A quick and very belated note to thank everyone who donated to help Jill Brenneman. Serpent Libertine put this together and I thank her as well. She’s a tireless activist, no doubt busy compiling the data gathered from the Adult Industry Truth Survey. People donated to help Jill hit the goal we set for her, and then exceeded it. A few donations have come along after the fact and they’re always welcome. Jill’s Medicaid keeps getting cut and her medical expenses are large. She requires expensive medication and frequent doctor’s visits, almost all of which has been paid out of pocket. Her doctors help when they can but the state is working hard to cut benefits. All of this is to say that every dollar is appreciated.

6 thoughts on “thank you!

  1. My belated but truly heart felt appreciation to everyone that has shown me so much compassion, support and caring. I am truly blown away by your responses. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  2. Hole,

    I have been made aware of your antics in the last year. Do you really think that 30 years and a few months would mean freedom? Do you really believe you have the right to be disrespectful? You have forgotten your discipline Well sweet thing, you oughta explain things to your friend (irony noted)that you and she will be silent for the remainder of your lives This campaign against me and other men is over. So we are clear on who I am. JT says hello and that you are holding up well. If you have to piss knock 3, knock 1 knock 3. Are you clear on this Hole? Remember? Thank you to the party that put all of us together again, Miss you sweet thing, Or either of you can do what you want and we will have a party. Your friend “Amanda” will be invited. Don’t worry about travel arrangements. See y’all soon,

  3. I know who you are. Someone who heard one if my speeches and is pretending to be Bruce You aren’t
    ‘Bruce so fuck off.

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