As I said, I woke up Friday morning tired and in a very bad mood. I felt trapped. I was dying to just get out of the brothel.

That morning, as I pulled out of the parking lot of Bella’s Espresso House (where I had taken to eating breakfast), I glanced up the open, traffic-free highway 93. The open road – and it led to someone I knew and wanted to see.

It took all my willpower to turn left and back to the brothel instead of continuing on. But I did. And I planned.

After I got permission to leave, I was estatic. The money would have to be hashed out the following week since Shaunia wasn’t there to close my books. I did one final lineup and got picked by a couple. I actually saw them and had a nice time, though it wasn’t very hot (IMO). I was so happy at getting to go that I did not care about yanking on them for more money since there was two of them or worrying about my lack of bisexuality.


Packing was harder than I thought since my possessions had increased in the short time I’d been there. But I finally got my car loaded and said good-bye.

As I left, I heard one girl complaining about guys who wanted everything for $100 and she was sick of it. Was this a hint of rebellion? Was my bad attitude affecting others? Was she just saying this and really going ahead and bending anyway? I have no idea and didn’t stick around to find out.


I hit the open road and started feeling good. I haven’t begun to process anything yet or think my final thoughts on the matter. I’m still on vacation and won’t be back home till the end of the week. I’m fine with that. I’m having a nice, quiet time where I am.

I’m sure there’s more to say and I’ll think of it later. Right now, I’m not going to worry. It’s done.

18 thoughts on “the last day – day 10

  1. Perhaps it was not a bad attitude you infected them with, but a revelation that they were people of worth, providing a service of great value. Perhaps you were the antidote to a poisoned place, rather than an infection vector.

    Once again, you’ve shown amazing strength, and given people a standard to strive toward.

    You really are an amazing woman.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this Amanda. It might not prevent Bella from chanign her ways. but I think it will prevent a lot of women from working for her.

    Also, I posted your interview up at my blog and at RedLight. Check it out.

  3. Damn, sorry to see you go. I’d just booked a ticket to Elko last night to come see you and (maybe) cheer you up. Oh well, maybe another time.

  4. I sure am glad you’re out of there. I know you’re richer for the experience (psychologically and financially), but it literally pained me to know that you were so from enjoying yourself. I think it is way awesome that you shared it all via the blog, too.

  5. Yeah, definitely agree that it’s best you’re outta there. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and HAVE FUN! No working! 🙂

  6. I agree with YQuiet. I think it was seeds of rebellion more than bad ‘tude…and it’s not as though your attitude was totally uncalled for or anything childish like that. The system does need that change you spoke of. You did raise the bar and that is always admirable. Good job, Amanda!


  7. I’m so glad to read that you’re out! Enjoy the remainder of your vacation. I hope you’re able to catch up on the sleep you’ve missed.

    Take care and thanks for sharing this experience.

  8. Yquiet,

    Thank you, as always, for your perspective. I tend to not see my actions in a positive light.


    Thanks for following this and I will check out the blog (but cringe at being on-camera!).


    Change that ticket to Vegas if you can! Thank you so much for wanting to visit.


    You know I am not comfortable being this publicly open. I’m still worried I’m going to get smacked down for this. Still processing. I know I’m raw because when I start talking about it, I start yelling.


    Trying to extend the vacation if I can! It was great, but not long enough. Life gets in the way of good times. 🙂


    Not sure when my final thoughts will come. Not sure that I have reached any real conclusions yet. But I’ll try to post something by this weekend.


    Thank you.


    Thank you. And I am committed to a rigorous sleep schedule. That there are no bells ringing seems like a luxury.


  9. Amanda,

    You are a courageous, fascinating gal. I’m glad it’s over for you at Bella’s. I’ve been glued to your writing since I found you on the O’Reilly interview. I love people who think for themselves.

    I’m glad this experiment is over for you. Stay safe, and thank you for sharing your experiences, and opening this fascinating window into your industry.


  10. Glad you are out. Just remember, TEXAS holds it’s arms WIDE OPEN for you. We all love you and miss you here.

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