I never thought I would do a blog. I always told people no and shrugged it off. I’m not a trendy person in any way and I saw blogging as a stinking trend like cellphones with cameras.

The whole reason I’m doing this is because there are things I would enjoy writing about that don’t have a readily identifiable audience or market. This is not a daily look into my life, which is mundane, or a journal about my past jobs as a stripper or escort. Those things will certainly come up but that is not the focus of this journal.

As I write new entries I know I will gain direction. Long-time readers of my original site, please feel free to ask me questions or make suggestions (such as a snappier title than Amanda’s Blog). New readers are encouraged to read a bit more about me, both on my original site and my free site.

There are no high aims for this blog other than to entertain and maybe give someone a new thought.

2 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Hello,

    First Time I read your stuff. OK I read for an hour.

    I stumbled on your website and blog and was sort of wanting more. I found myself wanting more. Kudos….You have accomplished something most can not….get people to read them. I do think you are a bit Obessive Compulsve, (tell me that you are not)

    I found your site interesting for 3 things, 1st you actually kept my interest.
    2nd, I always wanted to write. I had several incidents happen to me when I was younger and would really liked to have written about them. I know my limitations and writing is one of them. You being an entrepreneur and writer also caught my attention. Maybe you can ghost write for me. Or at least tell the best way to write my story.

    Lastly and purely for selfish reasons, early in my relationship with my girlfrend, she told me she was an escort. We are who we are and I totally was not judgemental about her past. I do find your comments about relationships, earning a living and independence eerily similiar to that of my girlfriend. Needless to say we have had challenges and I wonder if it is because of her choices in the past to be an escort. I believe she has a hidden resetment toward men.

    I sense you have the same sort of resentment toward men.

    Just a note, I dont expect a response but just wanted to throw that out there regarding your feeing toward men personally and in general, how do escorts deal with the men in their lives. Do you and/women who have been escorts have difficulty having male relationships.

    Curiously interested
    Bill in Alaska/Kansas/DC

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for dropping by. As someone who is posting writing online, it means a lot to know someone actually sat down and read through my stuff, not just the latest post.

    As for your own writing, just start. You don’t have to do it publicly, of course. Just make yourself happy. Very very soon your writing will begin improving and your ideas will become smoother. It’s just like working out — you get stronger quickly if you keep at it. Though this is not to say I feel I’m an accomplished writer. I’m learning every day.

    You may discover that, with pratice, you have fewer limitations than you think.

    I don’t have a resentment toward men. I like men a lot. What I resent — and have all my life — is the boxes men try to put sexual women in. Men tend to want to put women in boxes anyway, but sexual women get the most heat for nothing more than being like a man (sexually-speaking). I resent this. And some women help in putting sexual women into boxes. I resent certain types of women for the same reason. American society is the only one I have experience with, so this may be different in other societies.

    Once someone has been an escort, one tends to remember the feeling of freedom, control and independence. It can give you wings. When your wings are tied down or clipped, there is resentment. I think it’s a natural response. It has nothing to do with men unless you’re the man who is keeping her from flying.

    So yes, a lot of escorts have difficulty with traditional male-female relationships simply because MEN have difficulty with independent, sexually-free women. This is certainly not because escort work is BAD or “damaging” but simply because this society doesn’t allow much room for variance. Everyone tends to expect the same things out of relationships, even though everyone’s situation may be different. Leads to a lot of frustration and hurt feelings.


    PS: Yes, I’m a bit obsessive. It means I pay attention to detail.

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