One author/blogger wanted to buy her name as a domain, but it was “taken by a hooker in Vegas.” What’s funny is that I know this “hooker.”

If I were the author, I’d look into some sort of promotional stunt. Why not? Having a sexy blonde schilling for you works for beer companies. If I find an escort called Amanda Brooks, I’m definitely sending her an email. (If I were to return to escort work, I’d use another name. I like defined boundaries.)

There is another Texas Golden Girl out there — I’m not sure if she’s commented here or emailed me. I believe so (or I may be confusing her with another person). At least she doesn’t have any issues with me living my life online.

There really isn’t any point to this post, it’s just me watching people bump into each other online.

5 thoughts on “the name game (again)

  1. I Google myself on a regular basis to make sure I don’t leave too many footprints. Thankfully, and like “unlimited game”, I have a very common name. Even a background check reveals false hits (kinda scary at first!)…

    I like my profile as low as possible. It’s amazing what you can find about people online.

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