(Thanks to Amber Rhea for sending me the link this morning.)

This is a special $5 tax to be added to the door charge for all Texas strip clubs. The money collected will go to rape victims and shelters. This is the brain-child of Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.

Though the tax seems based on liquor sales, strip clubs are not the only places in Texas that sell drinks. I’ve heard rumors there are many liquor-only stores in Texas, as well as places that serve both food and booze (some of these places bill themselves as “family” restaurants). And I swear I’ve seen bottles of alcoholic beverages in grocery stores and other mundane retail outlets.

A $5 door fee isn’t much (unless you’re a guy who can’t even bother to spend $100 in an upscale club). But why strip clubs?

As we all know — strip clubs cause rape. Men don’t cause rape, naked women do. And damnit, women should have to pay for it, one way or another. You would think strippers would be thrilled to help out their sister-victims; because according to studies all sex workers are rape victims anyway. Why wouldn’t a stripper want to be forced by the state to support a program for members of her sex? It’s a great way of scrubbing that scarlet letter off her chest!

My solution? Raise the tax to several thousand per person and collect it from all men arrested for rape — even if they blame strip clubs for inspiring the violence.

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  1. When I was in Texas for the holidays a friend of mine informed me of this crap law that was being inforced. People sometimes already seemed to have issues with the $5-$10 cover in the clubs that I worked at in Texas years ago. Can’t believe what gets passed there sometimes

  2. Hard to believe Texas is a wild and crazy place with a law like that, huh?

    To me, the issue is the belief that strip club customers have to pay for something that is not the strip club’s fault (and generally not the customer’s fault either).


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