I quit smoking two years ago. Sure, I’ve cheated but my body is happier without cigarettes and most of the time I forget that I ever took up the habit. I can assure you my lungs don’t miss it in the least. Sometimes I do crave a smoke and often I give in. The strange thing is that it is rarely satisfying and always reminds me of how nasty cigarettes taste. I always finish the cigarette though. I am nothing if not compulsive.

I have a short list of things that set off the craving. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I’m actually craving the nicotine or just the act of smoking. What sets off the urge for me:

Sitting and writing for a long time, although I’ve never smoked inside my home.
More than one alcoholic drink of any type.
After a satisfying meal; especially sushi for some reason.
Long drives on the highway. This was one of my favorite times to smoke because it helped keep me awake. Driving on a stretch of road with good song turned up just calls for a cigarette.
And most perplexing of all; after a hard workout. I’ve never understood why people like to smoke after sex, that did nothing for me, but smoking after a hard workout must accomplish the same thing. I’ve given in a couple of times and it was great but my lungs cursed me.

Although I wouldn’t call myself a long-term heavy smoker, for a period of about four years I bought a carton of Camel non-filtereds a week. I smoked Marlboros the rest of the time (Reds and Lights). I wonder when the urge for this habit will ever dissipate, if it does. I would like to know if any other former smokers out there still get the urge and what sets it off.

Although a bad and stinky habit, it’s a fun one. My vices are mild, but then, there are few things I consider to be vices.

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