I’ve been blogging here since 2005. I’ve enjoyed it and enjoyed the commenters who have come and gone (there are several whom I miss and hope they’re at least lurking). People have noticed that I’ve been fairly silent here since 2011. Coming back to the States was a bit of a shock and once re-acclimated, I began focusing more on my personal life and building my company. Or maybe I just find the States boring.

The company is moving forward, slowly, which is the normal speed for it. But exciting things are on the way: a new ebook, more blogging, a collaboration with a new author, reprinting Book 1. Seeing my baby growing makes me very happy. Makes for dull blogging though at some point I will do a series on self-publishing for sex workers.

Escort work is still fun but certainly not where the majority of my time and energy are directed. Mostly I’ve just been living my own life. Again, this makes for dull blogging. There are news bits and plenty of things that interest me sex work-wise but mostly…I’ve said a lot of what I want to say on relevant issues. Those poor horses are good and dead by now. Continuing to drum away is repeating myself and I hate doing that.

Continue to stick around for the random bits, a few rants, some thought pieces (my favorites). Not sure where this blog is going but it will continue to go and find its own way, as always. It still won’t ever become a sex blog or client expose. It will always be an atypical escort blog. So if that’s your thing, have patience.

8 thoughts on “directions

  1. No worries, I still find your blog very fascinating to read and I find your point of view and experiences inspiring for when I eventually get into the business. Much respect! Keep doing your thing!!

  2. Well put! You are growing and developing yourself in such a healthy way. Working with and reaching out to the public the way you do, and others who are in the public eye via their profession is a tightrope walk I would imagine. It takes alot of patience and courage and backbone. I and the rest of your readers admire that skill set as it is not so easy to maintain so to speak. You are at the age where you can slowly begin to see some fruit bearing for all of your efforts and the road streaches out before you and your past efforts stand out much in the way of roadsigns on a highway, I believe. I am the opposite, a hermit and afraid to stick my neck out only to retract back into my shell whenever someone lets me know I am not good enough, or welcome or whatever. I have always admired and envied someone with the guts and tenacity and allure to be in the public eye and unafraid to project their voice to a large audience. When we are enlightened, and we touch the lives of the people we do, the lines between our private lives and our publicly known persona become blurred and then you can find yourself grappling with how to fufill your own desires while still maintaining ties with an audience. My son has been accepted to the college honor program of his dreams, he tells me sometimes how frustrating it is to live in a world of ignorance when you are intelligent and enlightened and begin to understand your gifts and desires to touch the lives of others who can be so incapable of understanding much of anything. With a great mind and soul purpose comes much turmoil and searching. The search is ours to take as we will, with each new year of your life your sense of urgency will grow. As will your sadness of what will always elude you, your unrealized hopes, dreams and ambitions. “you can’t alwasy get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need” is sooo true. Best wishes always and thanks for the inspiration and information.

  3. One more thought, ( I’m on a roll here!) I too understand about the feelings you have about being back in the U.S. after travelling so extensively. I feel exactly the same way whenever I have returned from abroad. It’s frustrating, how screwed up this nation is compared to the rest of the world. It’s just that we have the space and weather that makes it easier to live here vs abroad. Not to mention family and friends. Sometimes I wish they would cut the U.S. in half, all the people I disagree with on one side and all the cool people on the other! We would never be able to come to an understanding of who gets which side and where the line is drawn! My son has prepared himself to live abroad by studying French all these years in school, he wants to work with the U.N. and be an ambasador of goodwill and says he can’t wait to get out of the U.S. and it’s holier than thou attitude.

  4. Yessica — Thank you for being a lurker!

    Massuse — Thank you for the kind words and wisdom. You just blew me away. Thank you.

    There are many good things about the US that I can’t find elsewhere but it’s generally the Puritannical attitudes underlying the relationship between men and women that galls me the worst. Well, I’d also have to add that American culture is unhealthily obsessed with violence. Those are probably the two most important things I wish would change in this culture.

    You have great reason to be proud of your son, he sounds like he’s on his way to a great life!

  5. Amanda – I’ve always thought of your blog as an on-line virtual version of one of the old conversational salons (a la Madame de Staël), with an eclectic, ambitious & heady mix and exchange of ideas and experiences. But it is a fine line between headiness and intoxication, and sometimes everyone has to go outside and get some fresh air, whether in reality or only so-to-speak. If you try to force this kind of thing, it cannot work, and you are spot on about the staleness of repetition. You are wise – too many times I have had to learn these things the hard way. Much luck with everything.

  6. I am eternally proud to call you a friend, Amanda. It’s great to see that the publishing company is expanding! Perhaps you will become the official publisher for the sex worker community. 🙂

    @Masseuse: I do not blame your son one bit. I’m trying to do the same myself.

  7. Lee — Sometimes it’s been a virtual salon, other times more like open mic night at a comedy club. But thank you for the kind words.

    Fresh air has arrived but due to the lines separating personal from professional, it doesn’t translate. Guess it works both ways: sometimes work dominates my life, sometimes my life dominates my work.

    Aspasia — Thank you! Becoming a sex work publisher is something I’ve wanted since Day 1. I’m taking tiny steps in that direction. FINALLY.

    Wishing you well on your eventual global explorations!

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