For once in my life I’m exceptionally free. I have my books, but that is a very portable business. So I can indulge my wanderlust like never before.

I’ll spend the next [insert time frame here] exploring sex work. Since I would probably be a target if I publicly did this in the US, most of my new experiences will be in other countries.

But there is one experience in the US available to me: Nevada brothels.

I’ve resisted the idea for a long time. There are many, many things to dislike about the legal brothel system in the US – including their disdain of us wild, diseased indies. I’ve recently been introduced to a female brothel owner, Bella. She came to the Desiree Alliance Conference and gave a great presentation about working in her brothel (as always, I didn’t take notes. As always, I wish I had.). She’s very supportive of working women and very female-friendly. So either her brothel is going to be a great environment, or she will simply have been the best salesperson.

I’ll be at Bella’s for two weeks, starting tomorrow (due to paperwork/testing, it will probably be Thursday or Friday before I hit the floor). Yes, I’ll be blogging. Yes, she allows me to take my laptop and has WiFi. She encourages us to be our own bosses. No, I’m not under the illusion I’ll be Miss Independent at her brothel. I am hoping for a good experience all the way around.

obvious purchases

Yesterday was preparation day. One of the things I did was go to Wal-Mart for cheap condoms. I bought 3 12-count boxes of Magnum XL (slightly larger than Lifestyles Large) and 2 24-count boxes of regular Durex. This is Wal-Mart — no Snugger Fits, Pleasure Plus or Avanti. My shopping basket had five boxes of condoms, then I added a big bottle of KY Liquid, hairpins, lip gloss, waterproof mascara, hand lotion and combination locks (for my luggage and/or locker).

As the cashier rang me up, I took another look at my purchases.

Condoms, lube, makeup – I am so hooker.

19 thoughts on “shopping like a hooker

  1. If Nevada doesn’t work out for you, you may want to consider Rhode Island.
    You would be safe there due to a loop-hole in the law.
    Best of luck!

  2. The last time we spoke was on your first farewell tour when we visited Margaret Mitchell’s house in Atlanta and you bought the bust, (or was it a plate?) of Belle Watling. Regardless, have you thought about Canada? Very civilized and now the dollar is par. Australia is an interesting backup–think Texas circa 1978.

  3. Tony,

    I’m aware of the Rhode Island loophole. I’m also aware they’re currently trying to close it. It would still be an experience I’ve already had though — touring in the US as an indie escort.


    I remember you well! And I still have my plate of Belle.

    Australia is on the list, as is New Zealand (actually prefer NZ over Oz). Canada, maybe. They have some trickiness to the laws — it depends on where you go and what you do. That requires some research.

    Acutally, every country does. It’s not like this is going to be bam, bam, bam. This little thing is going to take some time to play out completely. I have no idea where it ends or where it goes. I want it to be interesting.


  4. Bah, Amanda, if I had known you didn’t have the notes from Bella’s presentation, I would have sent them to you! Ah well. I think I’ve had all those items in a shopping cart for a particularly fun weekend. 🙂

  5. Aspasia,

    Can you email me your notes? I’m curious because I’d like to compare my memory, your notes and my experiences.

    I’m a little weird about my shopping. I always think these things look so obvious. Maybe not. Do you think I should add some enemas to the cart next time? Box of latex gloves? A garden hose and duct tape?


  6. The enemas and box of latex gloves in addition to the other products may not be so shocking. But the garden hose and duct tape? LOL! 🙂 Garden kink! Very Green.

  7. I dunno about you but I’ve seen some very hot gardeners in my ‘hood that make me think of new applications for garden hoses and such. But that’s just me. 🙂

  8. I was just going to add after reading your shopping cart to throw in some dishwashing gloves, glue, and a plunger but I saw you already commented on amending that list 🙂 Funny that I read this tonight because I had a similar purchase at wal-mart earlier.

    I am way behind on my feeds and was really intrigued by reading this and I am also *very* curious as to how this goes since I have considered it myself since being in Vegas. I guess I will read on to find out how things are going.

  9. Hello Amanda

    You are welcome in Denmark on your brothel-tour 🙂 .. SIO is a Danish sexworker organisation and we have off course lots of contact to brothels you can work from 🙂

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