Singapore’s public spirit is strong and the MRT is always plastered with entertaining stickers about various things. None can top the new campaign against public nose-picking. I’m not stating that Singaporean-Chinese are the only people on the planet who pick their noses in public; it is something I’ve noticed a lot since arriving months ago. Though if the campaign wants to be accurate, the photo of the young actor should be replaced by one of a grizzled uncle in a stained singlet (American translation: old guy in a dirty wife-beater).

The blog I’m linking to also has a short feature on a Hep B campaign with clam costumes.

TIS (This Is Singapore)

9 thoughts on “fun with Singaporean PSAs

  1. Oh Roomie this section could be a career or a coffee table book! Just another day in paradise. I love the fact TIS has made it into publication….. Yeah. Must run I need to pick my nose!

  2. Flatmate,

    I have you to thank for TIS. 🙂

    Make sure to pick your nose in public.


    It is another day in the life, for sure. I’m glad they’re at least trying to STOP the habit — it’s a step forward.

    I wish they’d get men in the US to stop spitting on the sidewalk — swallow your own saliva! It won’t kill you! Anyway….


  3. I just realized, I missed an opportunity to quote The Simpsons on a subject! I’m slipping!

    “The doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger out of there!” -Ralph Wiggum.

  4. i like licking the nostril-and-philtrum of ladies than just kissing; they do not pick their noses nor spit … neither do i

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