People keep asking me if I’m going to write a book about my travels. Honestly, I’d rather not. If you want to know why, here are some possible working titles I’ve come up with in case I did decide to write a book about it, whenever I’m done, whenever that is.

A Case of Bad Timing: Sex Working the World During a Global Financial Crisis, Burgeoning Flu Epidemic and Various Natural Disasters

Alternatively, I might title that one Plan Better Than I Did: How Not to Be a Successful Escort During a Global Financial Crisis, Burgeoning Flu Epidemic and Various Natural Disasters

I could also pen Hotel Rooms Around the World: They’re All Basically the Same, With Rare Exception.

Or I might write the ultimate travel-guide: How to Miss Places, Events and Things of Importance: All the Places and Things I Did Not See or Do Before I Died

This doesn’t mean I’m having an awful time — quite far from it. I just think my day-to-day experiences are meaningful only to me and completely lack broader appeal.

15 thoughts on “new book possibilities

  1. Dear Amanda,

    There could be a chapter on the รƒยผber-cool trendoid hotel in your theoretical ‘Hotel Rooms Around the World’ book.

    I make it a point to stay in quirky hotels around the world. While I love them, I always spend the first few minutes in quite a few puzzling out the simple things:

    – how do I turn on the amazing, sleekly-designed lamp with no apparent switch

    – how do I open the drain in the sink which has no apparent pull lever, as I have just washed my hands and am now standing over a sink full of soapy water

    – how do I open the closets which sink seamlessly into the wall

    – OH! The curtains are controlled by a switch on the wall by the bed!

    And so on.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my site! And I received the ultimate compliment — a banner exchange request from Anne Shimizu! Whoa!

    Warm regards from NYC,

  2. Amanda–

    We always learn best from our errors right? Your travels aren’t over yet-perhaps things will turn around and a book will be born.

    On another note, The World Bank has a massive training program underway to create social innovators. I thought you might like to know that you were mentioned in one blog post as a Hero (Social Innovator) for your Sex Workers Rights activism.

  3. Bao,

    Indeed. I’m laughing. Sometimes even less-trendy hotels have simliar issues, such as how the hell am I supposed to get soap out of the soap dispenser in the shower? (One hotel here in Singapore flumoxed me for 3 weeks on that point.)

    Your site was homework! I’m glad Anne like it ๐Ÿ™‚


    No, my travels are nowhere near over. I’m still not sure I’m going to experience anything book-worthy though. I have discovered I’m the world’s worst travel agent.

    Really? Where was I mentioned? I’m flattered and curious.


  4. You’ve hinted that you have much more travelling to do before you, erm, hitch your garter belt to any particular bed post (OK, I couldn’t think of a better analogy). I bet that when you look back on your travels from a distance you’ll see that there is so much that people would want to read.

    I’m not aware of anyone that is/has done what you are doing. Sure, lots of people have written books about their travels across the globe, but paying your way as an escort, that’s new. It’s not just the sights, sounds & tastes of differing cultures, it’s also how an “innocent from abroad” can make it in an area that some see as exotic, some see as seamy, but all see as damn interesting.

    I’m hooked

  5. Jek,

    Maybe. I don’t know.

    What I’m doing is fairly unique, I guess. Wasn’t all that innocent when I began the trip, though I can’t say I’ve gotten jaded. The trip has had the opposite effect. I know I’m ready to leave a place when I start getting bored/annoyed on a regular basis (i.e. overly familiar). The only thing I would like to do is try some more sex work venues, but some are closed to me and others require things from me (like staying up really late) that I’m not always willing to do!

    At any rate, who knows what my feelings will be on the matter when this is all over?


  6. Hi there,
    Dont know if you have made it to Australia or are still thinking about it. I live in Brisbane, Queensland and you are right that rules and regulations are different in each state so I can only talk about Qld.
    I started working two years ago, first in a brothel now I am independent. Brothels are legal in Queensland and you will need a valid work visa as well as a current sexual health cert which are valid for 3 months. Generally prices in Brisbane are $160 for half $250 for the hour which includes massage, oral sex on him and intercourse. The brothel takes half of that money and you keep any extra money that you may charge for kissing, oral sex on you, toys etc etc. You can make alot of money if you are good at upselling! Generally they work on a roster system with a maximum of 8 girls available at any one brothel.
    I didnt like giving half my money away and as I have a great phone manner and personality I went independent and havent looked back. I charge $300 per hour and work my own hours. Being a single independent worker is legal, soliciting on the streets is not, nor are escort services (in a lot of other states escorting is legal). Hope that helps B

  7. Your wit is superb. I do think that a book titled “How to Miss Places, Events and Things of Importance: All the Places and Things I Did Not See or Do Before I Died” could be interesting. It could be told for the viewpoint of misadventures and what you would have done different now being more knowledgeable about the places you travelled. As always, I enjoy reading about your thoughts on the places, people , and things your are encountering.

  8. Nice hotels are the same all over the world. Cheap nasty hotels are all very different. Some are even scary. Considerable more variety there.

  9. Belinda,

    Thanks for this info. The brothel system sounds like the American one, only cheaper (that and I have no interest in giving massages). Not good! Think I’m going to steer clear of these brothels too.


    Thanks! Though what would I have done differently? Planned better. Had more money, which means working more which means having less time to enjoy myself. Planning would take care of a lot but money takes care of SO much more.


    The Tolstoy perspective of bad hotels? Guess I haven’t stayed in enough bad ones yet to realize this. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Ah! The conundrum of your world travels. Do you plan better with anticipation the funds will be available to do all that is planned or do you work more to have more funds available with less time to do the interesting things planned. Seems I live each day like this. I try to squeeze in what I want to do when I have the funds, yet never get to do all that I had planned due to working more to have more funds. No wonder people live shorter lives due to stress.

  11. Greg,

    I know better than to plan to have any amount of money. You can’t in this business. I only plan with what I have in my hand at that moment. It’s not stressful to me at all because I’ve lived like this for a long time. (It does get stressful if the funds are low and nothing is coming in, but that’s a different topic.)

    And honestly, I don’t make a lot of plans. People always ask me about my plans. I have none. That also helps reduce stress. I just travel differently than most people, I guess.

    This is something I’ve known about escort work practically since I’ve started: I either had money and no time, or lots of time and no money. Escort work is a non-scalable business (unless you wish to start an agency, which I don’t).


  12. If you come to Australia, specifically Melbourne and Sydney, drop me a line:) We have excellent coffee! And Sydney legislation is extremely liberal and Melbourne legislation quite restrictive but improving slightly.

  13. Hannah,

    Oh I plan on coming to both cities! Though I’ll probably wait a bit until they warm up — I have NO love for cold weather. Look forward to meeting you!


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