Wednesday was a very good day for me. I saw four men and all were very nice. I made good money and had fun (one bought the small Jacuzzi room, which was much more fun than I had thought it would be).

Just a great day all around. Smiling was involuntary.


I woke up tired due to all-night bell-ringing, slamming doors, talking, shouting, etc into the wee hours of the morning. I hadn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since I got here and I was waking up between 5:30 and 6:30am every morning whether I wanted to or not. It was beginning to show.

Then I had the brilliant idea of taking the day off and going to visit a nearby ghost town. I had my doctor’s visit (the local perv-doctor) then I was told I could go stay in a hotel! Sleep!

Nope, apparently it was misinformation. Generally, girls were only allowed a “24” after being there for two weeks and they weren’t allowed Thursday-Sunday. (One girl had been there since 7/21 and had not taken a day off. It was showing, too.) Still, I was allowed to not get ready and not attend lineups.

the doctor

I’d heard that he was a pervert if he liked the girl. But he was in-town (close) and I could go earlier in the afternoon. The nurse came in the room with us, which I was thankful for. He was nice, professional and very fast with the exam. It was more comfortable than my first one even though I was a little sore.

Then the nurse left the room and he explained I had a tilted uterus (which I do) and how a well-endowed man might cause pain during sex (I have already figured this one out). It was a slightly odd conversation, but I didn’t think it crossed any of my lines. Just slightly odd.

back to work

Back at Bella’s, I got myself ready. I so did not want to deal with anyone or anything. But I did lineups, got picked and restrained myself from violence when the men seemed insulted I didn’t want to have sex with them for $100.

I did not make a single booking on Thursday.

For whatever reason, I thought I was recharged for the weekend. I figured I’d power through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Work as much as possible, smile big, be awakened at all hours of the night and really try to make an honest go of this.

You know, let go of my attitude.

I was even going to do an experiment they’d suggested to me: tell a guy we could have sex for $100 (10 minutes), tell the bartender to set the clock for 7 and then make sure to take up most of that time in blowjob. Apparently, some girls do this to much success and get greatly upsold bookings.

trying to sleep

A lot of that good motivation evaporated Thursday night when Alisha and the bartender decided to have an inane conversation at the top of their lungs at 2am in the courtyard right outside my window, waking me out of the deep sleep I’d finally attained. It took more than an hour to get back to sleep, only to be re-awakened by people apparently booking.

This ensured I woke up Friday morning dead tired and in a foul mood.

12 thoughts on “burning out – days 8 and 9

  1. I would think that the house would have some way for you to take yourself off the floor if you need to catch up on some rest. Some houses have a set amount of time per day, or per week/trip. Other houses you just tell them you need some time off and let them know when you are coming back on the floor.
    There are many similarities between the small houses (where you are now) and the larger houses, but it seems like the larger houses are a lot more accomodating when it comes to the need for personal time.
    Are you considering rounding out your LPIN experience at one of the larger houses? I think you would be surprised at many of the differences, though many of your insights would apply to them as well. Just a thought!

  2. Hey Amanda,

    I have to say catching up with your latest postings here has been quite a revelation. I certainly have been out of pocket with you too long. I hope all is well and take care out there….


  3. I worked at Old Bridge outside Reno and the shifts were only 12 hrs, 14 on Fri or Sat, then you were OFF. You could sleep undisturbed or leave the house completely. We had a few girls who worked 8 hour days.

    After your 1st 10 day contract:
    If you were from out of town, but stayed at the ranch, you got 2 days off a week.
    If you were local, and went home after your shift, you got 3 days off a week.
    If you were local and in college, you only had to work 3 days a week.

    Alas they are closed now, but many of the places in Storey or Lyon Co. (Reno/Carson City area) work similarly. Dennis Hof IS a good guy to work for and you are the type of girl that would do very well in his houses.

    Chicken Ranch is 24/7 and lockdown. But they used to give girls 1 week contracts, don’t know if this is still the case.

    Sheri’s will run shifts if they have enough girls in the house, but lockdown.

    I heard Sue’s in Elko has shifts and gives girls days off.

    Mona’s in Elko has a 16 hr shift, then they close and you can sleep.

  4. Chloe,

    It was great to read your input on this. I’m still interested in possibly working in a brothel one day in the future. Have you considered starting a blog (or do you have one?) posting about your experiences in the brothel system? I’d love to read it!

    Amanda, hugs to you. Can’t wait to hear from ya later.

  5. Ive worked at Sheri’s Ranch, The Chicken Ranch (both larger southern houses) and the Wilhorse Ranch outside of Reno.

    Though the southern houses are lockdown, you can schedule for only a week at a time, and both Sheris and The CR have set shifts, and even when Sheris doesnt have shifts (only when they have fewer girls in house) they will allow you to take time off the floor to rest. The grounds are terrific, with a wonderful spa on site as well. Ladies and staff are friendly and helpful and very accomodating. I have another business project going on and they will allow me to use my laptop in the back office should I need it. The shifts are 12 hours each and you draw and trade amongst the ladies for the different shifts. They are 11a-11p, 11p-11a and 4p-4a. The only exception is the days when there are few ladies in the house and they havent enough to fill that many shifts, then they make change the shifts, or work 24/7 and on the days when ladies are changing over from the previous week, and I think Friday and Saturday night possibly.

    CR is very lenient about taking time off the floor as well, and they have time off the floor every night/overnight to allow you to sleep, unless you choose to work the over night shift. No bells to interupt sleep either, they go and get the ladies who have chosen to work instead of waking everyone else up as well. If internet access is important to you, they have wireless throughout the house and satelite television in every room. Lots of food for you to help yourself too in the kitchen at any time and family style meals twice a day. The facility is dated and small however, and the cramped quarters can make you feel confined. Shift wise there are only two. Everyone works from 12noon until 2am every night except Fri/Sat until 3am. Then you can choose to work overnight or “top” shift until noon the next day, which would allow you to take off the floor from noon until 5:30 that day. They are not 24/7.

    The close vacinity to Las Vegas makes travel easy to just about anywhere in the country /world if you are flying in to work. Getting to Reno and then out to some of the farther houses is a bit more difficult, and may require more layovers. I generally can get direct flights to LV to/from just about any major cities.

    When I worked at the Wildhorse your first trip they kept you on premises if you did not live locally, but after that would allow you to leave when you were off shift. I really liked this as I could go and take riding lessons, see a movie or just get out for a nice drive. If you are looking for a house to do long extended trips to, this might be a good fit for you.

    There are huge differences between the Southern and Northern Houses. I would suggest visiting several different chat sites for the brothels and asking questions of the ladies and their clients which might be the best fit for you. When I started several years ago I researched the different houses for several months before making my decision.

    All of the information I have listed here is current as of the last month, based upon my own working experience in these houses.

  6. Arielle,

    I do believe I’ll try one of the brothels commenters have mentioned here, but first I’m taking a breather! My original mentor worked the Bunny Ranch very successfully, though I might try one less high-profile.


    Great and amazing information! Thank you so much! I’m also sure that any women reading this blog thinking of brothel work thanks you too.


  7. Arielle, thanks for the update on the work hours at the Chicken Ranch. All of my friends who worked “down South” said that other than lock down, sleep deprivation was their major complaint.

    Do they still require you to turn in all your personal funds on arrival–the assumption they have that any cash found in your room = theft?

  8. I’ll add that access to all of a woman’s money is another method of brothel control: without her money, she can’t or won’t leave, and the brothel can easily collect all its fines.

  9. Chloe,

    Yes, control though money. Bad escort agencies do this all the time too. I left without my money because I felt my sanity was more important. It certainly is a major element of control.

    I’m having real issues with sleep deprivation. My next brothel choice is going to be more researched.

    Thank you and Arielle for sharing!


  10. I work at Bella’s for a couple of years 10 years ago….it sounds like nothing has changed at all! Bella (who’s real name is shawna) was having an affair with the managers husband infront of everyone, the manager was stealing from Bella with no shame, the prostitutes made crap money and even had it taken from them by management skimming–a customer murdered another customer, should have been 86’d days prior after being disrespectful to the working girls…and shawna/bella stole my desposit, blaming the prior manager (who’s husband she was screwing) Alicia, is probably, the same nice (but loud and too often drunk) that has always been there…along with tiny and amy (asian grandma type)…and cherry rose. My life became much happier once hacienda became history! reading your blog brought back some really sickening memories…but thanks for sharing…you’re a great writer!

  11. Stacey,

    Thank you so much for sharing, though I wish it were with better memories. Doesn’t sound like things have changed AT ALL! I’m working on a paper about Bella’s, can I contact you?


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