The Simpsons have the answer for everything. In one brilliant line, Moe Szyslak answers the question above and solves the Gordian Knot of dating issues in the US.

Just watch episode The Blue and The Gray till 4:40. Or watch the whole episode, it’s fun!

(In case you can’t get the video going, Moe walks into a pickup artist/dating seminar and says: “Uh excuse me. Is this the seminar where you learn to pick up free escorts?”)

5 thoughts on “what are you really paying for? 4

  1. Don’t forget Homer’s other recent observation (can’t remember the episode): “Masseuses, half doctor, half hooker”

  2. The Simpsons have the answer for everything.

    Thus describes my personal philosophy and why I have a Simpsons quote/situation for everything I encounter.

  3. Aspasia — I go around quoting The Simpsons all the time. I try to limit it unless the person I’m talking to is a fan as well. But yeah, they really DO have every life situation covered. And then some. (There aren’t enough situations in my life involving monkeys to really make use of much of what Homer says.)


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