photo by: Dante of Inferno Photo; tan by the Mediterranean sun; random couch
photo by: Dante of Inferno Photo; tan by the Mediterranean sun; random couch

Reunited with my favorite photographer (results elsewhere soon). He has the ability to be very creative; unfortunately I don’t think most escort-clients (especially internationally) have caught up to that yet. It was obvious I needed some more with traditionally sexy photos, even though I personally prefer creative photos. I think that will be the next round. There’s only so many trips through my lingerie drawer that I can handle before becoming utterly bored.

Dante of Inferno Photo — highly recommended

PS: Why no text-wrapping on this post? Who knows.

13 thoughts on “what i did today

  1. OMFG! Wow. What a stunning photo of a stunning subject. Just…wow, Amanda! Love the tan lines! Haha.

  2. You can see in the photo that you had fun doing the shoot. Great smile!

  3. David, Aspasia, Amber,

    Thank you! 🙂


    No, I was not having fun. I’m just good at smilng on command. Posing hurts. (I’m friends with the photographer though, so it helps.)


  4. It’s always the true professional that can get a beautiful photo in spite of the pain involved to make it look effortless. Still, great smile.

  5. Greg,

    Very true. That’s what I pay professional photographers for! (Following, that’s what a professional massage therapist is for).


  6. LOL. That reminds me, I need to call my massage therapist to take care of my overworked, aching, and aging muscle and joints.

  7. I agree with Aspasia. You are very photogenic. You have a lovely smile and nice tan.

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