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Michael meisenbach
Michael Meisenbach

This story has been building for the past year but only now do I feel free to talk about it. It’s not pretty and will likely make men uncomfortable. Never fear — if you don’t harm women, then don’t identify with Michael Meisenbach.

how it all started

With something bad happening, of course.

In June 2011, a friend of mine (Shannon) was assaulted by a client. While I was not present at the appointment when he assaulted her, I saw her the next day with two other escorts. Here are excerpts from the witness statement I gave her attorney at a much later point (we’ll get to that):

She was hobbling around. My friend, an acquaintance, and I talked to her about the incident that afternoon, the first time I saw her. [She] lifted up her dress to show the bruising and cuts on her lower body. It looked very bad.

After that, I took her to go eat and then she was catching a late flight home. At the restaurant she could barely walk and was in pain sitting on the padded bench seat. I could tell she was really hurt.

A month later I visited her in her home city. She was continually out of breath as though she were sick, her chest was in pain and she staggered around a lot (lack of breath). She had little strength. Walking to do her laundry at her apartment complex was a struggle for her.

A month after that, in August, she came back to Dallas. During that time she developed extreme pneumonia, running high fevers every day. She ended up in the ER because of her symptoms and pain. When she got home, it turned out her pain and illness was caused because Mike Meisenbach cracked one of her ribs and bruised her lung.

Mike Meisenbach contacted her after their appointment and continued to contact her for a week or two afterward, sending her sexy texts. (His idea of sexy, at any rate.) About six months after the attack, he apparently was [traveling near her home city] and contacted her, wanting to see her again. It scared her badly as she wanted nothing to do with him.

I’ve witnessed that he hurt her so badly she was recovering months later. I’ve also witnessed the emotional stress and damage he’s inflicted, both then and now – having to go through this [the legal] process.

Though she did not go to the ER when it happened, by all rights she should have. Her worries about money and that they might call the police stopped her from going. Her injuries were severe: two cracked ribs; a bruised lung; continuous, dark bruising from impact on the lower half of her body; impact-lacerations over her entire body and bleeding from his violent sexual assault of her using objects found in the room. She bled so much the comforter on the bed was ruined. He also gagged her and shoved her panties so far down her throat that she very easily could have choked to death except she is fortunate to have no gag reflex. She didn’t call the police — for obvious reasons. This whole debacle is a prime example of how the criminalization of prostitution empowers violent criminals, creates victims, and does nothing but perpetuate harm.

I was angry over what he did to her and got away with. I never stopped being angry. Each time a new blacklist entry appeared on him, I got angrier. Finally, I decided I would say something because anything was better than being silent. I had been burning to write about it in some way because, in my opinion, he was dangerous to any woman he encountered. I mentioned him and the attack on my annual Dec 17 post. I didn’t have much to say but we both hoped it helped make a difference to sex workers who might have Googled his name while doing client-screening. Anyone who saw my post and decided not to see him was making a good decision. Too many escorts had been harmed by him already. She agreed with my feelings and supported me in making the post.

It is a big deal to name a bad client on a public blog. Mikey earned it, fair and square.

now comes the whining

Three months after the post — and I’d forgotten it was even there — I got an email from him. That was stressful. I called Shannon to be on the phone when I opened it. I expected either a horrific tirade against me or a request to be connected to his victim so he could apologize. It was neither. Honestly, after our shock, we laughed.

Then I got another. And another. I was deliberately not responding to his emails but of course I forwarded them to her. The emails were stressful to both of us, though comic in their submissive, obsequious tone. Instead of attempting to apologize or try to make things right for his victim, his solution was to lie, backpedal, and finally resort to bribery. His self-aggrandizement led him to believe the post was about him. It wasn’t. It is and always will be about the violence done to sex workers for no reason other than the fact that they are sex workers.

In case he reads this, just to be clear, I Tweeted about him and wrote this blog post in his honor. The Dec 17 post which named him was not, in fact, about him at all. This post is about Shannon dealing with him, but written for someone else entirely.

Just like a stalker, any response I made to his emails just encouraged him. He, of course, did not respect my wish for him to cease emailing me. This is to be expected from someone who clearly can’t understand boundaries or the word no from a woman.

My email exchange with him is below. My personal favorite response is the one dated 3/9/12. The original emails, without any redactions, are here.

DATE: 3/8/13
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Your internet post about me

Hello Miss Brooks,

My name is Mike Meisenbach and there is a post about me on your website and I am hoping that we can talk about it. My phone number is [redacted]. Thanks very much. Mike


From: Michael Meisenbach
To: Amanda Brooks
Sent: 3/8/13 4:47 PM
Subject: Your internet post about me

Hello Miss Brooks,

My name is Mike Meisenbach and you did a post about me on your Dec 17 after hours column and I am hoping that we can talk about it. My phone number is [redacted]. Thanks very much. Mike


DATE: 3/9/13 8:28 AM
FROM: Amanda Brooks
TO: Michael Meisenbach
SUBJECT: Re: Your internet post about me


Yes there’s a post and no, we cannot talk about it.



DATE: 3/10/13 2:24 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Re: Your internet post about me

Dear Miss Brooks, I appreciate that your time is valuable. Can I please pay to have a conversation with you? I have a daughter, I am back with my ex wife and I no longer live in [redacted].


From: Michael Meisenbach
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 8:10 AM
To: Amanda Brooks
Subject: Internet post about me

Hi Amanda,

This is Mike Meisenbach again. I am willing to pay you for speaking with me. I have not seen an escort for over 18 months. I am back with my ex-wife and I have a daughter. I no longer live in [redacted]. My phone number is [redacted]. Thanks very much.


DATE: 3/22/13 8:58 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Post about me

Amanda, can I please pay you to have a conversation about your post about me. I no longer live in [redacted], I am back with my ex wife and I have a daughter. Thanks for your consideration. Mike


DATE: 4/8/13 10:47 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Internet posting

Hi Amanda, I am not sure if you got my email but I am willing to pay you to have a conversation with me. I am back with my ex-wife, have a 10 year old daughter, no longer living in [redacted] and have not seen any escort for almost 2 years. My phone number is [redacted]. Please call me. Thank you. Mike


DATE: 4/12/13 7:23 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Re: Your internet post about me

I am willing to pay you a lot of money to have a conversation please.


DATE: 4/13/13 8:18 AM
FROM: Amanda Brooks
TO: Michael Meisenbach
SUBJECT: Re: Your internet post about me


This conversation is finished. I have said NO. That’s it. Quit contacting me. I have told you NO. What part of NO do you not understand? Your problem is that you don’t take a NO from a woman seriously. But that is your problem, not mine.



DATE: 4/14/13 3:39 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Re: Your internet post about me


I have not seen an escort for almost 2 years. I have never been to [redacted]. Please give me the courtesy of a phone conversation – your postings are very damaging. I only set up the email [email address] because I thought you may have blocked my [email address] emails. My phone number is still [redacted]. Thank you. Mike


DATE: 4/14/13 4:02 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Re: Your internet post about me

I have never ever forced any girl to have sex with me period


DATE: 7/1/13 5:53 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: missbrooks
SUBJECT: Sorry to bother you again.

Amanda, would you consider me paying you to remove your postings. I have only seen girls into bdsm and have never seen an escort. I am back with my wife and daughter and I no longer live in [redacted]. Please.


From: Michael Meisenbach
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 10:42 AM
To: Amanda Brooks
Subject: Request

Amanda, I have never seen an escort per se. I have only seen girls into bdsm. I am back with my wife and my daughter. Is there an amount of money that I could pay you to remove your posts? Please.


Date: 7/11/13
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Your internet postings about me

Dear Amanda, I would be willing to pay you $3,000 to remove your postings about me. I am back with my ex-wife, no longer live in [redacted], I never saw an escort per se, just ladies into bdsm. I also have a 10 yr daughter. Please advise. Thank you. Mike. [phone number]


DATE: 7/11/13 4:17 PM
FROM: Michael Meisenbach
TO: Amanda Brooks
SUBJECT: Postings

Amanda, can I pay you $3,000 to remove your postings about me please.



When we both finally had enough of his emails, she decided to write him and make her own offer. After all, she’d racked up a huge pile of medical bills from his assault, as well as losing months of work due to her injuries. Her business had been solid before the attack. After, she was barely making her bills because of bruised-lung-induced pneumonia that lingered and lingered. He had done nothing to me (other than having to witness the aftermath of his assault on a friend), therefore there was nothing he needed to pay me for. He had hurt her and cost her money. She was the one who deserved restitution. She decided to offer him the chance of paying for damages and emailed him.

He decided to hire an attorney who was condescending in the extreme about what Mikey did to my friend, even though Mikey had admitted to his actions. At this point, Mikey had managed to convince himself (and his attorney) that somehow he was the victim. She had an attorney represent her. I didn’t respond.

After a couple back-and-forths, he got another attorney who did a lot of online homework, but still failed to recognize that Shannon and I are two different people (she was attacked, I wrote about it), and that neither of us are responsible for what anyone else writes about this. Mikey posted false ads and is suspected by TER of creating false reviews in an effort to bolster his case. (Amusingly, his new attorney included this “evidence.”) They presented another condescending settlement offer, along with tossing around terms like extortion, libel, defamation and invasion of privacy. His attorney and hers went back and forth on that. I told his new attorney to cease contacting me.

We both felt he was using his status as a supposedly-upstanding member of his community to harass us via lawyers and threats of court proceedings. She created a website focused solely on the whole ordeal from her perspective in an attempt to warn other escorts as well as vent. Neither of us think Mikey enjoys her exercising her First Amendment rights by discussing an event that happened to her without her consent.

Understand that libel and defamation rests on the idea that someone is spreading false rumor about you. Reporting what really happened isn’t any of those things. Also, by making himself the plaintiff, the burden of proof was on him. He could not prove she lied about her blacklist entries (because it really happened) or that I lied in reporting his attack on her (because it really happened).

This process was very, very hard on her. Reliving everything that happened was worse emotionally than when he initially attacked her. I think a large part of her original emotional protection was shock, and then illness brought on by her injuries. Being healthy and having to dig all of it up again was extremely violating and temporarily created a sense of powerlessness. Fortunately, she had a really angry friend to help her through it.

After all this time, she is finally, permanently, angry with Mikey. I think that’s a healthy place to be. As a celebration, I introduced her to the I Spit on Your Grave movies. She appreciates the sentiment.


Presumably, his attorney told him to settle and Mikey made Shannon an offer. (He did not settle with me because there was nothing to settle.) She would have taken the offer but he dragged his heels and did not close. Frustrated, she decided to mount a viral campaign. It’s getting traction. If he can never see another escort again because of this — it’s a win.

It’s not justice, though. Shannon has not received any compensation for her injuries (physical and psychological) and Mikey is likely never to stand trial for this, much less a prison term. Sure, his marriage is probably over and his dating prospects are in the toilet (I hope), his career likely over.

But these are hollow side-effects. Not justice and not even revenge. It’s simply the effect of an Internet world.

There is a commercial case being built against him and one of the attorneys in the case would like any women harmed by Michael Meisenbach to come forward. Shannon has Tweeted the attorney’s info. Even if the statute of limitations has run out for you, you may still want to hear what the attorney has to say.


Or what I imagine a lot of you may be wondering.

Wasn’t she asking for this because she agreed to a BDSM submissive session? No. She worked as a sub escort for several months and had a large number of clients. Only one earned a blacklist entry for going beyond her boundaries (and she kicked him out too). Mikey is on another level entirely. There is no sane human who would consent to what he did. Even though she had many sub sessions that ended with bruises on areas where she agreed to be hit, none of them required professional medical attention. None of them were life-threatening — not even the other blacklisted client.

This type of victim-blaming is yet another problem that plagues all women, and sex workers in particular: consent to one thing does not mean consent to anything.

Do I think I ruined his life? Hardly. Being a pyschopath who hurts women is his problem, not mine. He can always decide not to beat, rape or sexually assault women any time he chooses. I have no part in that process. If calling out his very bad behavior “ruins” his life, then perhaps he (or someone like him) will think twice before choosing to do the wrong thing. Committing rape, assault, and battery is a choice.

It’s also important to note that there are several men in the US with the same name. Only one has felt the need to create a lot of drama about my post.

What about his wife and daughter? His family? I shudder to think they live with him. I have no idea if he’s really married or if his wife is a victim of his violence or not. (He was arrested on a domestic violence charge on 12/7/13.) Personally, I would not want to be married to him because what he does is real — none of what my friend or I have said is fiction. I certainly would not trust him around any children.

His mother and father are prominent philanthropists in their community. I’m not going to blame them for his actions, but I do hope they become aware of their son’s behavior. I can’t imagine they approve or condone what he does. This isn’t about consenting adults and privacy, it’s about violence.

Do I feel sorry for him? Not a bit. He got off easy. What he did deserves prison time that he’ll never get because the statute of limitations has run out.

Are you a man-hating feminist harpy? No. Watching someone you care about survive through an ordeal like this — and not be able to do a damn thing about it — is hard. Being silenced is equally hard. Choosing to break the silence was just as difficult and I’ve no doubt there will be consequences from this.

I am so very tired of watching the blacklists grow, knowing sex workers are protected only as far as their due diligence can reach. I am so very tired of all these men getting away with actions they know damn well they couldn’t do to anyone who wasn’t a sex worker. I am so very tired of watching criminalization protect violent criminals. My friend very easily could have been an addition to the 2011 Dec 17 memorial list.

Does this mean anything I say to you is going to end up online? Not likely. This is a spectacular story and unique on this blog (or most sex worker blogs). I only have one other, far more spectacular story to tell when the time is right.

If I do something really bad, how do I get back in your good graces? Make it right. Everything in this post is an example of how not to make it right.

A sincere apology to the person who was harmed (Shannon) would have gone a very, very long way with both of us. Paying her substantial medical bills would have probably taken care of the rest. Even better if he’d helped her out for the work he caused her to lose. We might never have gotten to the point of meeting over tea, holding hands and singing songs together but it would have been impressive for a psychopath to acknowledge the harm he caused and sincerely work on making it up to his victim. (She agrees with everything in this paragraph.)

None of which Mikey did. He insists on believing he is the victim. He is not.

Can he ever settle with you? He didn’t hurt me; he has nothing to offer me as a settlement. I have no direct grievance against him and have never claimed to.

He really can’t offer me anything that I want. The only thing I wanted from the beginning was to write this post. That’s it. He’s gotten away with a number of sexual assaults, rapes, and beatings. He should be happy that he’s ahead of the game and not being someone’s pretty bitch in prison.

Does Shannon know you posted this? Yes, of course. She’s read and approved everything here before it was posted.

How can I help your friend? She’s okay, thank you for asking. She accepts donations if you’d like to help (details). Share my post (buttons below) or her site anywhere you like! Discuss the issues amongst yourselves all you want!

What’s next? Golden Girl Press (my publishing company) is about to produce its first book by someone other than me. We are working on the author contract and hammering out the details. An ebook should follow in the spring of 2014. Very exciting!

I never imagined this would be my first book to produce. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the process of becoming a real small press (and I don’t have to write the damn thing!). I’ll blog about the process, for those interested. It will be as transparent as discretion allows.

I sincerely hope that we do all the right things and this book becomes successful enough to warrant taking on another project (and another and another). I formed my company to give a voice to sex workers and seeing it step firmly in that direction makes me so happy. I’m glad that I can help Shannon make lemonade.

But really, why? Ultimately, Shannon turned to the only tool she had: the Internet. Bad clients, like Mikey, know that because of criminalization sex workers have no legal recourse. When the issue becomes personal as has this one, you can no longer stay on the sidelines.

Becoming an Internet guerilla is the only path left when any official legal route is closed to you. Public shaming is certainly a two-edged sword but it is not true revenge and it is not true justice. Don’t delude yourself on this point, Shannon isn’t. What she has done is take advantage of a slim measure of protection accessible to any of us. This only works when the truth is on your side, of course, which is why this isn’t a mere “revenge” tactic or “angry woman” rant.

49 thoughts on “don’t tread on me — or my friends

  1. Now that I’ve calmed down from reading about this, I can post a coherent response. Please give Shannon my support and love. I am furious that this happened to her even though I don’t know her. I hope there will be some measure of true justice served, even if it is further down the road than anyone can see. I also hope that Shannon will realize that she has strength and fortitude despite this horrific experience.

    It is infuriating how sexual submission is so misunderstood and mischaracterized as “accepting of abuse”. No. No it’s not.

    Sadly, this man’s personal life will probably rebound in some way. After all, Charles Manson is getting married. There will always be those people who will say, “Oh, but they won’t be that way with ME!” or “Oh, but I can CHANGE him (or her)”.

    Ugh, reviews strike again! And people wonder why I’m so twitchy about their very existence these days.

  2. Oh and his whole, “I never hired an escort, but BDSM women” as though that makes a damned difference regarding his behavior! I’m getting angry all over again. I’ll go play in the fresh snowfall to literally and figuratively cool down.

    1. I was going to point that out as well. As a BDSM worker, and generally just as a female, that he kept throwing that out there as if it were some sort of justification for what he did? This story is sad to me in many ways. Her situation with the assault, is all too much of a regular occurrence in this line of work, it’s just that this time it’s been made public.

      1. Miss Merciless — Well, you know, denial and rape apologist bullshit and all that.

        But is it true that this sort of attack is common for pro-subs? Or are you saying sex work generally?

  3. Hi!

    I blogged about Shannon’s ordeal with this sociopathic fucktard on my little blog, and I have sent her an email of support.

    I am a fetish worker (pro-sub)in NYC, and I would have sessioned with this fucker in a heartbeat. It could have happened to me.

    IMO, Mike Meisenbach owes Shannon $100K plus lawyer fees (this was the estimate given to me by someone know knows about such matters). I hope that she holds out until she is adequately compensated (not that money can make the trauma go away).

    Fuck this dude. His abuse is just what we KNOW about.

    He needs to go DOWN. Or at least cough up enough to (maybe) teach him a lesson…assuming this dumb fuck is capable of learning.

    In solidarity,

    Miss Margo

    P.S. The idea that Shannon deserved this because she agreed to do a submissive session is insulting and preposterous. I am a heavy masochist and an experienced fetish worker. BDSM is my business. I have never (thank GOD) experienced anything remotely similar to what Shannon endured at the hands of this disgusting prick. He knew it was wrong, there is no excuse, and everything about it reeks of premeditation. He is a rich, privileged fucktard who abuses and exploits some of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in society: young female sex workers. Oh wow, big bad Master of the Universe, gonna beat up an escort in her apartment bedroom, wow, I’m so impressed! Your parents must be proud (though I’m sure you’re a chip off the old block)! And then to tell Shannon, “$5k is a lot of money to me! So there will be stipulations/conditions!” Go fuck yourself! Seriously! (obviously, I’m talking to Mike Meisenbach, not you, Brooke)

    Fuck this creep. He needs to go down.

  4. Kudos to you for your strength and personality. Not only do you get a Gold Star by your name, you also get an “Atta Girl” sticker for bringing all to light. I am really sorry this had to happen and the absolute only victim in this situation, is Shannon. Whatever consequences that scum sucking trash suffers will not be enough. Hey guys, NO MEANS NO!!!!

    On a personal note; in the past 24 months I suffered a stroke and while having some tests, the Drs. found a Stage 3 colorectal cancer. At this time, there no detectable cancer cells and I have completed physical rehabilitation and now going to a health club 4 days a week.

  5. Good lord, but that was hard to read.

    The easy and obvious thing is to dream up horrors that should be inflicted on Mikey Whatshisname, and that’s appropriate — he deserves all of them, and more. But the centrally-important point is the one you made: because the law is the sex worker’s enemy, she can’t seek its protection and becomes easy prey for monsters. Every lawfaker who supports this form of prohibition — which is to say, every lawfaker who exists — gets the “credit” for making it impossible for Shannon to get justice.

    Good going, Amanda.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I shared the link to your friend’s site and donation link on another social media site so hopefully word gets around about this man.

  7. Amanda-Wow, what can I say other than thank you? Your loyalty and friendship can not be understated. A lot of people would have taken Mike Meisenbach’s bribe for silence money or just to stop his harassment. Your integrity can’t be compromised which says a great deal about you!

    To Everyone-Thank you for your kind responses, support and donations to help pay the medical bills! Wow! I am very touched by the outpouring of understanding and support! This means a great deal to me.

    For those wondering how I am- I’m ok. I’ve recovered physically, with scars but ok, emotionally it is a bigger challenge. One made worse constantly by Mike. I’m not the only one affected, Mike has a history of violence against women, please be safe ladies and please let others know.

    Awareness is all we really have to be safe. Mike caused and is causing me pain and stress. All of your support is very helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

  8. Claudia — Shannon appreciates your kind thoughts.

    This story is maddening no matter how you slice it. I hope his life doesn’t rebound in any way but…this is real life and he’ll probably fare better than Shannon in the long run. He has money and apparently a good business reputation behind him.

    Miss Margo — Shannon saw your post when it came out. I’ve read it too. All I can say is…use Google as a tool when screening. That’s why I made my post about him a year ago, because he was still attacking escorts and they weren’t apparently weren’t doing even basic screening (National Blacklist entries show up on Google results, so did my blog post).

    She’s not going to be compensated in any way — as far as she can tell. Different states, different laws, and lawsuits just don’t happen like they do in the movies. It would be sweet but probably not in the cards.

    Indeed, the abuse we know about is what he’s done to a number of escorts over the past 2-3 years. There’s no way he just started hurting women this late in life. His recent arrest on a domestic violence charge was with a (presumably) civilian woman. Sorry to say, but this might be the only way his violence gets taken seriously.

    No, there is no way what he did to her falls under the realm of BDSM. Not unless the sub was hoping to get beaten to death, which isn’t a common wish — as far as I know. (My name is Amanda, BTW.)

    Larry — Shannon survived this, I just wrote about it and supported her through it, but thank you for the kind words.

    No means no, for sure. But in his mind, since she was gagged and couldn’t say anything, then she consented. There’s a piece of logic for you. (Much like having sex with a woman who is passed out. Loss of consciousness isn’t consent either.)

    Nice to hear from you again. I hope your health continues to improve. You’ve had a hard couple years!

    Jim — Thank you for the words of support for Shannon. And I’m glad you GET IT! Criminalization does not help a single soul, certainly not those who are most vulnerable. All it does is empower violent criminals.

    Miss Dior — I hope so too! Hence, outing him.

    Ayanna — Thank you very much for helping Shannon out. We both appreciate it.

  9. i’m not convinced that she does not have a legitimate civil claim against meisenbach. look, it’s against the law to jaywalk. but if i see someone in the road up ahead, who is violating my right of way, whether they are impaired or just being a stupid asshole, can i speed up and run them down, back up over them and do it again? of course not.

    i do think that she has a case. finding a lawyer to take her a case is another hurdle and not just because of her profession. most lawyers will give you a free consultation.

  10. Dawn — I hope Shannon responds but if she doesn’t…she isn’t pursuing legal action against him, mostly because the statute of limitations has expired but also for a number of other reasons, some of them personal.

  11. Hi Dawn,

    I wish I could answer this more fully but I have legal representation at this time and we are discussing options. Because of the fact that it is a legal matter I can’t really comment more.

  12. This was a devastating story to read. The utter disregard for another human being by someone is disgusting. I have known people like this throughout my life and wonder why so many are not called to account for their actions more often and punished. These are the ones that seem to get by with their actions that continually embolden them to do more heinous acts. With the [passage of the new law in California, I hope that other states will follow suit an let people know that sex workers have just as much right to a safe environment as anyone else. Rape is rape and assault is assault no matter where or under what circumstances it occurs. This Mike Meisenbach felt that his anonymity would cloak his evil deeds. Good for you exposing this piece of trash. I can only imagine the type of household he provides for his family. I hope that Shannon is doing well and good luck in her legal options.

  13. Awful story.
    Amanda, wonderful job on spreading the news about this sociopathic douchebag.
    Shannon, I hope that the system will work in your favor and that he, and others, will learn his lesson the hard way.
    FYI, doing a google search, this story pops up as the first thing in the search results. Not a good piece of PR for him nor his company.

  14. Greg — Everything you say is true. Thank you for the support.

    The California victory probably won’t happen in a lot of other states. I can’t see it happening in Texas, for instance. It would be something, though, if CA becomes the first state to decriminalize prostitution. Would be amazing, really. That might set a trend.

    Dante — Thank you for your support.

    Giggling about the SEO I’ve done on this particular post and the amount Shannon has done to her website. There is definitely a reason behind that!!

  15. Again, everyone thank you so much for your support, thoughts and kindness! I am very fortunate to not be on the list of names of sex workers whose lives were lost to violence but instead, a survivor that is here to appreciate life, the wonderful support I have received and to light an online candle in solidarity. My special appreciation to Amanda. Without Amanda’s help, I may very well have been on the list of victims whose lives were lost, and being commemorated today. Thank you Amanda.

  16. Wow. That is really horrible. That people like Mike Meisenbach can use the law as a shield for rape and violent assault is such a cruel and sad thing. A lot of credit and respect goes to her and to you for pursuing some kind of justice and restitution, and for doing what you can to stop him doing it again. Good luck to Shannon.

    If this were not such a vile act and a pathetic, dangerous human being, the pure ignorance would be amusing. It is still astonishing. I have seen bad and clueless lawyers before, but to tell a rape victim that his client “will have no choice but to go after you”?! Meisenbach, in his e-mails, tells a sex worker that he no longer sees sex workers (probably a lie anyway) and is living with his ex-wife and child, as if a sex worker is supposed to share his bigotry toward sex workers.

    There was a case of a predatory, police-impersonating rapist in Connecticut a couple of months ago. The local police asked other escorts assaulted by this man to contact them, promised confidentiality, and posted an ad on Backpage to that effect. I don’t know what the outcome has been (if any). How to get from one-off respectful, cooperative approaches like this to something like you laid out in one of your Desiree 2010 presentations (about police education, training and operating for more respectful, humane treatment of sex workers), I wish I knew.

  17. Lee — Thanks, she needs the good thoughts.

    Lawyers who aid people like Mikey are bigger whores than I ever will be. There are limits to what I’m willing to do for money. Old joke but a true one. That, and the continued insistence that Mikey is the victim.

    That is a rare approach by police but every now and then, they realize stopping a predator is more important than stopping consenting adults who simply have relationship boundaries that could fall outside of the law (prostitution is an act of semantics, as Dolores French pointed out).

    I wish I knew too. Hopefully more awareness is raised about the adverse effects of criminalization to the point where people realize SOMETHING needs to be done and that “something” isn’t more punitive laws against the workers themselves.

  18. Wow, that’s terrible what happened with Shannon. I can feel anger boiling.
    But I wish courage and strength to her. I hope you’re doing well Shannon.
    Mike is clearly a sociopath (or psychopath, for that matter), for whom sex workers are very easy victims.
    This only underlines that mainstream society sees us as disposable.

  19. Aphrodite — Shannon is doing okay.

    Mikey is a psychopath because he’s violent. (Sociopaths are more about manipulation and being “emotional vampires” rather than outright violence. Neither socio nor pscyho -paths have empathy or care about social norms.)

    Agreed, this is why criminalization of prostitution doesn’t help anyone but true criminals.

  20. I am speculating that Shannon is being prevented from talking by virtue of being threatened with harm of some sort.

  21. Perhaps Shannon, yourself and others should heed the message we gave her. Cause and effect can be cruel. You have caused. Perhaps youconsider the effect

  22. Silence — So now you’re making public threats? I don’t think you want to start this as badly as you think you do.

    BTW, Mikey caused by choosing to beat Shannon to within an inch of her life. If that’s who you want to defend, go right ahead. But I will not be silent about it.

  23. I read this blog post and followed the links when it was posted and read Shannon’s story. It has taken me weeks to be able to calm down and not spew a stream of expletives about this. First, Amanda, bravo for bringing this to light, for not taking this asshat’s bribes and exposing this MF. Shannon, I am so sorry for what you went through and think you rock for standing up to this piece of shit Mike whatever his name is. I’ve just now read the comments, see that Shannon’s site is down, and that she is being “prevented” from speaking. It isn’t hard to guess what various things would prevent her from speaking. Or better said, what is more likely, who is preventing her from speaking.

    On to this Mike asshole. What the fuck is wrong with you? Google is filled with discussions about all the women you have hurt. You are obviously a sick psychopath. Instead of trying to bribe Amanda maybe you should spend the money on counseling so that you stop harming women.

    As for “Silence”. Fuck you. You are either Mike whatever, a troll or some thug hired by Mike. You are going to silence all of us how? Shut down the internet? Cause and effect? It seems the cause was this asshole Mike beating the hell out of women that had the effect of pissing off a lot of women who abhor violence against women. You may have prevented Shannon from speaking but good luck preventing everyone else from speaking about a psycho that preys on women and then tries to silence them. Fuck you Silence and whoever motivated you and you should consider cause and effect. These things are often circular and there is such a thing as karma.

    Sorry Amanda, I couldn’t get through this without spewing expletives. If they are offensive to you or others please feel free to edit them out. Instead of preventing Shannon from speaking someone should prevent this motherfucker Mike from hurting anymore women.

  24. Serra — If Silence if free to make public threats on my blog, you’re certainly free to curse as much as you want, especially since it wasn’t directed at me.

    As to your other points, first, thank you very much for your kinds words. Second, Shannon knew she would be making herself a target with the website she created and took the risk. It’s not like Mikey can beat her up through the computer screen, regardless of how much he might want to! Finally, agreed with everything else!

  25. Reading this makes me feel nauseated every time. I’ve seen plenty of evil in my time but this story is one of the worst.

  26. I’m coming for you Michael John Meisenbach and your rich daddy,John, who tries to pay and hide all of his and your evil deeds…you pissed off the wrong murderous bitch.

  27. Thank you so much for showing your integrity in this. I am very impressed with the calm and level headed way you have presented this info. If his emails are presented accurately, and you appear able to back them up, then his own pathetic protests convict him.
    As to “silence” , veiled threats (and prolly some more direct!) is unwise when there those of us that are damed well tougher, and one hell of a lot meaner! Hiding behind smoke will not stop you from being hunted. Want ta have some FUN??? Hope you’re ready!!!
    Just remember ladies , help can come from unlikely places.
    The Viking

    1. The Viking — I try to act with integrity with everything I do. It’s who I am, which puts me at odds with a whole lot of people.

      Help is always welcome. As is karma — something Shannon and I are both waiting on.

  28. The people who are at odds with your integrity are likely lacking integrity and therefore scum. Their disapproval is likely a compliment.

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