The escort world is rife with plagiarism. This is no secret among escorts. One of my naïve goals in writing Book 2 was to give escorts a way to learn how to write for themselves. There are new escorts who have read my books and taken the lessons to heart — the results are easy to see on their personality-driven sites and ads. There are others who took my examples a bit too literally and I have spotted them sprinkled over websites, much to my chagrin. And then there are those who just decided to go directly to the source (me) and lift whatever they feel like taking. How nice of me to do all the hard work for them!

I have a habit of this — I’ve changed escort-text everywhere I’ve worked. I’ve worked under different names and have found my writing appearing elsewhere (and obviously these girls had no clue whose text they stole). And people have seen fit to taken whatever they want from my book’s site too. I’m long past being amused, flattered or anything except completely and totally furious when I find my work stolen. Dragging around a truckload of others is very tiring work. I keep thinking that if I stop writing, they’ll have to go elsewhere for their ideas and words. It’s becoming the more tempting option, frankly.

It seems the issue is getting worse as more girls get online. Many seem to think that Internet = free for some reason. Some surely know better and yet still they steal.

In the online world, words entice, often more than pictures. Words = money to escorts. Copyright violations are violations on a serious level.

Case study: Cici has a distinctive online voice. I know this because she not only read my books, she asked me (and others) for critique when she debuted her website. She hasn’t been around long and is just an Austin escort with no stated grand ambitions within this industry, yet already she knows of two other girls who have stolen her unique words. (I keep urging her to blog and she resists. Who can blame her?)

What’s a girl to do? I’ve considered issuing royalty invoices — after all, they use my words to help themselves make money. I’ve considered offering a paid editing/ad-writing service for escorts but they just seem to like taking what I’ve already put out there (for free!!!). The copyright-violators don’t seem to wish to be themselves, they seem to wish to be someone else.

None of us can afford copyright lawyers to file lawsuits because the bill would add up quickly. (Though Cici has told me about a $30/month prepaid legal service she has used successfully with other legal matters. I’m looking into it for myself.) Email is the weapon of choice. Yet every girl I know, myself included, who sends a cease-and-desist email ends up feeling like they’re somehow in the wrong for defending their own work.

Thieves caught in the act don’t take to it kindly. They explain they were “inspired” and so hit Ctrl+C. Inspiration is creation. Copying is stealing. One escort discovered her words on a site and the explanation by the content-thief was the words were used as a “placeholder” and somehow it was “forgotten” they were there. Other popular excuses include “My webmaster put the text on my site” and “I didn’t know you wrote that!” Of course, the most common reaction is defensive, angry and telling the escort they stole from that they don’t like her anymore (so don’t use her text!). The energy spent in defending their thievery would be better spent in writing their own text — but nevermind that.

If a girl wishes she had the language skills of another escort — why not ask that escort for some editing? It may not always work out, but it’s a much better solution than simply taking words and alienating someone who could be helpful.

Copyright is not a foreign word.

There are escorts who inspire me. They’ll never know because they won’t recognize themselves on my site. And why should they? They and I are two different people. There should be no shared descriptions between us. There shouldn’t be a shared anything between us, really.

Ironically, though I spend a ridiculous amount of time surfing escort sites, the biggest writing lesson it’s provided me has been in showing me what not to write because it’s already been done to death. In fact, it’s extremely easy to write for one’s self and not imitate other escorts because there is an awful lot of similarity out there even without copyright violation.

In the grand scheme of things, yes, this is small. But theft is theft. It doesn’t really matter if I slaved for weeks over adjusting a single sentence or just threw something up there – it is mine and it expresses my thoughts and it is my creation. Every escort who deals with content-thieves feels the exact same way. I no more appreciate someone stealing my words than I would having them rifle through my home and taking what they wanted. Though my online words are free to read (and please do!) they are not free for the taking.

Ideas are a different matter. Ideas cannot be copyrighted. Though it is blatantly obvious when someone just rides on another’s idea. It drives copyright-aware escorts insane because they understand they can’t protect ideas. One girl works hard to be unique or perhaps has that bolt of true inspiration. And suddenly, she has just made it easier for everyone who stumbles across her site.

To be honest, clients aren’t really a part of this. Escorts who have been ripped off rarely concern themselves with what clients think — it’s the violation of their creative selves that offends them. The original escort (whoever it is with the bright idea or perfect words) retains that spark and a side-by-side comparison never leaves anyone in doubt.

The exception is online ads. When it comes to online-ad plagarism, it’s all about the clients. This is especially true for the regularly-plagiarized escorts who post ads on message boards or BackPage. Due to the high-turnover nature of these advertising venues, there is no recourse. They can do nothing but sit and watch someone else make money using their words — while their phone stays silent. Not to mention that BackPage itself is regularly scraped by online aggregators posing as escort advertising malls.

Creating clever ads or the perfect website content is hard work. Escorts who are stolen from are invariably the ones who work hard on their ads/sites. They rack their brains, consult their friends for editing, spend hours, days or weeks working things over and making it just right. That’s why it’s so good — they put work into it. If the thieves spent this same amount of time/effort on their own work they would suddenly find themselves with something worthy of being stolen too.

I miss The amount of maintenance the site would require these days would make it a full-time job. It’s also going to be interesting to see how many escort blogs suddenly talk about escort-plagarism.

(Let’s not even touch on the issue of photo-stealing or unethical online advertising malls. Another day, please.)

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  1. Photo stealing? I can understand scammers stealing pics of cars, bike, and boats for fake craiglist ads. Are you sure its just not old pervs like me wanting a pic of you?

  2. Thank you for venting for me. Though you’ve had to deal with much more of this than I have in the 6 months since my site went live, it triggers me in a way little else does. As an aspiring writer words are sacred to me. As a human being my identity is sacred to me. Stealing my ad copy means violating me on both levels. And yes, it is work! I was hunched over my laptop for a couple weeks creating and fine tuning my bio, not to mention the lifetime it took to become the exceptional woman I describe there!

    I just don’t get what kind of person does this because I have too much self-respect to steal anything, much less someone else’s creation. It is my opinion that being creative is the highest and most evolved use of your time. For those who believe in such things, we are supposedly created in God’s image, and since God is “the creator” nothing is more Godlike than being creative, therefore stealing someone’s creation is just plain evil.

    The first time it happened and I confronted the woman, she instantly apologized and (even though she blamed her ‘assistant’) removed the offending ads immediately, at which point I offered to help her write new copy because I admire people with the balls to apologize. The last time it happened the woman (someone I was friendly with and had actually helped out with some valuable marketing tips last year) did remove her ad immediately but never replied to my email nor apologized. Needless to say she’ll get no more help from me. Quite frankly I’ve completely lost interest in being of service when it comes to the escort community.

    A friend of mine who’s a freelance copywriter recently surfed a bunch of escort sites. Like you and I, she was pretty disappointed with the quality of writing out there, but being a like-minded feminist, sex worker supporter and all around amazing person, she told me she’d offer discounted services to any escort who needs it. Maybe she should comment here with some contact info?

  3. This is an excellent topic, and I might go off in various directions in my post, but I think it is all related.

    First, I read your book a couple of years ago, and I have had great success with marketing. While always trying to let my personality shine through, I accomplished my goals as a midrange escort, and now so with a multi-hour minimum. Thank you, Amanda.

    I have also surfed the net looking at other ladies websites in an effort to see what they are doing, so not to do the exact same. It amazes me how often I come across a site of a lady that has the same ad copy as another lady’s site, verbatim. One night I was bored and scanned a few escort sites through The results were amusing, but sad. There was one accomplished and innovative (or so I thought) multi-hour companion who had (or still has?) the same ad copy of another lady. I thought she was educated, and all these amazing adjectives that were sprinkled throughout her website. Hmmm…

    Stealing one’s words reminds me of how escort directories steal photos and ad copy for their benefit. It infuriates me. If they put effort into marketing their business, they would have me as a paying customer, not someone they steal content from to create unauthorized ads.

    Now the topic of originality is a huge can of worms because there is no copyscape to tell who is lifting who. Right now there are hundreds, thousands…or some huge number of ladies sitting behind their laptops deciding what they will do to enhance their escort business. Many of them may have never heard of each other, but due to probability, at least two of them will have the same “original” idea. The escort who has had the longest history on the internet usually takes credit for the idea, and assumes the newbie (or newer) escort must be copying her. Perhaps the two ladies were both watching the same popular television show, when the “original” idea popped in their heads. It’s not farfetched to think two escorts will coincidentally have the same inspiration.

    I have seen a provider get angry over another escort for posing with food. The lady who was angry says she posed with food before anyone else. It was her original idea. It may have been. That’s a mystery that no one will ever figure out, I am certain. What’s interesting is after hearing her complaint, I spent hours surfing the web just to see tons of escorts posing with food. There are a few who even market themselves as cooking escorts and pose with a full kitchen of food!

    There are only so many ideas.

    I had an escort complain that I must have been copying some escort from years ago (I have never heard of before) because my hair was blowing in the wind during a photo shoot. The moment scientists come up with a proven way to stop perspiration (especially when you pose with your clothes on), I hope they call me. I understand Botox works for the underarm area, but I will not be injecting that over my entire body. A fan works fine for me and creates a cool effect with my hair which is a bonus.

    Here’s what really gets me: Even when you try to sound unique…you no longer do. I read my website at least once per day. It’s a bit much, but I just know there has to be another way to say or sound “unique”. The word “unique” is on almost all escort sites and there are so many providers that even when you try to sound unique, it all sounds the same. This is bothersome. Then when you do come up with a different way to say the word “unique”…(let’s say “distinctive”)…you run the risk of being considered too wordy, or criticized as elitist for using big words, and not being a simple whore.

    Sometimes I want to delete my bio page, but it is almost like a requirement. And it seems like in this sea of too many escorts, the most unique thing is to be low-key, not offer specials or have reviews, blog and do almost ever and anything the masses aren’t typically doing as a standard. Fight the status quo, otherwise it’s all the same, but I will keep my bio page.

    Thank you for opening up dialog. And I hope you are able to stop the culprits, though sadly there will inevitably be more who follow. Please don’t let this stop you from blogging. You have a lot to contribute and there are many of us who appreciate your wisdom.

    Take care. J xoxo

  4. J, thanks for the tip on Copyscape, through which I just found a 3rd escort stealing my words. :/

  5. Cici – No problem. I like your website. Tara is the awesome!
    Sadly, I was just looking at a porn stars site. She recently posted an ad on a board. She has a “Hater Hotline” on her website. I read the text. It sounded awfully familiar to another lady’s blog who came out with a “Hater Hotline” last year. So I just went and read her site. The words were copied verbatim. Sometimes I wonder if it’s our responsibility to speak up (email each other) when we notice a peer being ripped off. I see things all the time, but I never say anything. I wonder if that is the appropriate response.

  6. Tara’s amazing, agreed.

    As for speaking up and notifying escorts they’ve been copied, I’m all for it. I say DO IT and maybe it’ll make the thief think twice next time.

  7. Me — Escort-photo stealing is usually done by sites that wish to up their level of content and offer more content for a fee. There are some escorts who steal other escorts’ photos, but it’s not as prevalent as written copyright violations.

    But, no, escorts do NOT like that guys download their pix to last forever on personal computers. FYI. And yes, that is a copyright violation as well.

    Cici — Thank you for your beautiful comment on creation. I completely agree. Creation is the hallmark of humanity.

    Do encourage your copywriter friend to comment here. I’d like to speak to her and maybe put a link to her site too. Why not? She gets business and the rest of us get a little relief from copyright violations.

    J — You’re very welcome.

    I agree with all the points you made. I haven’t explored Copyscape but I guess I should. I’ve just used Google and quote marks so far.

    Some things aren’t such original “ideas”, no. Some do come up with something very unique and then I start seeing it everywhere after a year or so. The escorts who do the totally unique thing ARE aware of where their idea appears. But the reason that ideas aren’t copyrighted is because it’s hard to prove when an idea originated.

    Yes, the cooking-escort thing is a new wave I’ve started noticing in the past year, or maybe two. I don’t remember this being so prevalent any further back than that. At first I wondered if there were a lot of copycats, then I wondered if they were reacting to a discussion board post, a suggestion by a client or even if their lifestyles revolved around food. Some of them seem very sincere in their efforts, some do not. Years ago a hobbyist I knew suggested that escorts should start doing that instead of the typical restaurant dinner. I told him all the reasons why it wouldn’t work, but these girls are proving me wrong!

    Yeah, finding new words and new ways of expressing yourself are difficult. Not only do you have to stand out in a crowd, you can’t alienate your clients.

    It would be interesting to see a site that dismisses with the bio page! I’ve seen a couple that mostly do that, but they’re established and seeing only clients they already know. Not quite the same.

    Hater Hotline? I’ve got to check that out!

    What to do? I’m all for public-shaming, but email is the smarter option. Letting others know you found their copy elsewhere is always the right thing to do. I’ve certainly done it before.


  8. Wow what a subject. I am currently lucky I do not have a personal website. I will shortly as this job starts to wind up for me. some very interesting points have been raised here and I wish there was a solution. Unfortunately I am stuck between just letting it go and ripping peoples heads off! It is just so frustrating and infuriating. Your work can be stolen by someone literally half a world away.

    Cici I love your site and have since Amanda first showed it to me. I am frustrated for you that you are being copied. You obviously spent time and resources making it as good as it is. To have that quality diminished by a slime bag copying it with no way to name and shame is heartbreaking.

    From the other side of the coin as a client it’s bloody deceptive. As you await to meet with the escort you have researched you are developing a picture of the person in your mind. You want to see that intelligent mature funny witty person that you read about. Then low and behold a 22 year old bimbette shows up and you sit there going WTF. Duped again. So I think this is an important subject and one that needs to be considered.

    J thank you for the passion. I absolutely agree. As someone that has a lot to do with the visual arts I see stolen media DAILY. I have just seen a video we produced for an Audition that was not even changed including the company name appear in the Philippines just with an extra tag to go to their Auditions. Hmm seems like they are representing us but we have never heard of them….. Nothing we can do. Send a cease and desist but we wont spend the money fighting it. As far as a fan for your hair! I want to meet that idiot. Photographers spend a fortune on fans that are specifically designed TOO blow hair…. Moving hair has been around since celluloid and nitro films were invented. So anyone or any photographer that has used moving hair has been “stealing” that idea. Sorry off topic a little there. One of the funniest photos Amanda and I found was actually actresses on the red carpet at the Academy Awards! Nope I am not joking. We laughed our arse off about that one.

    So what I guess I really want to say is please do not loose faith. Please keep being the innovators you are. There are people out there like me that are looking for that unique person who wants to build a regular relationship. I know it is disheartening. I think it is important to see the point from; what I can only presume, is a small minority but please do keep innovating. I wish there was an answer to all of this and a solution but please keep being the amazing wonderful people you are and know that there are people out there that are aware of and understand the difference between the innovator and the copy cat. Yes I understand we need to work out who they are but when we do I would like to say they are part of our future.

    Be well all and stay creative. There is nothing better than someone to give you good mind. 🙂

  9. PS: I should have mentioned: a LOT of escorts are creative types to begin with. There are many escorts who use escort work to support themselves while they pursue daytime careers/training in creative fields, and many, many more who have artistic/musical training or who pursue the arts as a hobby. So the theft of creativity really gets under the skin of a lot of escorts.

    Former Roomie — It’s true that the Internet has just made stealing a LOT easier for the entire world. At least you can watermark photos with Digimark. You don’t have a secure way of actually having SEO-friendly text on your website that can’t be scraped. Grrr…

    And yes, I can vouch that you liked Cici’s site from the very beginning! It was her writing and personality far and above her pictures.

    You’re right about clients getting duped. Absolutely. One way to tell (not that this always happens) is by email or phone calls. Someone stealing text can’t keep it up through correspondence with a client. So maybe some sort of seal on a website “Guaranteed original” (which was one of the things IDoNotHaveaBraininMyHead did).

    Thanks for the words of support. The real problem is that there is no good solution. There just isn’t. For us, for anyone suffering the issue (and I’ve talked to a couple of niche authors who have the exact same issues).

    “Giving good mind” — someone is going to read it here and start using it, I guarantee. 🙂


  10. The internet has always been bad for protecting copyrights. I ran the website for a news organization in the early days of the internet and other sites would steal entire sites via framing. That got corrected and I think at some point this will also.

    In general the law doesn’t keep up with technology. So I honestly don’t see the law being able to fix this. The ability to cross countries/legal jurisdictions effortlessly will take years to untangle in a way that can be used in a court of law.

    But I do believe the problem will be solved. Technology created the issue and technology will come up with a way to solve it.

    Right now there is a start of a solution for images through which can find images that have been copied. It looks like copyscape is the beginning of a solution for text. It’s important to note that neither of these would have been possible 10 years ago.

    The Ex Flatmate hit it right on the head about the deception being annoying as a client. Unfortunately it’s also damaging to the original writer of the ad. One of the first things I do when looking at an ad is run the images through tineye, along with googling the title and possibly some catch phrases. If it is posted in multiple locations(except when it lines up with her touring schedule) I won’t call or email.

    This is one area where the clients can help with a solution. We have the power to stop letting the plagiarists get away with it. If she doesn’t match the add text/images then say so and then walk away. That is one power that the clients have and things would be better if more of us used it.

    Cici – You have a fantastic site. I love it when a woman spells out what she requires, desires and enjoys.

    Your last line on the Honorarium page about enjoying the supportive role is something I’m going to remember every time the envelope changes hands.


  11. Tom — Isn’t Cici a great writer? I also like that she uses actual COLOR on her site!!

    Thanks for recommending TinEye too. Did not know about that site!

    I’m not impressed by technology so far, they have had the Intertubes around for a while and haven’t come up with great solutions yet. But…you are SO right about clients taking responsibility in protecting original creators. You have some education work to do if you participate on hobby boards. This is a GREAT perspective on the problem. It’s a potentially more-viable solution for us ladies than waiting for technology to catch up.


  12. Aussie Flatmate, thank you so much, and you should know your original comments about my site (passed on to me by Amanda) were very helpful. You’ll both be happy to know I’m committed to adding more pics soon.

    Amanda, thanks for all the support and encouragement, here as well as just in general over the years. The ways in which you’ve helped me get where I am are incalculable.

    Tom, I just LOVE that you singled out that line – thank you! It’s such a vital aspect of my lifestyle that it warms my heart (yes, I am that corny sometimes) to hear it resonated for you too. 🙂

  13. Cici – You’re entire site is great especially the way you sprinkled humor through it. I laughed out loud at the “slap yourself” comment.

    That line though was significant to me because it put to words the question I have to ask myself when I call an escort for a second time.

    Also, don’t knock corny, some guys find that as charming as you find “socially awkward”.

    Amanda – Thankfully on forums I’ve watched, every time someone says, “well it wasn’t the woman ‘in the photos/on the phone’ but she was ok so I let her in.” there is a reply admonishing him for not walking away.

    If we think about it we don’t want to encourage that behavior any more than you want it. Unfortunately we’re male and don’t always think with the correct appendage. 🙂

    Talking about this will help though. I believe that there is a chunk of escorts new to the internet that don’t know (or can lie to themselves that it’s not “too bad”) that anything is wrong with the plagiarism. The more it’s talked about the tougher it is for them to say that.

    If I’m right then ironically enough it might be a good thing for the issue if other escort-blogs plagiarize your idea to write about this subject.


  14. I am still amazed that people would use a pic of someone else for advertising. Couldnt you embed a copyright notice in the metadata? How about posting your text as an image? Be a bit harder for someone to copy just the text.

    Ive seen some photography web sites that somehow disabled (or used to) the ability to download or copy pics. Maybe that can still be done?

    And no, i havent downloaded one of your pics, despite how much i like your smile in the librarian pic! 🙂

  15. Feel the love!! 🙂

    Tom — Men amaze me sometimes, and not in a good way. If an escort gets the least little “something’s not right” about a client, chances are she’s gone. Guys, on the other hand, plow right ahead then wonder why things didn’t work out. I don’t get it.

    You’re right in that it’s good if it’s an issue that’s talked about a lot more. Absolutely!

    Me — You can imbed images with digital fingerprints, making it easier to trace. Using Flash photo galleries also makes it harder to steal the pix, though it doesn’t mean every escort can or is willing to use those galleries. Though this still doesn’t explain WHY a working escort would take another’s pix because there is eventually a moment of truth. I honestly have NO answer for this. (Thank you for not downloading!)

    As I think I stated in an earlier comment, making your text into an image means Google won’t be able to read it. Not really great from a marketing standpoint. It’s a real Catch-22 for original writers of any kind.


  16. Ah, plagiarism… the bane of my existence as a tutor. I think what you are talking about Amanda is a problem in general. I catch students cutting and pasting on a regular basis and bringing this up to them inspires a “huh?” look. Ditto with images, especially with students taking visual-based classes like art history or film studies. Yes, even though we all KNOW it is Raphael, you still have to give him credit!

  17. Aspasia — Thanks for your insight. Frigging Web2.0 generation. The only bright spot I can come up with is that people like that make us originals that much scarcer and hopefully one day that much more succe$$ful. I hope.

    Keep hoping the same thing with the growing lack of English skills in America.


  18. This is such a huge deal to me, and you’ve done an excellent job of explaining why it gets my goat. (Not the baby goat on my index page. Not nobody not nohow is getting Cap’n Knobbyknees.)

    The last time I had a major issue with this (with a local provider who had the nerve to ask me for a reference, which is how I found out about it) it devolved into a she said/he said argument between the provider and the site designer. She blamed him, he blamed her, they both blamed me (I’m still figuring that one out). She eventually changed *some* of the wording, and by that point I was happy for any little improvement over a straight up copy & paste job!

  19. Carrie — I know you’re one of the ladies who have had problems with this as well (not that I was quoting you here or anything). Thanks for sharing one of your stories.

    Still boggles my mind how people think it’s okay to use personal writing that they did not create. I mean — was she Carrie 2??? I doubt it.


  20. Me — I used to watermark my pix but gave that up (I still recommend the practice in Book 2.) Good to know about the DMCA.

    Though most people will steal pix with the watermark still on it. They don’t even bother to remove it.

    Great article!


  21. IDK, maybe a couple of DMCA lawsuits and $25K payouts might be just what the stealers need to get them to knock it off.

  22. “There are many escorts who use escort work to support themselves while they pursue daytime careers/training in creative fields, and many, many more who have artistic/musical training or who pursue the arts as a hobby. So the theft of creativity really gets under the skin of a lot of escorts.” ~Amanda

    Goodness, isn’t that the truth! I’m an artist and sometimes I really want to be even more creative with my online presence, but I’d hate to have it copied too. And the sad thing is plagiarism is also prevalent out of the industry. I recall being in college and three students were caught my senior year for copying full papers off the internet to use as their senior paper. It was sad and just ridiculous. And pretty stupid. I guess what makes honest escorts (or people in general) unique is that we are just that. And hopefully having a reputation for being honest doesn’t go unnoticed. xoxo

  23. Me — Heehee!!! I totally agree.

    J — Thank you for that!

    Your college experience reflects what Aspasia said as well. I just don’t know why content-thieves do what they do, how they possibly justify it.

    “hopefully having a reputation for being honest doesn’t go unnoticed”

    I hope. That’s what I and other honest people keeping telling ourselves.


  24. I have a friend who has a virtual assistance company – she’d be glad to write some of these sites for a modest fee. Her website is

    Amanda, and all our other writers – I understand exactly what you mean. Writing comes fairly easily to me – and still, it’s WORK. You spend time crafting a sentence, and then re-reading it, and re-writing it, and someone steals it? Grrr…

  25. Lailah — Thanks for your friend’s link! I’ll be writing her for permission to post it elsewhere. I’d love to give her some work and help out girls who need help expressing themselves.

    Even professional writers agree that good writing is WORK. The only easy writing is using Ctrl+C.


  26. Hi Amanda,

    I just discovered your blog and have spent the last few hours glued to the monitor. Your writing is truly amazing. The way you express your emotion makes me feel like I was there experiencing some of the same things.

    I work in the web design and development industry and we have some of the same problems with content theft. One of my clients who writes a very high profile blog gets scraped every time he publishes a post. Within minutes there will be 10 or more exact duplicates right next to his in the search results.

    One of the services I use is Myowls , a free online copyright protection app. Myows provides a way for you to prove ownership of your work and even provides free DMCA take down notices and legal services.

    We also embed multiple full links in our RSS feeds and digital fingerprints to track down all the rip off artists.

    I also wanted to comment on the horrible industry standard escort websites out there. I’m talking to you and all the providers who use your service. It’s very rare to find a unique provider site and even rarer to find such a well written blog like yours.

    I’ve seen providers who charge $300 + for an hour of there time but won’t spend invest that much let alone the cost of a real website to market themselves.

  27. Chris — Thank you for the compliments!

    Also, a big THANKS for the content-protection idea. I like it a lot!

    And thank you for calling out escort-site. Ugh. I wish girls would use WordPress instead of them if they want a free site.

    You might enjoy looking at the portfolio of Veda Designs, if you haven’t found her site already. There are some girls willing to invest in their own business (though I have complained about girls being a bit similar with their designs/wording). I just use WP and make it as simple as possible — heading in the complete opposite direction.


  28. Amanda,

    From looking at Veda’s portfolio they do really nice work and seem very professional.

    I also read the excerpt from your book about choosing a web designer. Very sensible advice about working with professionals. I’ve been contemplating developing some commercial WordPress escort themes.

  29. Chris — 🙂

    Thank you! As someone who has been using WP since 2005 and have been introducing other escorts to it, most WP themes (free and premium) are too bloggy and masculine for feminine tastes. They’re also often not very workable for an escort’s needs. Creating some escort-friendly WP themes would be great. I, and escorts I know who use WP, either modify the hell out of a theme or pay for someone to create a custom theme. Having an out-of-the-box selection of themes would be great. I plug WP in the book, BTW. Escorts love the freedom of a CMS and WP is very user-friendly, as I think we all know.

    Please, keep me updated on your work!


  30. Chris — Just read the Myows’ T&C. No adult sites, nothing that may be illegal. So it’s not useful for escorts or sites like mine. Thank you though.


  31. Amanda,
    She’s still struggling getting her business going, and she’s very open minded. I think she’d consider sex work herself, but after I told her what happened to me, she decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

    I talked to her the other day – she hadn’t heard from you yet (maybe it got stuck in her spam filters) but said please do post her link far and wide for all to see!

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