forward with its promotion (see below). I’ll post if I’m really inspired and I will keep up with my other blog at its current unpredictable and slow rate.

I hope everyone has a great New Year. I will be happy to get the first draft of the manuscript done (which would mean I produce a lot more than 50,000 words in a month, see NaNoWriMo).

This doesn’t mean “don’t contact me,” this is simply an explanation of why the blog will be quiet for the next couple weeks or so.

a positive note

My book was accepted by Amazon and is now listed (look under “Personal Links” to the right). I’m very happy about that. I don’t like Amazon’s automatic 55% discount off any book listed (Golden Girl Press, LLC gets a little over $11 per sale), but it’s a reputable online retailer and I’m sort of stuck with it because I have no other options. Other than ordering through PayPal, it’s the currently the only way to order the book online. Discount or not, I’m glad I’m on there.

Theoretically, one could also special-order the book through Borders or Waldenbooks stores because they are partnered with Amazon. But since that system has yet to be tested with my book, I don’t know.

the blog

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6 thoughts on “off to work

  1. Congrats on Amazon 🙂

    Sadly, I’m having troulbe hitting my NaNo goal now that I”m back at work, and my second draft of my book is taking signifcantly longer than the first draft did.

    How do you balance your writing and your impulse to go look at shiny things? (I’m inserting my own vice there)

  2. Delicious,


    My second draft is taking forever too, but I’m 90% done now. I’m doing the first major edit, filling in details, finalizing escort interview questions and finalizing research. Along with everything else I have to do.

    How do I get it done? Not as fast as I want, obviously. This is old advice, but I’m finding it’s true: set a schedule and stick to it, no matter what. Believe me, some days I can’t wait to dive into my writing/editing just to escape everything else that may not be going well. Other days I have so many ideas I look forward to my daily “date” with my book. Find your own schedule. From your blog, I’d say you enjoy writing. So it will be easy for you to develop a love for your daily writing.

    Also, set a time-limit on how long your daily writing will last. Knowing that I will STOP at a certain point means I have to concentrate on what I’m doing — no aimless surfing around, no re-arranging my desk. When I stop, I’m done with it for the day, often leaving me anticipating the next day’s work.

    Anticipation always makes everything seem less like “work.” 😉


  3. I know this is an old post, but this seems to imply that you get a bigger cut from books purchased through Golden Girl Press rather than Amazon. Is that correct? If so, is that still the case? (I having been meaning to order a copy)

  4. Lee,

    I re-read this post and have to laugh about my optimism on sticking to a schedule!

    To answer your question, yes, I get a much larger profit margin when you order directly through the book’s website as opposed to Amazon. The cost to you is the same (unless you get free shipping via Amazon) but significantly more goes into GGP’s coffers — which helps fuel its growth. At the moment, it does not pay me but it is paying its own bills and is able to purchase things it needs. I’m happy about that.


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