Newsweek recently interviewed Sanjya, the American Idol contestant. (I don’t watch it but I sort of know the plotline.) The interviewer seemed intrigued that his sister worked at Hooters. Sanjya defended her by saying she needed a job, as if it were an unusual reason for working at Hooters.

So…all the rest of the girls who work at Hooters are there feeding a deep-seated personal need to serve messy food and beer to middle-aged men who want to date them? Might it not be because they need the job too?

Sometimes it’s amazing how far stupid stereotypes extend. (Correct me if I’m wrong in assuming that most Hooters girls work there for the money.)

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  1. Sheeee-ooooot! I wouldn’t work anywhere if’n I didn’t need the money.

    Work sucks. But money’s nice to have. What to do…what to do…


  2. Ian,

    True of us all (except Paris Hilton).

    But it’s really weird to see the reactions when you add a sexual element to the job. Suddenly motivations become deep and twisted and mysterious — according to those standing on the outside, judging.


  3. Not all Hooters are the same. I love the Hooters that I work at, but probably wouldn’t ever want to transfer. 90% of us are in school and that’s why we work so much. It’s a typical waitress job, it’s hard honest work and stressful at times. Our tips are good, not necessarily because of the “stereotype,” but we serve quite a bit of alcohol to big parties, and so most of us have a lot of gratuity on a big tab. I work at a considerably smaller Hooters compared to others, but I also know we have a lot of repeat business. ‘Regulars’ tip pretty big, but it also takes the stress out of the job when you’re familiar with most of the customers in the restaurant. It’s a cool atmosphere that’s not normally seen at other restaurants. I love it too, because we do have a lot of fun, all the girls I work with are really nice, and our managers are pretty darn amazing. I do know of some other Hooters where this isn’t always the case, but the stereotype of big boobed women who get tipped singles like strippers by dirty middleaged men eating hotwings isn’t always the case. Our uniform is a tank top and shorts, I wear more to work than I did as a cheerleader in highschool. I have to admit though that the corporation itself seems to promote a much more sexed up version of the Restaurant, but it’s not always the case in reality. Yeah, there’s the calendars, and the hot shorts, and the puns, and I didn’t like Hooters for that reason ’till I ate at mine and saw that it was really different. I take a lot of crap sometimes from people, but I love my job, coworkers, and customers and I really don’t care what anyone says. I make good money in a fun environment, and my managers are good about giving us time off for school and are way flexible with our schedules, so my experience working at Hooters has been worth it, and probably does break stereotypes.

  4. Carrie,

    Thanks for sharing. You seem to like your Hooters because it’s a good atmosphere and good money. Pretty normal reasons for wanting a particular job.

    The titillation factor really seems to outweigh common sense in mainstream society.


  5. I want to work at Hooters. I am cute, in shape with a 38DD. But I am 42, although I dont look it. Do you think I could be a Hooters girl. I am not shy, very outgoing and have a lot of resturant experience, I used to bartend and do “fashion shows”. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  6. Julie,

    I have no idea if you can work at Hooters. I’ve never worked at one and I don’t run one. Only way you know is if you go in and apply.

    Best of luck!


  7. Well – I haven’t worked at “Hooters” but had a similar job when I was in my early 30’s. The truth is that the money is better – but it’s because there’s a lie involved. You (the woman) spend a lot of time pretending that you actually LIKE the men who come in – and so they become regulars with crushes who drop lots of cash. The truth is that you don’t like them – you’re using them – and the girls in a place like that really bond because they have such a strong “us against them” attitude about the customers – who they think are a bunch of fools. Meanwhile, the guys (who know better deep down) convince themselves that the women who work in the place are their “friends” and that there’s some sort of relationship going on. Most of us didn’t even tell the customers our real names – and if we were married (I was) we didn’t let on to that either. The men who are gullible enough to drag their asses back every payday and drop cash are the ones who are REALLY exploited. However – the girls are also exploited, too – as their bosses make a ton off them. Once I got out into the business world and made REAL money, I realize what chump change those “big bucks” I made in that other job really were. (And nobody talks about how strenuous and exhausting it is. At LEAST the Hooters girls wear sneakers – try a double shift in heels sometime!) Bleh! Speaking from experience I wish people would grow up and get real and those places would just die a natural death.

  8. MrsS,

    Sounds like a strip club to me!

    I’ve always felt places like Hooters are stripper-lite for those girls who couldn’t admit they really wanted to be strippers or felt they were being a “good girl” if they didn’t take their clothes off. Just for less money than a stripper can make, though they’re doing a lot of the same work — plus handling lots of food. (And yes, strip club management takes advantage of the money a stripper can earn, too.)

    Bleh, indeed.


  9. i love to work as a hooter girl pls how do i apply and when
    i live in london pls help me .
    am young and good looking also black african.


  10. i work at hooters, i have worked there for about two years.. i love my job. at times it gets stressful just like any other job. but as carrie also said, its a fun place and you really bond with the girls you work with, i’ have made some amazing friends while working there.
    and for a certain someone who commented on this, i would just LOVE to say that never in my whole life would i think about being a stripper. i wear less when i go to the beach, then i do at work! Hooters is an amazing fun place, we get lots of families in there.. you wouldn’t take your 3year old to a strip club would you? we are and never will be close to being a strip club.. we show cleavage but what girl doesn’t, open your eyes and take a look around!
    i enjoy my job, and just like any other waitress job, if you do a good job you will get good tips!

  11. I agree with that last comment…who does that person think they are saying its like a strip joint…haha your stupid if you think that! Im guessing you have never gone into a hooters ever dumb ass. And most likely your not attractive either….theose people are the only ones that say stupid comments.

    Ive been to hotters many times and the food is great and yes the girls are pretty but there is no stripping going on there. Only food being served with drinks like any restuerant you go too….except the waitresses are very pretty….So stop posting untrue things about hooters. Oh and you know what hooters means? its an owl…. The girls wear the owl on their shirts. Sure its misleading for patrons but well meaning….haha 🙂

  12. I wantd to know if there were a way to apply online? there is one being built nearby and i dnt want to miss my opportunity to wrk there so im tryna apply EARLY can anyone help me out?

  13. LaVette,

    I have no idea. Do a Google search to see if your local Hooters has a website. If not, I’d say to contact the corporate website to ask about your local Hooters and how best to submit an application.

    But I’ve never worked at Hooters (I applied at one in Garland, TX but since I was a very slim brunette at the time I didn’t get hired). Someone who has would be a better source of info.


  14. ughh! i want to work there soo badly and be a hooters girl but the legal alcohol serving age is 19 and i’m unfortunately only 18. but, idk what to apply as now there and still make really good money.. any ideas?

  15. Depth,

    [shrugs shoulders] When you have 20yr old girls making money off drooling men 20 and 30 years older than they are, the girls probably won’t have a very positive view of the men.


  16. i have been to a few hooters in dallas. have come to find out that not all are the same. the one i like best was the on in west end. i am guess that hooters is friendlier because of thearmy MEPS station there. they get a lot of the younger guys that are joining and go in there for there last party before shipping out. i know i did it when i was there.
    once back to dallas for a visit i stopped in at several and ended up back at west end. all the others that i went to had girls with bad bad attitudes.
    WEST END HOOTERS ROCKS. i love hooters. not because of the breast or butts but the PANTYHOSED COVERED LEGS. WOW!!!!!!

  17. Izzy67,

    I haven’t been in the West End Hooters but I know it’s big and busy! I bet the boys love it too.

    Laughing that you like the panythose-covered legs. It’s SUCH a horrible fashion statement (shiny pantyhose under shorts and tennis socks/shoes) but hey…it obviously works for the clientele.


  18. SO. . . do you think Hooters girls make more at Hooters than at other restaurants such as Logans, Ocharleys or something like that? Please and thank you 🙂

  19. Nicki,

    I really don’t know. One thing I’ve learned in strip clubs is that it honestly doesn’t matter what you look like — making money in the service industry depends on your skills and how you work your customers. You can’t “work” them quite as much in restaurants but your people skills are still important to making tips. If you have good people skills, you’ll make money no matter where you are.

    Some of it does depend on the clientele. A restaurant that brings in higher-earning people is good, as well as a place where people are used to tipping well. Or a place that isn’t economically-depressed!


  20. The nice thing about the Hooters that was in my area is that the waitresses were very personable. If things were slow they’d sit down and chat with you. I don’t know if that is a normal thing for all Hooters but I haven’t seen it anyplace else. On the days when I was having a late lunch alone it made lunch much more fun and I admit it, I tipped the waitress more those days. The quality of service and how fun the waitress is always affects the tips I leave.

  21. I worked at a hooters for one shift. I couldn’t stand those awful, industrial strength pantyhose. I thought it was fun & the girls were so sweet. We all helped each other get dressed by pulling another girl’s top and knotting it in the back to put the boobs on show. I was super shy at the time & loved that everyone was so willing to jump in & help me make money. I never heard anyone talking badly about customers either. Is it possible they don’t hate the customers, and they’re just nice girls having a good time because they’re young, pretty & making money?

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