An unexpected surprise today – I was tagged! The Copywriting Maven, Roberta Rosenberg, tagged me yesterday. This is extremely flattering since the woman knows her stuff. I discovered her blog about a month ago (maybe a little longer). I also discovered that Ex-Courtesan tagged me last week as well.

how to play

Whomever is tagged reveals five things about themselves that few people know. Then they tag five other bloggers to play. There is no deep purpose to it.

my five things

1. I collect stamps. Really. I’m not a good or very active collector but it’s been a life-long interest and I get irate if you mess with my stamp collection. (And I’ll bore you by showing them off if you make the mistake of asking.)

2. I love horses but am more than a bit afraid of them in real life. They’re really big and have minds of their own!

3. Every time I leave a comment on someone else’s blog, I spend the next week having periods of anxiety, insecurity and my heart speeds up (this happens even with my own blog). Recalling the comment months later has the same effect. I have almost the same reaction with making discussion board/list posts. At some point, it would be nice to get over it.

4. I’ve never had the no-clothes-on-in-public dream. Not once. But I continually have nightmares about being late. These dreams are usually work-related and I’m usually a waitress.

5. I wanted to be 6’ tall when I grew up. Although a teeny, tiny part of me is optimistic, I’ve pretty much given it up at this point (I’m 5’7”).

i’m tagging…

Calling on
J. A. Konrath
Strip Club Server
to play tag!

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