Today is the last day to register for the Desiree Alliance 2010 conference. If you want to come to and melt with us in Las Vegas for a week you won’t forget — register now!

Sex workers and allies are welcome. If you’re an ally, you will have to give a bit more detailed explanation of your interest. Genuine supporters are very welcome. I know a couple of blog readers have already registered and I can’t wait to meet ya’ll!

Here’s what you’re going to get:
Dr. Joycelyn Elders
Norma Jean Almodovar (personal hero of mine)
Nina Hartley
Dr. Brooke Magnanti (yes, her)
the one and only Robyn Few
Carol Leigh
plenty of other industry luminaries
Vegas Vegas Vegas
the most amazing people you’ll meet having the time of their lives
lots of love, support, acceptance

You’ll leave with:
tears in your eyes
100+ new best friends
a head full of ideas for business and life

More of the details:
Registration Fee = $250
Student Fee = $200 (Must provide proof of enrollment for school (student ID)

Registration fees for the conference include: Attendance at any or all of the workshops, presentations and sessions; name badge and registration packet; Welcome Reception with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres (July 25, 6pm); Continental breakfast (July 26-29); Lunch (July 27 & 29); Farewell Brunch with keynote speaker (July 30); and a significant discount on lodging (please note that this location will not be disclosed until registration is complete). You can make the lodging discount more significant by room-sharing.

Registration fees do NOT include: transportation; lodging; lunch on July 26 and 28, dinner; Fundraiser After Party (you will have the option of purchasing a ticket during registration); dinners, souvenirs, extra-curricular activities or personal expenses.

Please note: If financial trouble is the obstacle that stands in your way of attending this conference, please contact Susan Lopez at Desiree Alliance is more than happy to think “out-of-the-box” in terms of finding ways to help those who would be able to volunteer their time in exchange for partial deductions (i.e. registration fee or a possible room-share arrangement so that the cost would be $12.50 per night plus tax and fees).

Needless to say, if you want to support but don’t want to go (or can’t), then donations are always welcome. Donations will go to helping others get to the conference and paying for the conference facilities.

10 thoughts on “desiree alliance 2010 — register today!

  1. Wish I could but it’s ridiculously expensive for me to do this, especially since I’m batting zero for clients. Ah well. Maybe next time the conference can be held in Podunk, USA.

  2. Aspasia,

    You won’t be there? 🙁 BIG frown!

    Airfare is the most expensive part of it, everything else can be done for less than $500 (if you’re very strict about the budget). But…if you don’t have the money, you don’t have it.

    I’m not entirely sure that a small town would be able to give a great hotel deal, have decent facilities, a way to make money while in town AND be open-minded to even hosting us. But I’m biased, I like Vegas.

    Seriously seriously going to miss you.


  3. Yeah, airfare is the problem. I was hoping to take advantage of my godfather (“uncle”) and the frequent flyer miles he has but I think he’s going to give them to his daughter for a trip she’s taking in August. **le sigh** Otherwise, I’d be there. After all, I’m a university student, I can exist on a food budget of $20 for a month!

    I’m going to miss seeing you too! I was so looking to seeing you. :`(

  4. Aspasia,

    No way to swing a bus ticket? I wish trains were a viable option in the US, we’ve got the countryside for it.

    Anyway…will miss you severely.


  5. Can anyone explain what exactly this going to be.What are the things which are going to be covered in that conference.I am looking to participate but little bit off knowledge from this.please give me suggestions.

  6. Sweden escort,

    Um…read the post again. Then go to the website. Not that it matters since the conference is happening NOW and will be over in 48hrs.


  7. Michael,

    There was a very good turnout, I met a couple of blog readers there (both great and memorable meetings!) and made a lot of new friends. As always, it’s an experience like nothing else — I think everyone says that after every conference.


  8. ..i just want to say that im from europe and i think that this isnt good,sometimes you just have to see others ways to have money not sell your body,that have to be the last thing in your life to do…i dont know how is in america,maybe different but this is bad… do you want change your past or you just love that?
    that is it what i want to say…

  9. Sarah,

    Huh? Are you coming over here and telling me how to live my life because you wouldn’t live YOUR life this way?? Really???

    Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I haven’t sold my body yet. It’s still right here with me.

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